Jehovah’s Witnesses: I’ve Got Some “New Light” For You!

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First of all, let me just say that I don’t endorse homosexuality, nor am I against it. I tolerate it just as I tolerate plaid shirts, women wearing sweat pants in Walmart, sleeved tattoos, purple hair, and nose rings. It doesn’t affect me and therefore I choose to live and let live. I’m not for or against gay marriage. I believe that everyone has the right to be who they are without any interference from me. What people choose to do with other consenting adults without violating anyone’s human rights is absolutely NONE of my business.

That out of the way, let’s move forward.

I’m always looking down the road a bit to try to figure out what might happen with our friends at the Watchtower.

Because of current trends and events, I’m going to make a shocking statement.

Within the next ten years the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society will come out with “new light” about homosexuality and declare that it is a “conscience matter”.

The alternative is a total public relations nightmare. As gays and lesbians become more widely accepted by the mainstream, the Watchtower’s strict rules and attacks on homosexuality will isolate them even more than their archaic views regarding blood transfusions.

This will open them up to severe criticism, much like the State of Indiana recently, and create a media circus that their leaders simply won’t be able to handle.

Gays and lesbians are already a protected class in twenty-two states plus D.C. and Puerto Rico. If the Watchtower continues it’s bias against the people of this class by shunning or openly disfellowshipping, they very well could be sued for human rights violations in civil court and possibly brought up on criminal charges.

As we’ve already seen, there are a host of lawsuits, many that have already been settled, against the Watchtower for pedophilia, negligence and human rights abuses.

Other countries are even more openly accepting of the LGBT community which would indicate, at least to me, that the Watchtower is in for some major trouble in its attempt to operate in more liberal countries that recognize and aggressively protect the rights of gays and lesbians.

What lies down the road is utter financial ruin unless the “boys in Brooklyn” change their stance.

Many other previously closed minded and bigoted religions have opened their doors to the LGBT community. Even Pope Francis has made some headlines with his shocking statements about gays and lesbians and recently lunched with gay and transgender inmates indicating that he and the Catholic church are slowly but surely becoming more accepting of the LGBT community. I believe this is a direct result of the power of public opinion.

Things will eventually get to a point where the Watchtower’s policy of shunning and behavior modification will be completely unenforceable and their manipulation of their members will be subject to monetary damages in the millions of dollars as well as criminal prosecution at the highest level.

When the seven old men get hit with these new lawsuits and a few large payouts are ordered, it will result in a lot of “new light” flashing forth in a very short period of time.

I’ll bring the popcorn!

Doug Shields


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  1. zeb

    Thats roughly my feelings on the matter Doug. What was the story out of the US state of Indianna you mentioned?

  2. Indiana signed into law a “religious freedom” bill which allows businesses and individuals to refuse service to people based upon their own religious convictions.

    They are catching a lot of heat from civil rights and LGBT groups that view this as a free pass for discrimination. The city of Seattle has banned all official travel to the state as of this week in protest of the law.


  3. Anonymous

    …they went out from us because they were not of our sort, and lastly they are no part of the world

  4. Marti

    JW exaggerate like crazy with the dressing and grooming. I remember that I had my skirt at my knee and a visiting sister from Bethel came up to me and told me that my skirt was too short. And criticized that my daughter’s shirt was too big but I was confused because my kid had a tank top under her shirt. I think homosexual rights are going to be heard in every state and by every religion. It doesn’t matter if one accepts it or not – these are people who shouldn’t be judged, and have the right to live freely the way they want to live. Who know’s, their homosexuality can be caused from a biological defect. We aren’t suppose to play God and judge others.

  5. The Watchtower leaders are neck deep in “the world”. From being “closet” NGO members of the United Nations (until The Guardian newspaper blew the whistle: See the article here.) to protecting pedophiles in their own ranks (see the ABC News article here) to fighting against government taxation of religious contributions (see the actual writ of amicus curae filed between the Watchtower and Jimmy Swaggart in 1989), the Watchtower has repeatedly shown to all but the hopelessly obtuse that they have a vested interest in protecting their money, power, and position in the United States and other countries.

    They keep claiming that they are Christ’s brothers but can you imagine Christ filing a court briefing with the Roman government to prevent the taxation of contributions? Instead He said “Render Caesar’s things to Caesar, but God’s things to God.” and then He PAID THE TAX in full!

    After Jimmy Swaggart lost his court case the Watchtower completely changed their policy of asking for specific amounts of money for the literature. Instead we were instructed to ask for a general donation. This sidestepped the taxable nature of a religious contribution.

    Anybody remember the magazines in the mail in the plain brown wrapper? You don’t see that anymore do you? Ever wonder why? It’s because they couldn’t charge a subscription fee that covered the cost of postage plus profit after the Swaggart case failed.


  6. Amen Marti!

    Jesus said it. “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Pretty plain!


