Jehovah’s Witnesses: The Worst Thing

Dec 14, 2014 by

sadnessWe’ve discussed many ways that the Watchtower leaders and their followers, the Jehovah’s Witnesses have hurt people. They disseminate misinformation. They mislead people. They teach falsehoods. They depart from the scriptures in just about everything they teach. They break up families. They’ve even produced their own flawed version of the Bible specifically designed to legitimize their false teachings.

However, there is one thing that they do that tops everything else. It is so damaging and so despicable that I can’t begin to describe the traumatic effects on their followers.

Jehovah’s Witnesses, as well as most organized religions, teach that their followers aren’t “good enough”.

I can’t think of anything that I was taught as a young person, that was as severely limiting, hurtful, and damaging as this falsehood.

A person’s beliefs about themselves determine almost all of their actions.

When a person is indoctrinated into the JW’s they are taught to believe that they don’t “deserve” to be loved, respected, or valued. They are taught to question everything except what the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society teaches. They are taught to even question themselves. They learn to believe that somehow they can’t “measure up” to Jehovah’s (read Watchtower’s) righteous standards without the help of the Watchtower.

What this does is to make them emotionally (psychologically) dependent on the Watchtower leadership to define their own self worth. Everything they believe about themselves is based, not on their own value as human beings created in the image of God, but by their own level of activity and social standing in the organization.

Then they get on the “Theocratic Treadmill” and start working to improve their “standing” in the group. This in turn improves their own self worth in their eyes and is reinforced by the “love bombing” given to those who take the lead in theocratic activity. In the case of “brothers” this becomes even more toxic as they seek to reinforce the mandate by the Watchtower on their poor families. Everyone is expected to “tow the line” and support him in his theocratic progression to eldership. This creates all sorts of unhealthy dynamics in the family unit.

The more a Jehovah’s Witness works the more they think they are worth to Jehovah (read organization).

I don’t think anyone who is or has been a Jehovah’s Witness would disagree with this statement.

Yet what did Paul say about this?

Romans 4:4-8

Now to the one who works, wages are not credited as a gift but as an obligation. However, to the one who does not work but trusts God who justifies the ungodly, their faith is credited as righteousness. David says the same thing when he speaks of the blessedness of the one to whom God credits righteousness apart from works:

“Blessed are those
whose transgressions are forgiven,
whose sins are covered.
Blessed is the one
whose sin the Lord will never count against them.”

What Paul is saying is that we are all saved by faith in Christ apart from works. I’m not saying that works aren’t a part of the Christian life. They most certainly are. However the works are the result of our being saved by grace and not the other way around! They also aren’t defined by a strict set of activities but are part of the entire gamut of Christian life.

When was the last time you heard an elder say the following?

“Brothers and sisters instead of knocking doors today and hawking magazines we’re going down to the park to pick up litter.”


“Brothers and sisters instead of knocking doors today and hawking magazines we’re going to volunteer at the local homeless shelter.”


“Brothers and sisters instead of knocking doors today and hawking magazines we’re going to help raise money for a family who recently lost their father.”

All of these are truly Christian works as defined by the Bible (something about “love your neighbor as yourself”). Yet at no time was I ever asked to do any of these things at the Kingdom Hall.

The Watchtower has done a hatchet job on the Word of God and made it about their specific worldwide work instead of about faith in Christ. They teach the unsuspecting newly converted Jehovah’s Witness that knocking doors and attending meetings are what will save him when Armageddon comes. They do this by implying that if they aren’t “doing enough” to spread the message that they will be “blood guilty” (an old Jewish Law concept) and will die at the hands of Jehovah when Armageddon comes. How can you take a Jewish law and apply it to a Christian? You can’t! Yet Jehovah’s Witnesses apply the old Judaic Law to their own “Christian” teaching every day!

Anyone who has been involved with Jehovah’s Witnesses will have to admit that what I have said about their teaching is indeed the truth of the matter.

As a result, newly converted ones become zealous and almost fanatical in their pursuit of advancement in the organizational “pecking order”. They also begin to show judgmental attitudes toward those who don’t work “as much” or “as hard” in their mind. They start to find fault in others and develop a haughty attitude about their own self worth because they have become better in their own eyes. They begin to talk about other people to their peers in the group. They become cliquish and “holier than thou”.

We’ve all seen it. I don’t believe that any Jehovah’s Witness will deny that this happens constantly in the Kingdom Halls.

My exhortation today is simply this:

Learn to love yourself as God loves you and always has. Learn to embrace your own value as a child of God. Act as if God is working in your life every single moment because He can and will if you let Him. Learn to love others with the same love you receive from God, freely and without judgment. Learn to accept and forgive your own faults and those of others, just as God does.

If you do this, then you will be happy.

I guarantee it!



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  1. Garrett

    Thanks Doug for another fantastic post. I’m always glad to lay in bed on a Sunday and read while you get up early to prepare a spiritual breakfast for us.

    I’m so glad to have ditched the hierarchy of the Watchtower society. It reminded me of that game Stratego where you don’t know what someone is until they turn around and show you their number and title. The higher up the chain in the Watchtower society you were:
    1) the better person you were
    2) the more you are worthy of love
    3) the more God loves you
    4) the greater chance of survival

    I like my mothers take (still a witness)
    “I don’t need to ask permission from others as to who I can love and can’t”

    Have a good Sunday.

  2. I agree Garrett and I LOVE your mother’s take on things. She’s no doubt very wise and the reason you’ve got so much on the ball yourself.

    Heredity is a wonderful thing!

    Have a good one yourself my friend!



  3. Chuck

    As a former witness with no small amount of angst, I find comfort in your posts. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Chuck!

    I’m glad to be of some comfort to you.


  5. Ed

    Doug’s sentence for all the people he may have misled while a JW is helping people like us remain sane (matter of opinion) and happy we have been set free!! Thanks Brother Douglas, Live Love and Laugh often!

  6. It is a sentence I’m glad to have carried out brother Ed!

    I shall do all of the above!

  7. Alicia

    Thank you, Doug. This article is just what I needed after being told countless times that the only way to be saved is through Jehovah’s organization. Your words help reinforce the fact that I made the right decision by walking away from the society. I’m glad I stopped letting a bunch of old men in Brooklyn control all aspects of my life, it’s been almost seven months since I stepped foot in a Kingdom Hall. Your post came at the right time because I just brought up this point with my husband last night. I mentioned that you’ll never see JW’s helping out at a homeless shelter and asked him if he were out in service and met a homeless person, would he give something to eat or “spiritual food” i.e. watchtower literature? He said he would do both. Then I asked what if you could only pick one? He replied who would get them something to eat, so at least I know his heart is in the right place. The only time an elder contacts him is to ask what time he got in for service. What a joke!

