Jehovah’s Witnesses: The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Oct 26, 2014 by

waitingSo how long have you been waiting?

Waiting for the cure for all of your ills? Waiting for the answer to all of your prayers? Waiting for that long hoped for “New System” and all that it promises to bring to you and yours?


Jehovah’s Witnesses have lived their entire lives waiting in expectation of the unfulfilled promises of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. They have lived and they have died. Yet none of the promises made by the leaders of the Watchtower organization since it’s inception in 1874 have EVER come to pass. None, zero, zilch, nada.

The latter part of 1914 was supposed to have marked the “end of this system of things”. Anyone who has read C.T. Russell’s works will agree with that statement. Then “Millions Now Living Will Never Die” was the lie told by Russell’s successor “Judge” Rutherford. Then the Fall of 1975 was pointed to as the beginning of Armageddon.

Well it has been 100 years since the Fall of 1914. It has been 39 years since the Fall of 1975. Nothing has happened yet folks!

Most who saw these “Watchtower Fallies” (extra points if you get the pun) have either died, left the organization or are simply silent as to these ever so obvious skeletons in the Watchtower’s theocratic closet.

I’m fifty now. I was brought into the group when I was three years of age. I left when I was twenty-six. I lived almost half my life in this authoritarian group that taught me that all of my needs would be met if I was good, attended the meetings regularly, worked hard in the door to door ministry and “waited on Jehovah”. It taught me that to think of my own needs, wants and desires was selfish and “of Satan”. It taught me to put my entire life on permanent “pause” and to work hard to bring others into the fold so that they too could “wait”.

I worked and waited for twenty-three years.

I worked and waited until I realized that my life was passing me by.

I worked and waited until I saw the organization for what it really was: A worldwide sweat shop with religious window dressing.

Where would I be if I had continued to wait? I’d still be knocking on doors and putting everything else in my life on permanent “hold” until Armageddon or, more likely, until I died.

So what have I done with my life since leaving the organization?

I raised a beautiful daughter. I got her well educated and free of the Watchtower’s influence.

I have a thirty year marriage to my lovely wife.

I have a faith in God that is much more powerful than anything that I had in the organization.

I have a much more accurate understanding of the Bible and what it teaches than I ever had while in the organization.

I have been able to make a difference for thousands of people who were suffering in silence in the Watchtower organization by writing of my experiences on this blog. I have done this for no monetary gain whatsoever.

I have a wonderful career that gives me an excellent income and also provides me with a sense of accomplishment.

I have a retirement plan so that I won’t be a burden to my daughter or my fellow citizens if I get too old to work or take care of myself.

Was it easy to leave the organization? No. It was painful, difficult and terribly uncomfortable to do so.

Did I lose a lot of friends and family in the process? All of them. I found out that their “love” and “friendship” was conditional upon my participation in “theocratic activity” and my social standing in the congregation.

Was it worth it to leave the organization and get on with my life? Absolutely!

Today I want you to ask yourself some questions:

If the Watchtower organization didn’t exist where would my life be?

Would I have a better education?

Would I have a larger family?

Would I have children?

Would I have a closer, more meaningful relationship with my children?

Would I have grandchildren?

Would I live in a nicer home or in an area that I always wanted to live?

Would I drive the same crappy car I drive today or would it be a newer, nicer vehicle?

Would my kids have an education and good careers or would they still be living “hand to mouth” working for minimum wage like they are now?

Would I own my own home instead of having to sweat a mortgage or rental payment every month?

Would I do what I love for a living rather than what I “have to in order to get by”?

Would I have a retirement plan in place or would I be living “for the moment”?

Would I have made a difference really helping others?

And the final question:

Would I be truly happy instead of putting my own happiness on permanent pause waiting for the “New System”?

The answer to these questions are supremely powerful in your recovery from cult dependency.

“The waiting is the hardest part.” – Tom Petty


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  1. Anonymous

    I think there has to be that sad moment in the lives of Jehovah’s Witnesses when they are dying, terminal , or very old when they realize that the “New World” which they were hoping their whole lives to see ushered in will not happen in their life times. Continually strung along by the Governing Body of the Watchtower, like a carrot on a stick, they are always told it is “imminent”, “just around the corner”, “on the threshold”.
    If the Governing Body were weathermen they would be laughed at. If they were financial advisors they would be clientless. But because everyone is so afraid to leave the Watchtower Society lest they miss out on everlasting life, or loose their family, they keep on going….waiting,….and waiting….and waiting…..and wondering….and praying…and waiting….It must be a feeling of real confusion for the Witnesses right now with the 1914 generation now dead…..

  2. Garrett

    Ooops…wrong button!…the “anonymous” above is me…Garrett

  3. I agree Garrett!


  4. Ed

    Tom Petty, “no i won’t back down..” you can lock me up in the Kingdom Hall.. but i won’t back down..”

  5. LOL! Nice Ed.


  6. Just in case you hadn’t seen this. I wrote it myself.

    Sung to the tune of: “We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses”


    For our sins we could atone, but the true God we’ve not known. He is Christ Almighty, on His lofty throne.