  7. Garrett

    Ok Doug.
    I’ll challenge you on that.
    “Within the next 10 years homosexuality will be a conscience matter.”
    Not an ice cubes chance in hell.
    Let’s mark this on the Calandar.
    I’m glad at least we can agree that we both HATE
    the WT society.


  8. zeb

    Hi You are 100% re jw and their dress and grooming.
    I was blasted from the platform for a ….. beard being the only one in the hall while THE elders daughter sat there in string straps and skimpy!
    My wife in a freezing winters night went to a kh in ankle length woolen skirt and was later told by one of the ‘dragon-class’ that such was …’worldly’ …what crap. The others were in sandals and knee length but wrapped themselves in football blankets.

  9. Dave Carlton

    My feelings same. Libertarian philosophy. Personal beliefs are reflecting what Bible says about homosexuality but it’s none of my business. Whole sleeve tats, piercings, etc are not my business but I who I choose to associate with is mine. I think the Feds ruled this state thing in 1993 under Clinton and everybody was for it in Congress. So, from a federal standpoint a clergyman can refuse to marry against church beliefs. I don’t see the SBC changing on this ever but that’s simply my opinion. Money talks. The LDS changed their rules to get Utah in as a state. Thank you for your post.

  10. My pleasure Dave!


  11. I figured I’d pull a non-believer out into the open! Oh ye of little faith. Never underestimate the lengths that the not so faithful or discreet slave will go to in order to preserve their precious market share!



  12. Garrett

    I’ve got the date written down. Can’t wait to collect on this bet! All the Blue Moon I can drink Doug ? Steaks at Murrys in Minneapolis? I know you are just over the border in ‘sconi. No whining about a “long drive”.
    It would be a fun meeting.

  13. It’s a bet and I’ll fly in to MN and take you to Murry’s!

    Done deal. Oh and Blue Moon is my favorite beer!


  14. Garrett

    Alright buddy.
    Win lose or draw I’d be willing to buy. It would be fun to meet you and do dinner and perhaps we would be dining on the ashes of the WT Society by then. Who knows. We can only hope.
    Till soon

  15. Marti

    Can’t wait to see what happens!!

  16. anonymous

    Ok Doug,thnks for letting the cat out of the bag.i know the WT has never been truthful to its faithfuls.i myself, i’m a JW in Conakry Guinea,but i have never trusted this org myself even though i attend meetings.
    i also believe that in ten years, or any time soon, after much pressure, the GB will change its mind in favour of homo and lesb. just that you forgot one other prognostic; blood transfusion.And what about the unfortunate ones who might have died for refusing blood.To exonorate themselves from guilt, the GB will surely manipulate once more with its consolatory article in the magazines: they will be resurrected because they wanted to obey Jehovah’s(another deception) according to the way bible in acts was understood ”abstain from blood”.now it’s going to be a matter of concience.
    thanks once more for your true revelation.i’m not alone here.
    i prefer to go anonymous

  17. My pleasure Anonymous!


  18. Alena

    My husband was on stage wearing a dress, high heels and make up, he’s an actor currently appearing in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, I have told him of my previous studies with Jehovahs Witnesses, he has suggested that a musical comedy remake of “Twelve Angry Men” be adapted for the London stage, the 12 being the members of the governing body, something along the lines of The Producers by Mel Brooks!!! What a howler that would be !!! Of course the Watchtower et al would say that my husband and myself are doomed to hell, blah, blah, blah.

    Anyway, I’m with you, Doug, I think that homosexuality will be of personal conscience one day. Do you think they will even accept cross dressing one day ? Or am I gonig too far? Sorry, but I cannot take the tight trousers thing seriously !!

  19. Yes I believe that they will one day accept cross dressing BUT ONLY IF IT IS MODEST AND HE MUST SHAVE HIS LEGS IF HE WEARS A DRESS!


    One has to ask the question: If a brother is gay and a cross dresser, when he wears pants does it classify as a pantsuit?


    Love the idea about a play! I think I shall write one! “Springtime for Fred Franz!”


  20. Alena
    Imagine the governing body wearing a tight little black dress, but they MUST HAVE HAIRY LEGS, and goose stepping to

  21. Alena

    The “Hidden from Jehovahs witnesses” videos were really informative and just shows how EVIL the watchtower society is. As was presented Jesus did not turn his back or disfellowship anyone.


  22. Emily

    Hi Doug, thank you very much for your blog. I am certainly not a JW nor have I ever been one, but I have been friends with some of them throughout the past few years. Throughout this time I have been preached to and have felt like I have tried to be ‘recruited’ into their faith for the purposes of becoming a wife to one of their sons. I am politically active person and am not afraid to proclaim myself a feminist, and have found their teachings and ontological framework to be quite bizarre and inexplicable and you’ve certainly filled in a lot of gaps for me and have helped me understand why I’ve never been able to have an ‘honest’ or fruitful discussion with them about religion, politics, current world events, women’s rights, or the purpose of life in general. They react with suspicion and mild contempt when I talk about how I enjoy reading books and philosophy to better understand the world. I genuinely feel sad for them being imprisoned within their perspective, but feel helpless, as I feel as though there isn’t anything I can do to help them.