  8. It is my pleasure Alicia!

    Sounds like your husband might come around one day!


  9. Alicia

    I can only hope, Doug! I long for the day when he can escape the grips of the watchtower….

  10. Way to go Doug. Great post and very true! I’m still working on that “being good enough” mentality. With God’s help I’ve come a long way and still making inroads.

  11. Thanks Marc!

    It’s tough but you’ll get there!


  12. You hit the nail on the head Doug! Great post and so so true!

  13. Anonymous

    Everything you posted is so True!!!! If one is NOT going out in field service and attending all meetings and commmenting and participating in the school and giving MONEY!!!! YOU are MARKED!!!!! You are marked as being unworthy as nothing as being DEAD!!!! You mean nothing to the ORG… Its taken me 10 years to recover….I always felt as being judged and never good enough for them people….Now I understand how this organization operates….. its one BIG CLICK!!!!! There are FAVORITES!!!! My service to GOD was never good enough according to the ORG…

  14. Nelly

    Doug always bless you thank you so much for your wise words every time I read your post they give me so much energy and encouragement this is the first year in 23 years that I have spent time with my family during this time of the year. I actually went to one of my Family members birthday (90 years old.) I was so happy that I was able to see so many family members so many people had not seen in ages. I realized I had missed out on so much family time and they love me so much.
    You are right! Jehovah Witnesses tell us that the only people that we should look up to are the people in our congregations, elders, brothers, pioneers, etc. if our family members are not Jehovah Witnesses They are not worthy of our company. God bless you.

  15. Corrina

    I just found this blog and am really appreciating it! It has been 5 years since attending a meeting (except for the summer convention and memorial to keep the peace with family.) I have been “on the fence” since then, but have recently decided that I will NOT be returning to the religion. I have been through years of phsycological distress, and have been diagnosed with anxiety and bi-polar. Funny thing is, when I was able to dig deep in myself over time, I came to a realization that it was all caused from growing up in the religion! The constant anxiety and worry about dying in Armageddon and God disapproving of me let me down a depressive path. I honestly felt an entire truckload of weight was lifted off the day I told my therapist the root of my emotional problems! I have been much better since then. My grandma mentioned something about some of the “new lights” recently, about that EVERYONE who dies before Armageddon will be resurrected? And something about meat byproducts not being a big deal anymore? She mentioned it quickly in passing one day and I didnt want to ask more questions, I couldnt handle a lecture that day. Does anyone have any info about the “new lights?”

  16. Garrett

    Hi Corrina,
    Hopefully someone here has time to answer your question in length (me working man…busy busy)
    But until then, there are many many cases of flip flops and changes in the history of the Watchtower Society.
    Some of gotten people killed…i.e. At first organ transplants were touted as a wonderful thing by the Watchtower Society and one of the greatest gifts a person could give….then they changed that doctrine and said it was the same as canibalism and anyone who gave or received an organ transplant was to be disfellowshipped….then they changed it back again to where it is today where a person can decide for themselves….

    Sadly, one sister wrote her life story online and told of her father who needed kidney transplants. He unfortunately lived during the time when the pricks on the Governing Body said it was a disfellowshipping
    offense. The sisters father died as a result. Only a few years after that the Governing Body got a new message from Jehovah telling them organ transplantation was ok……………too late….

    The sister wrote to Bethel to tell them her experience and share her frustration……but the incredibly loving, all fatherly Governing Body never had the human decency to write her back…not even once…..
    Im sure their lawyers told them to duck and cover….

    So….this is one example of MANY that I could give you where the Governing Body are bloodguilty for costing others their lives…..the Malawi incident is another, Vaccinations are another etc. etc…do you homework and go online and start reading and sharing what you learn…

    Ok…..gotta fly…
    Best wishes,….I hope others can add to what I wrote….
    sorry…dont know about the meat thing you mentioned…but you are making me hungry….

  17. Hi Doug,

    I find it so odd that I just stumbled upon your blog, while trying to find reading material to help me make sense of the wierd situation I find myself in right now; only to find that this (your latest post) hits the nail on the head!

    I currently have a house-guest who has been disfellowshipped a few months back (I bailed from the organization a good 12 years ago). We grew up together in the “truth”, and when I bailed, he progressed on to become an elder. That obviously meant no verbal contact at all for 12 years. Last week I got the call from him, asking if he could come visit me for a week or so (we live 5 hrs drive apart) since he needs some company since his disfellowshipping; and I obviously thought this would be a good catch-up session for us.

    Long story short; he’s here to try and convince me to go back to the “truth” with him.
    Because “we need to realise that we need the truth”, and that “we’re not deserving of Jehovah’s grace”.
    How can an intelligent self-sufficient adult like him feel so helpless without the organization by his side?!?

    I find it absolutely mind-boggling that someone who has so recently been shunned by family, friends and loved ones could be so hell-bent on going back, and try his best to drag others with him!

    Well, you said it:
    “What this does is to make them emotionally (psychologically) dependent on the Watchtower leadership to define their own self worth. Everything they believe about themselves is based, not on their own value as human beings created in the image of God, but by their own level of activity and social standing in the organization.”
    You nailed it right there!

    While trying to make sense of this, I discovered your blog, and I enjoy it immensely.
    Specifically your mature manner, devoid of all the typical anger and hate-speech I find on other anti-JW sites.
    Your calm and lucid writing-style speaks volumes to me; and I’m glad I found your blog.

    Thanks a lot.

  18. I’m so glad you found my blog and thank you for your kind words!

    I hope your friend finds peace.


  19. God bless you Nelly! Thank you for your candid observations and for sharing your experience with us!


  20. Thanks Corrina!

    I think you’re on to something with the extreme fear and dread that JW’s carry with them. This is actually very common and I’ve had to deal with it myself. There have actually been published statistics that verify that JW’s have an unusually high rate of mental problems. I’ve known many who have committed suicide or attempted it including my own father in law.

