The Watchtower And Their Sources

Yesterday, when writing my response to the gentleman who stated the falsehood that the early church did not allow Christians to serve in the military I had an epiphany. It was so profound that I have to share it with you all this morning.

I believe that the most transformational change in our modern times is the incredible access that each of us has to books, magazines and other resources via the internet.

Just a few short years ago, in order to have this kind of access one would be required to live near a major metropolitan library and spend hundreds or thousands of hours doing research using the Dewey Decimal System.There was simply no way that a single person could outperform the massive team of researchers at the Brooklyn Bethel Writing Committee! Even if they could they had no easy method to spread the word unless they wished to invest thousands of their own dollars to print a book or publication which would immediately be “blacklisted” by the old WT.

Back then the Watchtower had a tremendous advantage over the rest of us. They had a writing team and a library, that would make a billionaire jealous, filled with books and magazines from every biblical scholar and church known to man.

The writing team’s job was (and still is today) to read everything in search of any shred of agreement with their interpretation of the scriptures or their doctrines.

If you’ll recall they have used the bible translation of the known spiritist Johannes Greber and his wife/medium (taken down while she was in a trance) of John 1:1 to back up their faulty mistranslation of that very same scripture.They quoted his translation up until 1975.

When faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary the Watchtower has done very well in finding someone in the world of men to agree with them even if their methods, credentials or reputations were questionable.

The challenge the Watchtower faces today is simply this:

We all now have virtually unlimited access to research materials, books, out of print publications, magazines and the capability of searching the same not using the indexes or chapter summaries provided but by searching via Google or Yahoo or other advanced search queries. We can now do in seconds what it used to take days or weeks to compile and then only if we had access to a large enough library.

If information is power then the truly unlimited power has been taken away from those with the largest libraries (like the one in Brooklyn, NY Headquarters for example!) and given to the common man!

When the Watchtower wants to prove a point, the recipe is quite simple. They find someone (hopefully a recognized authority) who agrees with a particular position that they have taken and then they quote them in their writings.

As anyone can see, finding someone to agree with a particular issue really isn’t all that difficult.

The reason that many Jehovah’s Witnesses believe the falsehood taught by the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society that early Christians never served in the military is that they often quote certain “scholars” who have pacifist views and therefore a vested interest in presenting a “history” that agrees with their own view of the role of Christians in the military.

I call these “second generation falsehoods”.

However as we saw yesterday, when one investigates the actual writings of the early church fathers they find a very different view of Christians in military service.

Just as the Watchtower loves to quote sources supporting their faulty translation of scripture, so too they will quote virtually anyone who agrees with their faulty understanding on any other points of doctrine.

Twenty years ago we had no way of validating anything the Watchtower quoted or stated unless we had unlimited funds and unlimited time.

Now the tables have been turned.

It is now, more than ever, our duty as Christians, to validate and verify what our leaders tell us. We have access to every possible research tool available. It is up to us to use those tools to expose the falsehoods taught to us and to find and embrace the real truth about Jesus Christ!

Twenty years ago, I would have been forced to write a book and invest thousands of dollars in order to spread the word about the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society.

Now you and I can simply write a blog that is available for the entire world to see and read.

Yours in Christ,

Doug Shields