  23. “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

    That quote has no better application than to those who are members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. They are exceedingly proud, closed minded, self assuming and feel that anyone who isn’t quoting party line dogma straight from the Watchtower is misled, worldly or worse, a member of the worldwide conspiracy of apostates who seek to deceive and destroy them. They live their cloistered lives sipping a cocktail of fear, self loathing, paranoia, and guilt. It is truly a sad and contemptible existence.

    When they recruit someone it is like a “badge” for them. It gives them renewed status in the congregation. When someone does well after being recruited many will even ask, “Who studied with him? He’s so spiritual!” The response? “I brought him in to the Truth!”

    You’re absolutely right Emily. You can do nothing for these people because they don’t want it. I get a lot of readers on this blog begging me for the secret to help those who are blinded by the Watchtower and my pat response is that you simply can’t help them. Until they begin to take an objective look at their own beliefs, attitudes and actions and start to question the teachings of the Watchtower they will continue down the road that they’ve chosen. You’ll only frustrate yourself if you try.


  24. zeb

    jw ‘spiritual’ is really being blindly obedient. Wearing the right clothes and footwear. answering at wt meetings according to the ‘party line’. Attending all meetings. Defending the wts when it is criticized in the media.

  25. Amazing how similar being a JW is to being a Communist or a Nazi. Almost exactly the same. They have a litany of rules and regulations that can’t be violated under pain of “death”. They have to walk the party line at all times and they have to turn in anyone they suspect of not being loyal to the party. There is also an “understood” unwritten law that the party faithful must follow to the letter or they will be “out” of the inner circle of “trust”. They have an air of superiority over any other ideology they encounter and feel an overwhelming need to either “kill or convert”.

    It’s pretty damning how similar they are to totalitarian regimes and ideologies.


  26. Kat

    The GB of the WT inc will change their views when necessary to keep in good with the laws so as to keep their charity status, eventually most of the old die in the wool JW will be gone and the new ones mainly born in wont care or notice any difference, as the years pass the JW today are organizational society people to the core they don’t know the difference between God and the GB/org. The best are leaving those that truly love Gods word and truth are going, what will be left is WT readers only.

  27. zeb

    The last time i entered the kh and that after a break of many months the attendance was down most considerably. All as you say Kat. i recall thinking “where is everybody?”

  28. Their attendance is down and I would suspect their contributions are as well.

    The late great Watchtower cash machine is slowly grinding to a well deserved halt.


  29. Garrett

    I would love to see you do a blog post on this very topic of “what is life like in a Kingdom hall now ”
    For those who left years ago and didn’t see the overlapping generations garbage, I’m sure it was a body blow to the witnesses.
    I would love to hear all the comments from those who still attend or recently quit to tell the rest of us of what they observe and feel these days in view of all the signs that the watchtower is falling… ie..
    Selling properties, closing branches, 1914 generation prophesy failing, sexual abusers suits etc etc.

  30. zeb

    On is the news under “friends” of the latest in the Conti vs Watchtower case.

  31. Garrett

    Thank you.
    Interesting site.

  32. I just had a really awesome thought!

    What if hundreds of apostates attended a JW assembly and FLASH MOBBED the ground floor during the assembly? They could have removable “Theocratic Approved” outerwear to reveal clothing that has slogans like FREE YOUR MIND and SEVEN OLD MEN…REALLY?

    Wouldn’t that be awesome? YouTube would absolutely BLOW UP! It would be great to see the reactions of horrified elders and elders’ wives!


  33. Garrett

    It would be extremely fun to see! As they tear off their temporary clothing underneath each person could have one point to be written on fronts and backs of shirts …just a few words so they could be
    seen from a long distance.

    “1914 generation teaching”
    ” Watchtowers United Nations membership..”

    you could inform a reporter of the coming event if he swore to secrecy before it happened..

    I think in the end they would just spin it from the platform as “those nutcase apostates”.

  34. Okay, here’s another idea for a sitcom about cult life. Good JW’s with the misfortune of living next door to a bunch of former JW’s.

    We’ll call it “Those Darned Apostates!”

  35. Alena

    ROLF !!!

    It would be a family of twelve, one birthday a month, the wife was in charge, who live at number “69”, who have a very lively and healthy sex life, and decorate the roof of their house in the brightest, most garish, most loud and colourful Christmas decorations !!!! Oh yes, and the teenagers listen to Marylin Manson and dress I goth style !!!

    They would of couse have kept absolutely every issue of everything published by those darn pesky Jovies.

  36. Alena

    the apostate parents teach the Jovies children at school !!

  37. You’re as twisted as I am Alena!

    Funny stuff.