    Being raised as disenfranchised from normal life, feeling like you’re an outsider wherever you go and learning to fear everything definitely adds up to one highly dysfunctional person. This is further magnified when someone leaves the group and sets out on their own. It is extremely traumatic and requires a lot of personal work to pull off.

    I haven’t heard anything about “new light” but then again, they make it up as they go along so it’s fairly regular.

    I always thought it was a bit of trickery to promise “new light” around assembly time just to get the rank and file to go.


  21. Ken Lockhart

    Doug, I just found your blog, I would like to comment to you about a lot of religions in general, including the false Witnesses. I know nothing about you except that you have a genuine smile. I haven’t read your blog yet, but will. I struggle with religion in general, though I am a genuine believer. Would greatly appreciate an opportunity to correspond with you and pick your brain. I am 70 years old and still trucking and dealing with some Jehovahs witnesses who know nothing of the truth of the watchtower society. Would you please email so I can email you back privately. The sooner the better.

  22. alena

    thankyou for your support with this blog, I am a bit sad at this time of the year as some of my friends are still in the society, and of course they just walk past me, briefly making eye contact with me, but other than that, ignoring and giving me cold looks for no longer attending meetings.

    But, I am no longer racked with guilt over pursuing my own personal goals, I am attending college as a mature student to qualify as a teacher, something a dozen or so old men would admonish me for. I currently work as a teachers assistant, and I am really good at my job, again, the watchtower society would condemn me for even thinking this: they hate that people have skills outside of the organisation, sorry, cult.

    I am going to mix with “worldy”, kind people this Christmas at a volunteer centre, the only time JW’s spoke about homeless people, or others who had addiction issues was to condemn them. Imagine that the watchtower society would even condemn it’s own members for stepping inside a homeless shelter offering practical support, and a good meal, yet Doug, you are so right, the watchtower society would tell me that I was at fault for not spending time wisely by “meditating” on the society’s publications.

    I think back to the indoctrination of elders teachings, I actually remember an elder saying to me that because I had not yet got baptised I was slapping Jehovah in the face and Satan was laughing, yeah, a great guilt trip, continual disempowering and coercive techniques.

    I am free, I have nothing to fear or feel guilty of, it really is a positive thing to value my own skills. I am a worthy person who deserves to enjoy life.

    I would like to wish Doug others a Happy Christmas, some may be missing family members at this special time of the year, but, as more people research the internet and learn about this cruel religion which takes away hope, more people will break free,

  23. This time of year is tough for a lot of us Alena. We all miss the close, warm intimacy of family and friends. We had something that resembled that when we were in the Jehovah’s Witnesses. We all walked away from that because we knew it was based on falsehood, false emotions, and manufactured “agape”. We all knew there had to be something real to take the place of what was false, and there was and is.

    I’m so excited for you in finding time to volunteer and help those who are suffering and have little. Note the words of Christ:

    Luke 14: 12-14

    Then Jesus said to his host, “When you give a luncheon or dinner, do not invite your friends, your brothers or sisters, your relatives, or your rich neighbors; if you do, they may invite you back and so you will be repaid. But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.”

    In my mind, there is no higher purpose, no greater good, no action more noble than to selflessly serve others. That’s what Christ did. He served man. He made whole that which was broken. Where there was lack He provided abundance. He brought hope to the hopeless. He brought love to the unloved.

    Christ has been my Hero for a very long time and my job as a human being is to emulate Him as much as I can.

    You’re living the Christ life every day through your selfless love for others. That’s the funny thing about love though…the more you give away the more you have.

    Merry Christmas Alena and God bless you in your service to Him.


  24. Hi Ken,

    I’m sorry but I no longer do direct consultations. I only post to the blog and correspond on the blog. I find that it helps others to read these exchanges. That way I’m able to help a lot more people than just one or two.

    If you’d like to post to the blog with questions I’ll do my best to answer them.



  25. Jamie

    This is probably one of the best blogs I’ve read. Contains a great deal of information: True or False, let the bible be the judge. (2 Tim 3:16-17; especially 3:17: “…so that the man of God may be COMPLETE…”) This is where my story begins as I’m a unbaptized publisher for the past five years, with no intention of getting baptized because of the doctrine that has been proved to be not true. No Christian needs a man-made, earthly organization telling them what to do, think, dress, etc. The man of God is complete after understanding the full context of the bible. I did all my required reading or “studying” from the “What does the Bible really teaches.” book. A list of JW’s doctrines shook me up, reason why my refusal to baptize. Jesus is the Archangel Michael? Then you go to Hebrews 13:8: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” When did he change his name? Hebrews 1:5: “For to which of the angels did God ever say: “You are my Son; today I have become your Father?” So, Michael is an archangel, a high rank celestial angel, and Jesus was the word, the word was with God, the word is God, Not a God. The 144,000? Only JW’s go to heaven, only 144K. No matter how hard you work and loyal to Jehovah, you are not going to heaven! The great multitude, the crowd is in heaven, standing before the THRONE and before the LAMB. (Revelation 7:9) Is Michael called the Lamb? No way. The 1914 disaster, reason why I cannot make comments related to the pasted doctrine. Russell called 1914 the End of Times. the world would come to an end; by measuring the steps to the Great Pyramid of Giza in feet, 1914. Aha! I just cannot go door-to-door and tell these stories. My conscious will not permit this. Doug, Thank-you for bringing the truth to the internet. Millions of JW’s are brainwashed into the Watch-tower/Organization/Society/Governing Body doctrines. When the day of tribulation comes, they have to confess to the Lamb of God, Jesus, the Savior. No magazine will save them.

  26. Garrett

    …and Jamie , you have only scratched the surface with the things you mentioned.
    The Governing Body’s membership with the U.N

    The prohibition in vaccinations for decades which left who knows how many people dead or crippled from diseases like Polio.

    The 127 years of False Prophesies. The quotes are staggering in scope . The HISTORY Channel is quoted as saying that “Jehovahs Witnesses have predicted the end of the world 9 times”

    The prohibition on further education …(I was a victim of that one) …even encouraging dropping out of school early to pioneer… ( my friends elderly mother was a victim of that one )

    I could go on and on….

    It’s all out there waiting to be found…. All you have to do is fire up the Internet and start reading.

  27. Thanks Jamie!

    Imagine being born into an era where you didn’t have access to this and spending a good part of your life running around in circles because you didn’t know the truth about the truth.