    Our leaders just cannot see what in future days will be. False prophecies they speak all in vain, since their chronology’s insane,

    We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses, we speak out in thoughtlessness. Ours is the god of false prophecy. Nothing we say comes to be.


    “You’re our witnesses,” they said, “preach or you will wind up dead! We’re the “anointed remnant”, your new lords and head!”

    “We found and recruited you, for our profits to accrue, keep selling magazines near and far, prove that our mindless slaves you are.”

    We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses, we speak out in witlessness. Ours is the god of hypocrisy. Nothing we say comes to be.


    Marketing exalts our name, boosts our membership and fame! Go recruit more people, who will do the same.

    Pardon we’ll hold out to men, if they’ll turn their time slips in, thus earning tickets to “paradise”, although our teaching’s filled with lies.

    We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses, we speak out in senselessness. Ours is the god of false prophecy. Nothing we say comes to be.

  7. Ed

    stop!! I just peed my pants while laughing!!!

  8. Yes it is some of my best work!


  9. While I absolutely agree with almost everything you’ve said, and do generally agree with all things you write and have enjoyed reading your blog, I find myself offended at your characterization of those of us who listened to this cult as adults, when they came to our doors, and walked into it. Many have been misled, its easy to do, especially if one (like myself) who was searching for God and having absolutely No bible background, knowledge or training. I’ve seen very intelligent people get sucked in, college graduates with high paying jobs, and we’ve all been misled. The wrap up their doctrines all pretty in a bow, only presenting the best and the prettiest when you first start studying with them, you don’t learn the dark side until it is too late. Back in the 1970’s it wasn’t so easy to research as it is today, with the internet. I was honest hearted, I was searching, I got deceived, millions have. Gullible? Sure, but weak willed? Dull witted? I don’t know about that, with NO bible background, you’ve SEEN Jw turn scriptures into pretzels, they can present many scriptures at the drop of a hat to ‘prove’ their theology, sure its all taken out of context, but to the one without bible background, its easy for them to get sucked into the lie. I feel bad for having fell for it sure, all of those of us who have left, have felt like fools, for falling for it. This didn’t help one bit.

  10. You are absolutely correct and I stand corrected. My apologies to you and anyone else who may have found my observation to be overly harsh. I have corrected the post to reflect this. Thank you!

  11. rikos

    it feels so bat to think we spend so many years of our life’s believing obey and following all these b………..r i wish if i have the power to use strong voice above the earth to awake all those people how still following these corrupted organization including my children. thank you dug, the time you spending to inform the public is very much appreciated. thank you.

  12. I have no choice but to speak up, even at the risk of offending those I wish most to help.


  13. Me

    So Doug do u believe Jesus Christ is god or do u believe Jehovah is god ?

  14. Both! In fact, what I really believe is that Jesus of the New Testament IS Jehovah of the Old Testament. John 8:58.

  15. I well remember being repeatedly warned about “worldly people”. Since I left I have discovered that “worldly people” are less prone to gossip, and their friendship is unconditional.

  16. Right you are!


  17. Anonymous

    I studied with jw’s in the 1980’s. Looking back I was so vulnerable, my partner left me when I was pregnant, three weeks before we were due to get married, I was living in a very damp one bedroom flat. I had no money, my parents, who were greek orthodox, did not want to have an unmarried mother in the family, they called me every disgusting name you can imagine, then JW’s offered me hope. I gave birth to a beautiful son, he is now 26 years old. I too hoped for a new system, They Lied. Now I confront them all the time, I can see how they brainwash people. Now at the age of 50, I am free, I have a wonderful man in my life, we are getting married next year, and my son will be giving me away. People get out of this evil organisation, Alena

  18. Garrett

    Glad you got away Alena… I hope it all works out for you from here on.

  19. It is so sad that they target those who are most vulnerable. I will say this: They do offer hope to those without any. If that helped you to get to a better place in your life then that was a good thing. Now though, you’ve grown well beyond what the JW’s teach and believe. Now you know what true unconditional love really is. When we cross that threshold and begin to love the way that God loves us, that is when we see behind the façade of any controlling and judgmental religion. JW’s unfortunately don’t have the market cornered on that.

    Christ ate with known prostitutes and tax collectors. He didn’t judge them and yet when we become JW’s we learn to judge others as well as ourselves and we learn to do so very harshly based upon the most ridiculous of criteria.

    I’m so glad you made it out Alena and congratulations on finding true love. That’s what gets us through the rough spots.


  20. alena

    Thank you so much for your kind words and supportive insights.
    Incidentally I always felt that single mothers were easy targets for jw’s with their relentless judgementalisms, yet they hardly ever wrote hateful comments about the men who abandoned women and their children. I now know what a truly spiritual connection with God is, it is not hateful, to discard a person because of one act is so hurtful, a person is more than their worst act.

    thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to seek out others who have gone through false promises, but you are so right, I am in a much better place now, I have peace of mind and peace in my heart, Alena

  21. When one reads about the Pharisees and religious leaders of Christ’s day and then looks at the Jehovah’s Witness attitudes and behaviors in the modern day there is little difference if any.

    I’m so happy for you Alena! I pray that God continues to bless you and comfort you.