  38. ex jw 4356

    Hi DOug,
    I also find it Highly unlikely that they will just come out and say that it’s ok to be GAY. Have new light on the mater or anything of the sort. BUT You know what they say about obeying Caesars laws. This new Indiana law that was passed with much heat will be overthrown and a new law will pass making this discrimination illegal. Then they could say that tolerance is the law and they must obey caesar’s laws. They of course could also choose to be Martyrs once again but they tend to run from serious heat and find a way to comply. They do not like anything happening close to home from what I have found. (too much heat in the kitchen makes fire) as an example THe persecution in Malawi (waaaay over in Africa) where “brothers and sisters” took a stand, some with their very life and stood firm for God over a simple political card (they were not even required to vote) But when the same thing happened Mexico (eeek a little close to home) It was OK for B&S’s to accept the card. Hypocrisy at its finest. I am fearing this is turning into a rant so I will stop now. I have seen the Hypocrisy over and over a constant bending of the “truth/new light/conscious matter/ spin” to maintain control.

    FYI everyone: I was was not, and still have not, been disfellowshipped by JW. I started questioning my beliefs and came under pressure by the Elder Body. I quit attending and they would stop by my house to “encourage me” to return. After they realized that they were not gaining any ground, they started hinting around about Apostasy and that being a disfellowshipping matter. (this couldn’t happen as I still to this day have family in. Mom and Dad and half of my 10 brothers and sisters) I had dirt on half of them and had knowledge of a Pedophile with in the ranks (served as a Ministerial Servant) I told them to not come back to my house again and if they disfellowshipped me I would sue the society and each of them personally. (Was very capable of this). The look of Horror! They quit coming to my house and they took no action what so ever. Not an announcement from the stage or anything. I just vaporized from them. I have not seen any of them in 18 years. It has been the happiest I have ever been in my life. The more I distanced myself from them the brighter the “New light” Became! The “New Light” Being the real holy spirit of Jesus coming down and showing me truth. This literal turned the guilt I had for leaving the organization into disdain and open my eyes wide to the power and control tactics I had been trained my whole life to accept. It turned their teachings into a block of Swiss Cheese so full of holes that nothing in it could be held within. The relationship I have with Jesus now, teaches me that He alone is my salvation and that trust in him guides me. The Millstone is off of my neck, the chains that bound me are gone, and I now have the free will to walk in Jesus as he guides me!

    See it turned into a rant, Sorry.

    For all those that are struggling and are thinking of making a decision. Do not grab the tree and try to rip it from the ground. Chip away at the roots. Study the past history one root at a time. Each core root that you have to cut will weaken the tree. When there are absolutely no roots left, It will just fall over.

    In Christ

  39. ex jw 4356

    THis last comment also goes for anyone you are trying to help gain freedom from the oppression. Their faith (although misguided) is incredibly strong! One little root at a time and before they know it BANG! They smell BS

  40. Anonymous

    Tony doesn’t know what he was talking about. It amused me to note that he said women wore spanx in public. I have not yet met or seen any woman wearing such thing in public anyway because spanx is actually a kind of girdle worn inside. He must be talking about spandex. No one wears spandex (from the 80″s) nowadays. He needed to update his vocabulary. By the way many women are going back to corsets (only they’re worn outside the top and skirt or dress.

  41. A 1975 Survivor

    The post was from me, A 1975 Survivor, regarding Tony and the tight clothes.

  42. Alena

    does anyone have any info on who is above the governing body? Does the money trail stop at the governing body?


  43. Uh…JEHOVAH? (He asked with a snicker.)

  44. LOL !!!
    I know what the gb says is above the gb, but does the money trail stop with them ? I mean, after all, when has the gb ever told the truth ?

    I promise you, I have not been drinking, just asking a far out question.


  45. Actually it is a very good question but because they have never released their financial records to anyone, we may never know who the real “man behind the curtain” is. It could even be an “inner inner circle” that nobody talks about at the upper echelons.


  46. zeb

    when you realize as i did some time back the money involved ( add lives and control)I think an agency like Americas FBI should surely be monitoring the wt. Have no fear the minute wt has have to produce the books in entirety then the gb will scream “persecution” from the roof tops,

  47. Alena


    Interesting. I was thinking about this one evening, wondering, as the gb is made up of those who have risen through the ranks, is each new gb member finally let into the secret by other gb members that the watchtower is all a big con and the new members just go along with it.?

    Surely, those who are doubting and suspect it’s all bs would have been rooted out beforehand, the watchtower could not risk an already doubtful, freethinking person to infiltrate the gb.

    When a new gb member is appointed, do they just fall in and start scheming with existing gb members what mind controlling stories and articles can be included in the next magazine editions, or are they being controlled by another ? Every magazine, Sunday discourse, circuit assembly and convention have exactly the same themes around the world. Is it really just 12 people who get together to organise and plan this ?

    There are publications that the elders know about, but low ranking witnesses have no idea of these publications, and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to conclude that at every escalating rank throughout the organisation, there will be secret publications known only to each rank. So, can you imagine what secret literature is available only to gb members and from whom does it come ?
    (Doug, ……… I don’t believe it’s Jehovah !!)