    The Internet has brought true knowledge to billions of people around the world. Daniel was quite prophetic in this regard:

    “Many will rove about, and the true knowledge will become abundant.”—DAN. 12:4 (NWT)

    If that isn’t an apt description for the Internet then I know of nothing that is.


  28. Amen Garrett!


  29. Jamie

    I do have a copy of the United Nations response to the public as they were swamped with letters asking if it’s true about the JW’s being part of the U.N. Interesting letter was my reaction. The countless times I’ve heard at meetings from magazines and publishers mocking the U. N. as saying “peace and security” been a lie. Well, they were part of them. Should I add “a worldly organization.”? More to come in the future. I’m not even warm yet!

  30. Not just a “worldly organization” but a part of the Wild Beast itself (at least according to their own teaching.)

    Why? Because being an NGO member of the UN gave the Watchtower a special “back door pass” to get into countries that otherwise wouldn’t give them the time of day.


  31. alena

    doesn’t the UN issue contravene their own belief systems of not “being of this wordly system” and is/was against their own policy of involving themselves in satan’s political system ?


  32. Garrett

    The Watchtower always completely castigted the UN as being the throne of Satan and his earthly impostor of Gods Kingdom. Their words could not have been more harsh with this organization…this is why it was so outrageously hypocritical for them to become a secret NGO with the UN. They thought that it would open up certain countries for them and at the same time protect themselves from harm as they always taught that the UN would turn on religion. This is ALSO why the Watchtower switched from being a “religion” to a “non profit organization”. They thought in their own sick heads that they wouldn’t be marked for destruction by the “Wild Beast”. In doing so however they by their own words committed spiritual fornication of the highest order.
    It would be like making a pact with the Devil according to their own teachings….yet how many Witnesses know about their former alliance? Pretty much zero.

  33. Garrett

    I wish I was burning in Hell. It’s -minus 18 degree
    wind chill here in Minnesota.
    I’d even bring the marshmallows .

  34. alena

    Hi Garrett and Baidoo,
    thank you for your in depth information on the UN issue, I knew the watchtower society was misleading jw’s, but to be politically corrupt is sinking to a depth of spiritual depravity, particularly so when as this blog is about the “worst thing”, a continuous drip effect that WE were never good enough for the organisation, or even more cruelly, not good enough for God. I knew that they had distanced themselves from Charles T Russell after I stopped attending meetings and I am going to look up the website.

    Best wishes to all, I really am so glad I found this forum for us all to come together and support each other in our spiritual recovery,

    PS, a bit cold here too, but warm Christmas greetings from uk

  35. Garrett

    Weymouth New Testament

    “for he who has paid the penalty of death stands absolved from his sin.”

    Sorry.. Hell doesn’t exist. (Unless you are married to a fat Iowan Farm girl and live in Des Moines )

  36. Sorry for much of the inflammatory remarks of one guy on here. He’s obviously off his meds.

    I’m cleaning up his posts as quickly as possible.

    (Not you Garrett!)


  37. Corrina

    Hello all,
    I need some advice on what to say in this situation. I went for lunch with my grandma yesterday and she was saying how she was just at the bank wanting to open savings accounts for my children. The bank was talking alot about how it would be beneficial putting that money into an education fund. She told me at lunch that she didnt agree with what the bank was saying and that the “system won’t last that long” for my children to go to college or university. I did not know how to respond so I just said nothing and changed the subject. It is very generous that she wants to give my children some money and I do not expect her to do so, but the part that bothers me is whole JW mindset of not planning for the future because the “system will not last much longer.” Her whole view of thinking putting money in an education account is a waste of money because the world is going to end by that time anyway. I usually just let my family’s JW mind control comments brush by and not say anything. How can I assert myself without hurting anyone’s feelings or causing an argument? I would love to hear any advice. Thanks.

  38. Garrett

    Well Corrina,
    It is after all your GRANDMOTHER….chances are if she isn’t wise by now in her old age, she never will be.
    You could show her all the articles in the past the society has written saying there are only a few years left in this system and so witnesses are not to get an education…(such quotes/articles are as common as dirt)…but I don’t think it will help..
    I do have a list, 44 pages long, of false prophesies made by the Watchtower Society I can send you if you wish to drop me a line. If someone can read through that list and still believe the Governing Body are Gods Channel and the Witnesses are his people, then kindly wipe the drool from their chins, give them a pat on the back and know that the Governing Body have effectively reduced their I.Q.s to their shoe size.
    My address for that list is:
    Greet Grandma for me….does she bake good cookies?

  39. I actually think it is healthy that she wants to give your children something for the future. That tells me that there’s some part of your grandmother that expects the system to last.

    Her remark is just Watchtower programming seeping out of her brain. That is to be expected. I think you reacted about as well as anyone could have. You see when you confront a JW about a remark they make that is “Watchtower Approved” then they get their hackles up and start trying to argue.

    Do you really want to argue religion with your grandmother?

    Whenever I get into a situation that might escalate into a confrontation I always ask myself: “What do I want from this?”

    If you want to teach her something then that should be your focus. If you want to make yourself feel better then it’s probably best to do it without agitating her. If you want to keep the relationship then you might want to thank her for being so thoughtful and kind to your children and just leave it at that.

    I remember my mother talking about sitting with a JW friend of her’s at the hospital and a Candy Striper (a volunteer that works for free to help with patients) offered them something to drink. Her JW friend leaned over after she left and said, “It’s a shame. She really thinks she’s doing something good for people.”

    It’s criminal how the Watchtower leadership programs their people. However, the damage has been done and until your grandmother decides to change there’s not a lot you can do for her.

    I hope this helps you.


  40. alena

    Hi Doug,
    I watched a series of videos on you tube called “hidden from jehovahs witnesses video 1” (I think there were 4 videos in total), they are all about an hour or so long, but they were presented really well; presenting both new and old watchtower publications and study books, letters from the UN, changes in the new world translation of their bible and ,albeit an audio recording, of Raymond Franz. The videos provided even more evidence on how the society programs individuals with such persuasive arguments, ripening people into giving away their independence of thought and apply critical analysis to their arguments.

    At times I wonder how I got sucked into their thought frameworks for years. To think I was so close to getting baptised at a district convention, but, what kept me back was their argument on domestic violence; that a person cannot get divorced from an abusive partner (unless there was clear cut evidence of adultry) committed by the abusive partner. My father was a very violent man, but I remember the look of fear on my mothers face, I promised my son that he would never live in fear in his owm home, and I kept that promise.