  22. Anonymous

    Doug Shirlds your described in the Scriptures as in apostate without you the scriptures could not be full field. If you just did not want to be a witness just walk away from the organization but you can’t because your Judas Iscariot you going to betray Jesus and his brothers and you’re going to make money doing it. To answer one of your questions if you knocked on more doors and created more law-abiding citizens like Jehovah’s Witnesses you would not have to go down to the park and clean up. Hope you come to your sense and give up on satan your doomed. I will not entertain you again but just hope you give up your fight against Jehovah you can’t win. Travel the world and see the little one has become a thousand.

    Sorry if you had a bad experience but Jehovah will right the wrong. Hope the best.

  23. You must be out of your mind. Without ME the scriptures could not be fulfilled? (not “full field”) Are you crazy? Not only would I never say that, nobody should say that but Christ Himself (and He did on numerous occasions!) However, your beloved Watchtower has claimed such status since it was started back in the late 1800’s.

    Judas Iscariot? Really? How have I betrayed Jesus? It is to Him that I owe everything and I have said as much on this blog on countless occasions. Not like you, who can’t make a single major decision without consulting your body of elders or Watchtower propaganda!

    Making money? Really? I have never asked for donations for anything on this blog. I pay, out of my own pocket, for the hosting of this site. I regularly contribute articles to this blog without asking for a penny.

    However I did ask repeatedly for donations while I was working for the Not So Faithful Or Discreet Slave.

    So you’re saying that Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t litter? Have you ever cleaned up after an assembly? I have on numerous occasions. They are worse than a stadium full of drunken Yankees fans after a loss!

    You won’t entertain me again? Oh but you’ve been more than entertaining. You’ve been supremely informative to all of my readers. You see your skewed outlook, lack of education, and brainwashed JW rhetoric have given all of us a stark look at what Jehovah’s Witnesses really think and how they react to sincere and factual criticism.

    I’m not fighting against Jehovah Anonymous. I’m fighting against a group of men who claim, falsely, to be His representatives on earth and choose to abuse their followers, spiritually, emotionally financially and even physically.

    On the contrary, the “thousand” is fast becoming a “little one” once more. That can be seen all around the world and is made obvious by the incredible shrinking Watchtower magazines and publications as well as the millions of dollars worth of real estate being auctioned off to the highest bidder in Brooklyn.

    I didn’t have a “bad” experience in the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I simply woke up from their mind control. I blame nobody for my experience and I’m stronger for having had it. I can see a “con man” a mile away now because I knocked on doors for one for twenty-three years.


  24. Garrett

    Step 1- Annonymous – get a name and stop hiding in the shadows you coward.

    Step 2- Learn English. You have all the linguistical skills of Tarzan.

    Step 3- Call your therapist. Tell him he needs to up the dose.

    Step 4 – Clean up the garbage. You are obviously from the 3rd world. (I’m guessing west Africa)
    Ive traveled the planet. It’s no crime to be poor…..but it doesn’t cost money to clean up after yourself. ….. Chop chop!


  25. I just ran the i.p. address for this Anonymous poster Garrett: The poster is in Paterson, New Jersey. That is only 31 miles from Brooklyn, NY.

    Probably a rabid Bethelite who gets off on “trolling” apostate websites. It’s a shame that they don’t teach English at Bethel. They apparently only teach people how to translate Greek and Hebrew into English. (Sarcasm intended)


  26. Garrett

    Been to New York many times . Used to always stop over on my way home to Germany.
    One thing I do know about New Yorkers… There are no New Yorkers there. If you don’t speak Urdu, Hindi,Hebrew, Spanish or Arabic you are totally lost. He washed up from foreign shores..
    Or the American educational system has completely crashed.

  27. Probably a coin toss. Unless our friend from Paterson comes clean and tells us I guess it will remain a mystery.


  28. Alena

    It was only when I left the “programme of study” (sarcasm), that I ceased being hateful of others, Anonymous; I thank you !!! You have reminded me of how judgemental and hateful of others I became. Every time I read, hear, observe a JW spout the vitriolic and acidic statements you accuse others of, I know, I KNOW, I was right to walk away. I have peace in my heart, you and other JW’s do not.

  29. Amber S

    I need help, My Husband has been ex JW for years now, but is still struggling with the loss of his family. Since leaving he has since been married to me, had a baby and now expecting another. His parents give him mixed signals as far as where we stand with them. They reach out to me all the time, sending loving messages to me and our kids but when he calls or reaches out it isn’t reciprocated. I dont know how to help him through this struggle and its really taking a toll on him, his depression is getting worse and he is becoming obsessed with researching how other Ex’s feel to justify his own feelings. Someone please tell me how to help him.

  30. Lisa

    Leaving at 50 years old. How can someone start a new life ? Go back to college to improve the chance of getting e descent career? Is there any organizations that heLp witnesses
    Materially if they want to leave and start a normal productive life?

  31. None that I’m aware of other than your standard charities.

    Your greatest obstacle is thinking that you’re helpless and that nobody cares. You have to learn to find the resources you need and then use them. It all starts with you.

    Here is a great place to start:

    All my best.


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