  48. That is probably true Alena. Elders have a “top secret” book that they each are issued upon becoming elders. I would imagine circuit and district overseers are also issued similar materials. It makes perfect sense that those in the gb are also equally equipped with contingency materials that instruct them how to operate.

    I also think that regardless of how many serve on the gb, only one or two ever have any real power. The rest just follow their lead. This was the case with Russell, Rutherford, Knorr, Franz, and I would assume Henschel and Adams.

    When you read Crisis of Conscience by Raymond Franz you’ll see this confirmed throughout the book. He served on the gb during the 70’s and early 80’s.


  49. Garrett

    im puzzled here. I fhought that all non-profit organizations, religions and Charities have to divulge all financial records and make them publically accessable. Am I missing something here ?

  50. Hi,

    Thanks, Doug,

    Very interesting, I particularly like the reference to churches/religious charities accountability being so opaque that they are very susceptible to financial misdemeanours. Hmmm food for thought.


  51. That loophole is such an easy way to defraud that I’m shocked the American people haven’t awakened from their self induced “coma” and demanded that Congress change the law. I guess tolerance and ignorance are not so far apart after all.

    I’ve often thought about how easy it would be to start my own little brain washing cult and make a few million dollars doing it. There’s just no shortage of people (read sheep) who desperately need to be told what to do, what to think and what to believe.

    Of course I’d have to sell my soul, lose my integrity, sear (I always wanted to use that word in a sentence!) my conscience and sever my relationship with God.

    I think I’ll pass on the whole starting my own cult thing. I’d rather die broke than live like a king knowing that I was deceiving millions of good people who just didn’t know any better than to give their freedom, money, and worship to yet another con man.


  52. Alena


    No, not worth it at all.

    This is why blogs and forums, like this one, are so important, please keep reaching out to people.


  53. A buddy of mine just posted this to his Facebook page. He has no affiliation whatsoever with the Jehovah’s Witnesses but his opinion confirms what I posted here just a few short weeks ago. It’s coming folks. The seven old men are going to have to change or lose C3 status and that is obvious to just about anyone following the political and cultural changes in the United States.

    His comment is shown below:

    “It’s one thing to legalize gay marriage democratically via the states and allow the full faith and credit clause to effectively legalize it all 50 states. It’s another to make it a constitutional right.

    I know a lot of my Facebooks friend are happy that the 9 unelected justices legalized gay marriage this week, but consider the long-term constitutional impact. The Supreme Court effectively eliminated religious liberty this week. The justices might not realize it, and the people don’t see it yet, but the 14 Amendment was just invoked to trump the 10th Amendment. Why wouldn’t it trump the 1st Amendment?

    Within ten years, I guarantee that churches, mosques, synagogues, etc. who do not perform gay marriages because of the religious teachings WILL lose their c3 statute and be classified as hate groups. That’s what’s coming…it’s inevitable. And as a lover of the Constitution and of the Bill of Rights, I can’t help but be disappointed by that.”

    I find it uncanny that he picked “ten years” as his time frame just the same as I did. He isn’t even aware of my blog.

    Time will tell.


  54. Zeb

    Trump your 1st amendment and hard on its heals will be the famous 2nd.

    I can see the US Supreme Courts ruling having repercussions here in Australia.
    We don’t have a bill of rights.

    “C3” ? if this means their tax free status I can see panic starting to bloom. It will be ‘the whole world is against us’, ‘persecution!’ and just may have something to do with their claim to be a charity when in the accepted sense they are not.

    “fasten your seat belts ..”

  55. Yes that is what C3 means and believe me, the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society takes that VERY seriously. They completely changed the way they conduct their door to door activity just to retain their C3 status in the 80’s. If you don’t think they’ll declare being gay or lesbian as a conscience matter in order to retain that status (and keep the entire world from seeing their financials) just watch and learn!

    I’m eager to see how this plays out.


  56. Alena

    Hi Doug,

    I would LOVE for this shameful society to do a 360○ turnabout if only for me to sit back and enjoy the fireworks that this ruling would create for the WTBTS. I will keep a close eye on this one.

    It was nearly 30○ in London today, I actually felt really sorry for the witnesses standing out for hours in the intense heat, I really hope that in the not too distant future this will be the biggest and most controversial issue that will pull this cult wide open, where existing members will finally wake up and realise how the society preys on vulnerable people with their lies and deception.

    Let’s see how this develops


    Ps, didn’t Garrett enter into a bet with you on this one !!!?

  57. Garrett

    Yes Alena,
    I’m in a bar right now after a day on the construction site contemplating my future victory over Doug . A steak dinner here in Minneapolis and all the Blue Moon I can drink.
    Can’t wait to collect !

  58. Yes and so far I think I’m winning.

  59. Keep dreaming big boy! The Supreme Court just confirmed my speculations last week!

    It is amazing what happens when money gets in the way of principles…and of course I do love a cold crisp Blue Moon!