    Thats what kept me out, subsequent research and exploration of the watchtower society over the years provided me with even more mental emancipation.

    I’ve learnt to build and trust my own relationship with Jesus, he helps to keep me strong

  41. Garrett

    Well done Alena.. Way to dodge a bullet.
    If you could post the links to those films/videos
    I would live to see them.

  42. Yes please post the links when you can!

    Great post!


  43. Corrina

    I realize that I may just have to keep my mouth shut to avoid any unpleasant situations with family members. I just finished watching a documentary called Truth Be Told by Gregorio Smith that I quite enjoyed. I recommend to watch!

  44. alena

    the address for videos is v=n2U-Yuf5F5Q
    you should then be able to get the options to see all four videos.

    Another way is to search
    Hidden from jehovahs witnesses jason zelda, again this should also give you access to all four videos
    Best wishes to all,

  45. Garrett

    Behold! The smoking gun!!!

    (The address once inside you-tube is more accurately). v=n2U-Yuf5F5Q

  46. alena

    thanks Garrett, my eyesight is not what id ufed to pe !!!!

  47. Garrett

    Hahhahaha… Brilliant! And fantastic link.
    I’m consistently hit by wave after wave of shock, but not disbelief, of what goes on with the Governing Body and the witnesses in this cult .

  48. Corrina

    Thanks for the link! Very interesting stuff, it took abit to digest all the info!

  49. Anonymous

    Hi Corrina,
    I know there is a huge amount of information in the videos, I just think it’s extraordinary how an organisation can continue for over a century, fail in so many promises, and yet, still develop mental paradigms which twist biblical scriptures to engender feelings of guilt for not being strong in faith — just to keep the tills cashing money to sell books. Of course in order to be successful in these pursuits, their lies and tales of fear have to spread far and wide, using “worldly” organisations, such as the UN, to indoctrinate their followers from pursuing independent thought.

    How I laugh now at some of their ridiculous claims, Sam Herd

  50. Hi
    jw’s back to knocking on front doors, I had two today, I listened and then just very kindly asked them to just consider why the society has changed it’s beliefs regarding the 1914 generation. The brother refuted immediately, but as for the sister, I’m sure I saw the pain of realisation in her eyes. I felt sorry for her, she may have given up her family to be a witness, she may have lost her family, in which case, the congregation is her family, she may have had a very hard life and the society is her only support, giving her an understanding of where she is in the world.

    I can’t remember where I read this, but has anyone else heard that the society is now requesting that jw’s contribute regularly, suggesting that witnesses set up monthly direct payments from their bank accounts?

  51. Yes Alena you will find that is correct I noticed about 2 years ago the booths outside the beehive at Ogden Entertainment center in Utah they had credit card machines set up specifaclly to take donations yet claim they do not have collections only contributions I mean what’s the difference? By my own estimates watchtower is racking in between $ 300m _ ,$1billion a year in contributions.

  52. Jehovah’s Witnesses are masters at shading meaning. This is the craft of attorneys.

    They don’t go to a CHURCH they go to a KINGDOM HALL.

    They don’t have DEACONS they have ELDERS.

    They don’t ask for DONATIONS. They ask for CONTRIBUTIONS.

    Splitting hairs and renaming things is what cults do.


  53. Alena
    and they don’t tell LIES
    they tell HORSE SH..

  54. Alena

    seriously, though, I fear that recent world events will attract even more people to the WTBTS, and I am completely sure that each Kingdom Hall discourse, talk, school talk, training manual, chit chat, and gobbledegook rubbish, will seek to take advantage of vulnerable, scared, lonely people. That is why blogs like these, particularly, the contributions that as an ex elder, Doug makes, are so important, to be there when people try to go to their official site and click on ones like this instead, or maybe people just being curious to find out more after an ever so nice visit from two kind, smiling jehovahs witnesses.

  55. The Watchtower’s job is to find you in a questioning conversation with yourself. If they catch you in a vulnerable state, afraid, disenfranchised, recently divorced, widowed or suffering other types of loss that is when you are a prime target for their recruitment program.

    Remember that “perfect love casts out fear.” If you truly believe that Christ died for you, and that if you believe in Him you’ll have life eternal then all of the other madness going on around you is nothing but a distraction.

    The end can come for us at any moment individually. That knowledge makes me much less afraid of an impending Armageddon and much more cognizant of my being saved through grace and because of my faith in Christ alone to deliver me.

    With that understanding, and the comfort I have in my belief in Christ as the sole source of my salvation, I can deal with anything that comes my way.


  56. Jamie

    It is very much true. The Watchtower Society is using the present events to inflict fear to the congregation so the message can be sent house to house. Last Sunday, the circuit overseer blasted the topic by saying:.. In no time Jehovah will annihilate seven billion people from this earth. And He won’t even look behind…” And then he went on about the paradise earth conditions and the virtual petting zoo absurdity. This is how they take advantage of the depressed, the weak minded and the spiritually depraved people. “Join us and you’ll be part of the great crowd. You don’t, so be it. You will be destroyed.” Fear tactics. You quoted it, Doug: “perfect love casts out fear.”

  57. Alena

    Thankyou, wise words help when times are tough, this blog is so important to many people for the support given

  58. ann

    For two days I have been on your website with tears flowing down my face as I have 46 painful years with these people I won’t tell my story as it is to long and filled with horrors of what I went through as of this morning I took every watchtower book bible associated with these people and put them all out for the garbage man all I have to say is thank you so very much where do I go now when it has all been such a lie I don’t even know what to do or what bible to read feeling very sick. ANN

  59. Garrett

    3 words Ann.
    “Gin and Tonic”

    So sorry for how you must be feeling. NEVER think you are alone . We are just like you and have gone through the extremely painful process of waking up.

    Hang out with like minded folks online like us. We’re the only ones who will ever really know what you have experienced…..

    …..oh….. and did I mention Gin and Tonic?

  60. Waking up after “sleeping” so long is terrifying.

    I remember I would have panic attacks when I first started on my journey out of the Watchtower. One minute I would be certain that the Watchtower was deceiving me and that I was right to leave and the next minute I would question my own logic and sensibilities. It was a crazy roller coaster ride at first, but eventually it slows down and becomes tolerable.

    I still suffer at times from the pain and emptiness that I feel after losing my friends and family to this cult but I keep busy. I write. I read. I learn. I grow.