  60. anonymous

    Mr Doug Shields
    Claiming u now see things clearly as an ex-Jehovah’s witnesses doesn’t give you the right to judge them or poison peoples mind about them. this your blog is not saying anything new that others haven’t said about the witnesses. keep your opinions to yourself, keep yourself busy with more important things. don’t be a busy-body in the activities of the witnesses. If the Jehovah’s witness organization didn’t satisfy your religious quest, pray to God to open your mind and heart, and show you the right path. have a nice day!

  61. former victim

    Dear Anonymous,
    go to google and enter; Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse.
    There are some hours of elders fumbling and bumbling their way through the questions put to them. See how the wt has handled vile sexual abuse on victims.
    You might also look at ‘’ which is a forum site and go to ‘Child abuse” heading.
    and have a nice day? No like me you will have nightmares!

  62. Strong words for someone unwilling to sign their name to them.

    I don’t judge JW’s. I was one for many years. I do judge their beliefs and teachings in the light of scripture. I also judge the actions of the Watchtower leadership as well as their lack of action when it comes to victims of child and spousal abuse. What I post is 100% verifiable using the public domain and is also confirmed by the many thousands (over 18,000 to date) of subscribers that have joined this blog.

    While I may write about similar subjects to other websites and domains that doesn’t mean that my points are exactly the same. Your attempt to vilify my writing on the same subjects would be like criticizing two different journalists for covering the same story. It’s absolutely ludicrous that you would condemn what I write based on this alone. What is infinitely more likely is that you strongly disagree with my points of view and rather than posing any valid arguments you may have against what I’ve written you seek to condemn, belittle and vilify the messenger.

    It isn’t your fault. The Watchtower has done this successfully for over a hundred years. Instead of opening a dialogue to discuss their beliefs in light of scripture they instead perform character assassinations against anyone who disagrees with them. Their followers, being the dutiful students of misinformation, follow suit as you have done in your post.

    I’m not surprised that you dislike open discussion. This isn’t allowed in the Kingdom Halls either. As a matter of fact, unless the subject discussed falls under strict “party line” dogma i.e. the words are lifted from the pages of the Watchtower, it is strongly discouraged and could be construed as apostasy and handled accordingly.

    Religious quest? I was forced into the JW’s at the ripe old age of three. If you had bothered to read the blog before you criticized it you would know that.

    I’ve already found the right path. If you had bothered to read the blog before you…ah but I repeat myself.

    Say hello for me to all of the friends in Nigeria. This blog has made a HUGE difference for Jehovah’s Witnesses in that country.


  63. Alena

    Type in “jehovahs witness charity uk commision 2015”. This will give you some insight as to why there are millions of ex jehovah’s witnesses in the world. The WTBTS has tried to block all investigations into their uk charity status, they have been unsuccessful each time and they have lost their final appeal. Now the charity commission can go ahead with their investigation into the WTBTS charity status, ask yourself, why would god’s true organisation be so scared of being investigated, are they lacking faith ?

  64. Anonymous

    tonight national tv Channel 5 (UK) broadcast a documentary about escaping scientology and jehovahs witnesses. There were some exceptionally brave ex members who spoke of their experiences of both groups, including informing viewers of an elder who was recently imprisoned for historic child sex abuse which was also reported in the national papers. As the documentary was only for an hour, it did not go into depth about changes to doctrine, but there was enough to inform people about strange belief systems and not reporting abuse to the police. I really hope more investigative ocumentaries will continue to be produced and aired.

  65. Garrett

    Thanks Alena.
    My buddy in the UK just watch it.
    I wish we were getting some help here in the U.S.
    Media hereabout the JW child abuse hearings is pretty much nil. Guess they had their fill of Catholics.

  66. mike

    Its a Real Estate scam at best.Closer to a dangerous cult with greedy Pedo leaders.

  67. Dennis

    Hi! First time in the blog and loving it so far 🙂
    As an ex JW (born a JW, baptised at 12,ft pioneering by 14, tones of missionary work and heavily involve w the organisation, two brothers in Bethel,all elders n pioneers family, I was a MS by 18 and almost one of the youngest elders ever at the age of 20yo) and as a Gay man I would love to believe that “change” could happen and it’ll be the right move for them,It would definitely make the life’s easier for a bunch of us, but since we live in “the later days” and Armageddon is just “around the corner” I doubt it for a second that they would do it. My “life-style choice” is an “abomination” to Jah’s eyes.
    The whole doctrine is based in the patriarchal dictatorship “do-as-I-say without question” system. They need “sheeps” that won’t question anything and will keep on following.
    Letting the gays in will cause them too many problems. Free thinking will drestroy their whole scheme. No way will they allow that… Lol
    #peace #justbeyourself #godlovesusall

  68. Thanks Dennis. I hope you’re wrong about it but we’ll just have to see how it plays out.

    And you’re right: God loves you just the way you are!

    Merry Christmas!


  69. Anonymous

    Ex-JW here. I now believe in Jesus. And from what I understand from the Bible, homosexuality is a sin. Not a sin greater than any other sin, but still a sin.
    As far as JWs accepting it or saying it’s a matter of conscience, I don’t know. Doubt it.
    But maybe. Who knows?

  70. If history is any indicator, once their money stream is adversely affected, they will have to change their rules.


  71. Bev

    Part of the reason I left, was my daughter (not gay) was a big supporter of ALL human rights. When I sat back to think, here I have a choice…I have to tell her “we” don’t believe in that as a religion, or say good for you for seeing that everyone matters, it is not our place to say who is deserving of love and how they choose to love. I made the decision to leave the Org, but at that moment I decided I am taking my kids too., and by that I mean no longer would I teach them anything, no more rules that promote such a hateful, judgemental society, and she was not going to be the next generation to do so.

    With regards to them changing…I highly doubt it. Soften the opinion maybe, but not change the rules.

  72. I think they will change their rules. It will probably take a few years but I’m sure they will, especially since any organization that promotes intolerance toward a protected class will have a really tough time keeping their tax free status.


  73. Anonymous

    Hi Doug, hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

    Now for the shocker, hold onto your hats, could the society be getting ready for a huge change in doctrine, change in practice ….. you will see what I mean …….

    I was browsing on to look at upcoming Watchtower magazines, the March 2017 edition is available on their site for all to read. Something caught me eye on the contents page, a discussion on “making decisions wisely”. I decided to read this article.

    Well blow me down !!!!!!!! (no, this is not a rude exclamation!!!!!!!)
    on page 10, paragraph 5, the article says “Jehovah did not create humans to be like robots that cannot think or make choices”. What !!!! The watchtower is now saying that jovies can think for themselves??*!!

    Page 11, paragraph 10 and first para on page 12 are very interesting reading, even saying that congregation members are able to make their own decisions. The article does encourage readers to take great care in making decisions that jehovah would like, however, I think this is the first time, to my knowledge, that the organisation has even suggested that witnesses contemplate making their own decisions, even suggesting that congregation leaders might not be making the best
    decisions for congregations, that even though elders may give council it is up to individual witnesses to come to their own conclusions.

    It could be a reverse psychology tactic, jovies no longer saying ‘Oh no, I am not brainwashed, I have made my own decision to believe what the watchtower says’, but for the first time, jovies now have been given counsel to independent thinking, could they be paving the way for a huge change in doctrine or a “sin” which will become a matter of conscience ???????

    I think this may be a slow burner, gradual change is coming, is priming witnesses for something.

    If any others read the article in the March 2017 article, I would be interested to read what you think


  74. Hi Alena!

    Yes I did thank you very much. I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season and that everyone is healthy and happy.

    In answer to your amazing post and your question about changes in the organization:

    I think change in their policies is the only way that they’ll be able to hold onto what’s left of their membership, limited power, and money, long term. They’ll never be considered a mainstream religion, nor will they be allowed to exist or grow in certain countries if they continue to violate the human rights of their adherents and this would include their very strict stance on members of the LGBT community.

    What I had envisioned when I wrote this article was the Watchtower’s complete reversal, over time, of their rules / consequences based ideology for a much more “touchy feely” no rules approach. This not only has more of a mainstream feel to it, but more importantly to them, it doesn’t carry the high likelihood of criminal, civil, and class action lawsuits in it’s wake.

    I think that the Watchtower is in for a major overhaul as their “seven old men” begin to die off and a Governing Body made up of Baby Boomers and Millennials begins to take over. Given their legal problems both in the U.S. as well as countries like Australia, it probably can’t happen soon enough for them.

    My question to all of my readers is this: If this was the “truth” all along, did Jehovah somehow change His views or were the leaders of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society simply making it all up as they went along?

    That’s a rhetorical question.

    Thanks for sharing Alena!


  75. Anonymous

    further on from this, their Feb2017 watchtower magaine, in their article “who is leading God’s organisation today”…………
    They now say that the governing body is not inspired by God!!!
    For as long as I can remember they have criticised and condemned all other Christians and denominations because they were not Jehovah’s spirit directed religion!!!!
    They always said that in the grand strata of things were:
    Governing body
    and then the witnesses.
    Did anyone think this would happen ???
    How much hurt, lies and contempt has this corrupt cult caused is beyond belief,

  76. Taylor

    This is a bunch of BS… first there have been Absolutely no legal settlements by the organization… it has paid out “0” in child cases, I repeat “0”….because they have strict rules in place against it… and the law says you can’t hold an organization responsible for individuals actions as long as you have legal policies in place.. Please do research and see you can find NO legal cases… just rumors!! It’s so stupid, EVERY religion has individuals who fail to live according to the doctrines, and EVERY religion has had pedifiles…
    Also to think JW will make Homosexual a conscience matter is absurd… they have and will alway stand by the Bible’s view!
    Anyone who reads this guys crap and believes it… really is naive!