    You will soon learn that there is an amazing and awesome life out there. You only have to join the rest of humanity and try to make sense of life. It is at once scary and exhilarating!

    Take a deep breath and breathe it out. Then take another one. Smile. Understand that none of us have all the answers and that perhaps the purpose of life is in finding our own answers.

    I wish you peace Ann. You are in my thoughts and my prayers.


  61. Jamie

    Ann: You have not wasted 46 years of your life. Think of all the wisdom and knowledge you have achieved along the way when you made the right (and best) decision ever. A relationship is over when a conscious decision is made of throwing away every single item that binds you. The bondage is broken, never look back. Before Jesus died he said: “It is finished.” It means done, accomplished, completed, concluded, terminated, etc. Jesus was not killed, he did not die, He gave his life for us. You have been deceived for 46 years and it hurts. Imagine married for 46 years and you find out your spouse is been cheating all that time. Depressed is the least of the long list of emotions shooting into your mind and heart, all at once. Jesus said: “I am the way and THE TRUTH and the life.” That ‘s your life and it is the truth. Not a cheating, man made society calling themselves the truth and God’s visible organization. Throw everything away, it’s a beautiful world out there. Be happy!

  62. Alena

    Hi Ann
    Thinking of you,

  63. ANN

    Thank you for your kindness this morning I found on the internet that the new bible I received from the witnesses is full of changes with complete scriptures left out and over 64,000 name changes I cannot believe how much information is out there I compared with the king james bible and sure enough there are full scriptures missing from the new jehovahs witnesses bible after being so upset for days in my research today I woke up angry but also I believe in the power of prayer because my heavenly father is guiding me and giving me all the right answers I just cannot believe that I have belonged to a cult like this for so long I new something was very wrong and all I had to do was go into prayer and let myself be lead to all these wonderful websites someday I will tell my story but right I have to find a way to get my sister and family out of there these people are very dangerous and are destroying families and lives I cannot believe all the information out there on Jehovah witnesses this has been an awaking like I have never experienced before in my life THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ANN

  64. Garrett

    If you could direct me to a site with all those biblical changes and omissions I would be grateful as it is something I have never researched.


  65. Jamie

    Check on youtube “Ex JW Brian Garcia Interview on Ankerberg”, a great discussion with three ex-JW’s that will ease your mind.

  66. Anonymous

    hi garrett here is the website I was on Thank you everyone for your support I guess you all know how im feeling ann

  67. ruth ann

    Hi everyone its me ann actually my full name is ruth ann I have a question for everyone I have continued my searches everyday and I came across a website yesterday by Roberta Moore and I was so shocked that I could not finish reading through her site it is on mind control and it shows pictures in the watchtower and the paradise book with hidden symbols in the photos explaining what each one means and all of them are associated with witchcraft and devil worship have any of you been to her site if you have please tell me your opinion as not only did it scare me but I felt physically sick there is also another site by david ikes but I don’t have the nerve to go there I have been praying hard everyday for guidance and I am being lead to things that are truly shocking if you have time can you tell me what you think of her findings.THANK YOU Ruth Ann

  68. Jamie

    If I am not mistaken, Roberta Moore was the mother of two JW’s boys that were found dead near their home. The investigation concluded is was suicide. Who killed the first and then himself cannot be explained as only one weapon was found. A bible was found with “this is the end” written in the inside back cover. She went and bought several books related to Armageddon from the Watch Tower and found what appears to be several illustrations with subliminal messages of satanic images when enhanced. Some of them are plain to the eye as pentagons and demonic triangles are shown, particularly from “worldly people”. One illustration that comes to mind is Steven Allan Hassan’s BITE model of mind control, very typical of cults. Behavioral, Information, Thought, Emotional controls are the basis for this model. Read each and every one of the BITE acronym descriptions and you will see how a cult can manipulate the minds and the hearts of the people following them. This will help you understand what these images represent and why are they placed in strategic places so that the reader will be twisted in their direction. Do you remember Jim Jones and the Guyana genocide? How about David Kuresh and the Branch Davidians from Waco, Texas? There were all mind controlers. Some rely on the principle of extreme situations require extreme measures. A weak mind requires a way out and they go to the extremes, no matter age, sex, social background or race. Do not be afraid to turn every stone to seek the truth. The truth will set you free. Pray intensely for protection. Read Joshua 1:9.

  69. A 1975 Survivor

    I hope I am in the right topic to ask regarding God’s organization. I was told by an elder that Jehovah likes organization and He created a theocratic one, namely Jehovah’s Witnesses. The same man also asked me who should I follow, Jehovah and His organization or the world. I told him quite plainly that I am for Jesus Christ who died for me and of course, His Father. He said rather loudly that I was totally wrong. He gave me quite a few verses to read, but I don’t see any that answered the question about God wanted us to be for His organziation. I am looking for appropriate verses from the Bible to refute the elder’s statement. Can you please help me?

    A 1975 Survivor

  70. There is only one necessary that completely blows away the idea that one has to be a member of a particular sect or “organization”:

    Mark 9:38-40

    38 “Teacher,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us.”

    39 “Do not stop him,” Jesus said. “For no one who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me, 40 for whoever is not against us is for us. 41 Truly I tell you, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to the Messiah will certainly not lose their reward.

  71. A 1975 Survivor

    Thank you, Doug. I’ll mark that in the Bible. If or when this person asks me the same question, I’ll show him these verses.

  72. Meg H.

    I just stumbled onto this site looking for something that could fix my broken heart over the condition of my JW relatives.
    I have never been JW but my elderly aunt and her children & grandchildren are locked in this horrible Watchtower. I was denied the joy and pleasure of their company most of my life but didn’t understand why until I read this. My parents refused to let them convert us – we are those warm, fuzzy Christians that, while greatly imperfect, just want to love everyone and feel joy. But my relatives live in this dark world where the children are beaten into submission and the adults are suicidal and overwhelmed with depression and helplessness. But they talk the talk and force those smiles. What is the matter with them??? Anyone can see what kind of shape they’re in. I just retired and moved back to my hometown. I’ve reached out to them and told them I love them and want to spend happy times with them. I can tell some of them want it too, but it’s slow going. How do I proceed? Thank you. P.S. Is this a cult?

  73. Yes it is a cult. If they DO spend time with you prepare to have them attempt to convert you to their faith. When they realize you won’t convert they will most likely distance themselves from you and return to their empty, cold, and sad existence.

    You can’t help them unless they want the help.


  74. barbara

    My friend has just started having the witness’s come to her house. Now she has changed all her thinking and doesnt want to celebrate with us and her grandkids are wondering what has happened to her. She now believs there i s NO soul.. what a crock of BS. It is a cult !!

  75. Garrett

    Show her the 44 pages of quotes of false prophesies made by the Governing Body of Jehovahs Witnesses over the last 130 years.
    It might wake her up .
    If you write me I’ll send it to you.

  76. Jean

    Hi Doug. I just endured my second JW funeral and apart from both sounding like advertisements for their organization, I noticed there was very little emotion or sorrow shown from the family members. Is this taboo? Are they taught to not grieve publicly? Not that public displays of grief mean anything to me, but it was very strange to me that the people seemed to stifle their emotions. Please enlighten me. Thanks.

  77. Stifled emotions are a way of life for JW’s.


  78. Jamie

    I’ve been to multiple funerals or memorials in the past, having exactly your same reaction. We all grieve in different ways. For the JW’s, they grieve the same way. Their thoughts, behavior and emotions are meticulously tailored through the constant instruction of meetings. One of their publications said : “The man Jesus is dead forever”. They have been instructed that Jehovah atomized Jesus body and He came back as Michael the Archangel, using another body (including wounds to hands and torso), It is not difficult to understand there’s no coffin with the deceased in it. The body is meaningless. Then there’s the public speech and a short biography, mostly related of how years Jehovah was served. I went to the most painful memorial: The brother that gave me a bible study. After the public talk, the widow and children were at the front greeting and thanking people. All smiles, a daughter in leopard skinned high heels, the widow with a brand new hairdo. No grief, no sorrow, no tears, no red eyes, not even sweet talk about good memories. I was the one who came out in tears. Not only because I lost my best friend, but what I felt as a lack of of respect for a wonderful soul-from his own family. What happened to the widow? Her own son kicked her out of the house. It so happened the house was placed to his name. These are the ones knocking on your door, preaching a message of love. That’s something that’ll make you grief.

  79. Jean

    Well said, Jamie. I really feel sorry for these people. My husband (who is a born-in JW) said he has never noticed the funerals sounding like an ad for their organization. I guess one becomes oblivious when the abnormal is more the norm. I have never been a JW and never will be. I guess I’m an opposer, as they say. I’ll gladly take it.

  80. You DO know why they call you an “opposer” don’t you? That is the meaning of “Satan” in Hebrew.

    It isn’t cool to just go call people “Satan” but “Opposer” is apparently kosher.


  81. Jean

    They apparently think everyone outside of their religion is Satan or of Satan. I’m not okay with being called Satan, but I proudly oppose their false teachings.

  82. Me too Jean!

    I guess we’re just a couple of “opposers”! LOL!

  83. Jean

    Yep! Lol!

  84. Alena


    who is a poser ?!!!!

  85. Alena


    oh, sorry an “Opposer,” duh!!!

    I guess the devil was in the detail !!!

    (my attempt of humour)

  86. Anonymous

    Hate it open your eyes before it is to late Jehovah ‘s witnesses are the only religion that closely follows the bible and it’s teachings.

  87. Garrett

    Bzzzzzzzz….. WRONG!
    The governing body of Jehovah’s witnesses are the biggest false prophets in the history of mankind. 1884, 1887, 1914, 1915, 1925, 1975, 70 or 80 year generation…. Etc.

    You poor sucker. False prophets are to be stoned to death not followed. Deuteronomy 18: 20-22

  88. ” Anonymous,”

    Same old, same old, BS

  89. Anonymous = Broken Record (and not the Guinness kind.)

  90. Jamie

    “The Jehovah’s Witnesses are the only religion that closely follows the bible and it’s teachings.” What it’s wrong with this statement? Jehovah’s Witnesses do not identify themselves as “religion”. According to them, all religions were created by Satan itself (Yes, the opposer written in above comments), and bound to be destroyed by Jehovah himself at Armageddon. It was supposedly done in 1884, 1884, 1914, well, you know the fairy tale. They closely follow THEIR version of the bible (John 1:1, etc.) and follow the Governing Body teachings. Please read Revelation 22:18, where it states loud and clear what God will do to anyone changing his word. Also, read Acts 5:29, about following men (the Governing Body), rather than God. If the JW is not a religion, it is, according to them, an organization. Isn’t this term a worldly one?

  91. RUTH ANN

    The jehovahs witnesses so called new bible is indeed a scary book changed by the men who translated this book who even had the nerve to drop entire scriptures from the book do your research and compare with the wycliff bible and king james 1611 and you will be shocked how many changes are made to fit their doctrines remember what jesus said seek and you will find knock and the door will be opened ask and you will receive ask him and he will guide you in the right direction.

  92. You are correct Ruth Ann.

    When they get to write the Bible for their own followers it gives them power over them that they simply shouldn’t have.

    They will answer for their audacity Ruth Ann!


  93. Chris Campas

    Amen, The grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is a gift we could never work to earn.

  94. Kholofelo

    it pains to see people turning their backs on someone or something and then bad-mouthing it,you are what you are today because of the 23 years you spent in the congregation. hate us for all we care, people hated on Jesus too so call us names,continue making us bad people,like they say you reap what you saw…we know what we want and if you don’t like it just don’t say anything bad about it. who are you to judge?Are you Jesus or God himself? and what makes you think you have the right to judge us? stop misleading people if you are not happy about something…

  95. I don’t hate you…if you bothered to actually read the blog then you’d know that.

    I’ve never called you names.

    “Reap what you saw?” Really?

    Who am I to judge? Really? I lost my childhood and young adulthood and a lifetime of opportunity to an organization that has done nothing but split up families and hawk literature. I have earned the right to judge the organization.

    The purpose of this blog is to help others avoid the trauma and irreparable damage caused by becoming brainwashed by this cult! If you don’t like it, don’t “shop” here!

    Do you actually read what you type Kholo? You and your leaders judge every single religion out there as being “of Satan” and then expect everyone else to just remain silent about your religion? If anyone has the guts to challenge your beloved Watchtower you freak out and accuse them of thinking they’re God or Jesus?

    You really ought to take a good, hard, critical look at yourself and what you’re “selling” there Kholo!

    I maintain that it is you and your “false prophet” of an organization that is misleading people and I’m speaking up about it.

    Stick that in your Watchtower and smoke it!


  96. Jamie

    I have been married to a Jehovah’s Witness baptized publisher for fifteen years now. From the very beginning, I was honest with her and other than an occasional “Memorial”, I was not going to attend meetings at their Kingdom Halls. I knew exactly what was going on behind closed doors and behind those courteous smiles. After having a serious illness, seven years ago, a “brother” approached me and offered a bible study. Knowing this person outside the Kingdom Hall and understanding his honesty, I accepted the study. You get the package: “What Does the Bible Really Teaches” and THEIR Bible. Throw away everything else, was the first advise. I did not, as I kept my three bibles, King James, Reina Valera and the Thompson Reference Bible. (Nowadays you can go online and read every version). So, about four months after starting the study, countless of meetings and not even finishing the book, you guessed it: “Are you ready for getting baptized?” I said I was not ready, yet. They announced me in front of the congregation as a “non-baptized publisher” to the roar of applause. Four years went by and without warning, my own wife, behind my back, tells the elders I celebrated a worldly event. It so happened that I was visiting my family, many miles away, and because of my job’s tight schedule, the vacation, by coincidence, went through Mother’s Day. The elders jumped on me after a Study meeting was over. “Someone saw you…” was their opening statement. My wife was the last name in an imaginary list of backstabbers. However, there she was, pointing a finger at me. Want to read the conclusion?, of course! I immediately told the elders: “My trip back home started at 6:30AM on Mother’s Day. So how can I celebrate a pagan event when I was not even present.” I was pretty sure I heard the sound of 30 pieces of silver dropped on the floor. One elder said: “Let’s conclude with prayer.” That was the last time I visited a Kingdom Hall. You might ask: Am I still with my wife? Yes, I am. Do I hate her? No, I do not. Do I have to be a Baptized Publisher, follow a Governing (False Prophet, Faithful Slave…) Body book of rules and attend a thousand meetings to understand the concept of honesty, integrity, love, forgiveness, meekness, etc. No, I do not! My Bibles (read above the three versions) gave me the answers to all of those concepts and even more, before attending one meeting at any Kingdom Hall. I do not judge anyone, and that includes my own JW wife. You know who will judge all of us, regardless of your age, sex, color and RELIGOUS PREFERENCE. God does not have an earthly organization, that’s why he is a spiritual being. You pray to him in His Heaven, in the name of his son, Jesus. Jesus has been Jesus from the beginning, not the archangel Michael. (Let’s not start with the Watchtower list of false teachings, we all know them.) 1914…Sorry, my fingers are on a roll. Doug, one more time, Thank-you for time and efforts. Keep your website running. A lot of people out there are suffering the consequences of the Watchtower, The Worst Thing.

  97. Anonymous

    This blog is so inspiring. I was a 4th gen Witness. I was raised to admonish Bible teachings from infancy (I.e. like Timothy). My grandpa was an elder, and I enjoyed the association of the fellow friends. Then I got older. I got curious. I started researching. As you all know, any research outside of the Societies approved publications is apostate. Well. I did my digging, found any discrepancies; and went to work disseminating various translations of the Old Testement. I was crushed, spiritually, emotionally,mentally. When I realized that everything I believed in as far as theology wasn’t correct? I immediately felt lost. Yet, I do not and never will have any I’ll will towards the friends. These are all very good people living lifestyle based on God’s word. It just saddens me that a true Witness, in keeping with what they believe; can be be very easily mislead. I still believe in God, Christ, and I live by the same moral code. But my family refuses to even associate with me…And I’m doing better in life spiritually than I ever have because I don’t feel guilty for not making my hours or I had to stay at work overtime. But yet and still, I still strive to keep and teach my children this moral code. I’m just glad that you all have found an inner peace regarding you beliefs!

    Much love, peacez and kindness to all of my earthly family!

  98. Thank you Anonymous!


  99. Debbie Barber

    I have an Aunt and Uncle who are JW. Yet, I don’t ask questions,. I have done a lot of research and my comments would only cause arguments. Yet, I also have real issues with your religion as well. I am Jewish and go strickly by the Torah. No man ever walked the earth names jesus. Frankly there is no letter J in the Hebrew language. But you know that, And if studied, YOU know, he meets NONE of the qualifications of being the Messiah. He was not born of human parents, He was not from the Tribe of David, or Jude. He never led Jews into holy lands,,And several more ….Yet you chrrisians continue to break the 1st Commandment by worshiping a “middle man” It saddens me when people who post , and want people to read and accept their posts are so drastically wrong..

  100. Thanks for weighing in Debbie.

    This blog is meant to provide resources for victims of cult abuse. It isn’t necessarily theological, although discussions about beliefs and teachings are often required to get cult victims to a place where they can actually question what they’ve been taught by their leadership. Once we get them thinking critically, they can grow from there, usually.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion where belief is concerned. I respect yours. Please respect mine as well as those of others who post here.

    What if the world’s religions (sans mind controlling destructive cults) were merely a collage of incomplete views of the different qualities and characteristics of the same God, taken from a wide range of perspectives and life experiences?

    What if religions were simply our imperfect attempts to describe the indescribable?

    What if we were all right about some things and wrong about others, and that was okay?



  101. Good article. Especially the last paragraph! Thank you.

  102. Thank you Josie!


  103. Anonymous

    than u doug shields jehovahs witness are the bigges frauds there is. talking there religion ,do u know what they realy R. false profits ,they have no mine of there own there R a bunch of jackasses there R so stupid some one have to think for them , ( cult leaders control them they talk about love but they only have hatred all others also there self thats how stupid they are. every one please read you king james bible an i know u wil find salivation an have ever lastng life. ( repent jehovahs witnes repent u hateful jackasses.

  104. On that, we differ Anonymous. I don’t lump them all into one basket. There are quite a good many Jehovah’s Witnesses who are, in my humble definition, good and kind and loving people. They are simply misled. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of, as you say, “Jackasses” in their midst, as I suppose there are in any other organization these days. What happens is when we get wronged by them we start to stereotype all of their members into that category. That’s when we make the same mistake the Jehovah’s Witnesses make: We start judging people without knowing them or the facts.

    There are plenty of hateful, judgmental “Jackasses” in the Jehovah’s Witnesses but there are also plenty of good, kind, honest people there too. It is for them that I write this blog.