  77. I guess the reporting teams at NBC news might have to disagree with you as would all of us. The Watchtower has paid out repeatedly over time in settled suits.

    Who’s being naive now?

    FYI: The issue isn’t that pedophiles exist, that has always been the case in any organization of people, but the way the Watchtower leadership has mishandled, covered up, and enabled pedophiles and child abusers in their own congregations. Failure to report these crimes to the authorities and instead attempting to address them “in house” so as to avoid the public spotlight on their religion…that’s why they are being sued and that’s why they are having to pay out to the victims of their willful negligence.

    With regard to my speculation about gays being accepted in the JW’s, time will tell.


  78. Miranda

    October, 2018 Update: Just within the past 2 or 3 weeks, the Society has lost a civil suit in Montana for protecting and enabling a child molester. One of his victims, his stepdaughter, was awarded $35 million. This was not the first, nor will it be the last, as there are several cases pending worldwide, including a $66 million case in Canada. With that having been said, it is plain to see in the Shepherding Book that the elders are told not to discourage abuse accusers from notifying the authorities; however, they are not informed that it is their legal duty (also their moral duty) to inform the authorities of such an accusation, regardless of their opinion of whether it has merit. If they were to do so, these cases would be so much easier for them. They could await the findings of the objective, secular investigation (which, essentially, is the “second witness” required to corroberate an accusation) and then proceed accordingly. They should also be informing the Congregation of the accusation, stressing that the matter is being investigated and there are no charges as yet against the accused. The protection of innocent children in the Congregation takes precedence over the rights of any suspected pedo, and if the accused is innocent and a true Christian, he or she will understand that and will undergo any scrutiny or adverse effects in order for the parents and children to feel safe. Hopefully, Taylor has “woke up” since his/her comment of last year…

  79. Miranda

    As far as the Society accepting homosexuality in order to avoid further lawsuits, I think that is entirely within the realm of possibility. I am presently undergoing a “slow fade” from the organization and still attend meetings from time to time. Last time I went, I was approached by one of the elders regarding updating my health proxy information. I asked his brother, who is also an elder, if he’d mind being my proxy, and he replied that he’d be glad to do so. I then went home and filled out all the information, indicating that under no circumstances did I wish to receive blood or blood products. I handed it to the brother at the next meeting. Well, when I went to the meeting after that one, the brother’s wife approached me and said, “[Elder’s name] would like you to reconsider your strict stance on blood. You should be open to accepting fractions…[etc., etc., etc.]. Think of it like buying meat. We don’t know whether it’s been completely drained of blood, and we probably ingest blood from store-bought meat all the time without realizing it. As long as we don’t ask whether it’s been thoroughly bled, we’re not responsible for ingesting any blood left within it. Plus, it would make [elder’s name] seem more reasonable to the medical community as your proxy if you’re willing to accept some blood products.” As a fifth generation Witness, I was flabbergasted! For one thing, the meat analogy is not useful in the medical arena, as you are willingly accepting a blood product under emergency circumstances; whereas, when purchasing meat, you are assuming that there is no blood. Furthermore, if I am unconscious and need my proxy to do my talking, then (a) it’s not about the elder, it’s about me; and (b) I really do not care whether the medical people involved in my care think I am reasonable or not in my CHOICE of care; and (c) I was baptized at age 19 with the knowledge and acceptance that Jehovah would expect me to never knowingly put blood or blood products into my body. I am good with that. Apparently, though, this is the new stance of the organization: that they are willing to compromise Bible standards in order to appear more “reasonable” (and to avoid potential lawsuits) by accepting some blood. If they are willing to compromise on this issue, then I see no reason that they would stop there. In fact, I foresee them back-pedaling on Christmas, birthdays, voting and a host of other issues in order to, not only avoid litigation, but also to attract and retain more “fleeceable sheep” to the Congregations. They stopped representing Jehovah long ago…

  80. Very insightful comments Miranda. I especially appreciate your likening of a police investigation to “the second witness”. I thought that was truly spot on and something I had never really considered before.

    Thank you for your thoughts!


  81. Will

    In your commentary you failed to mention that scripturally where the scriptures discuss same-sex relations as an Abomination you don’t mention that so whether the Watchtower comes out with anything other than what the Bible says would be going against God’s word.

    My feeling towards homosexuality is just like alcoholism for alcoholics you just can’t drink any alcohol so if you’re inclined to be attracted to the same sex whether man or woman just not having sex with the other person is just like abstaining from alcohol.

    The world is getting ever more degraded into the opposite of what Jehovah God and Jesus Christ have said.

    Just like the Samaritan woman at the well who admitted to Jesus that she was living with a man whom she was not married to and he said sin no more and so she would have to now become either married or stop being with a person that she’s not married to.

    At what point are people going to say the Bible is true or the world’sview of sexual matters whatever is popular is true.

    There are hundreds maybe even thousands and thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses who formerly were in same-sex relationships or had sexual relations with same-sex person or opposite sex without marriage and when they became one of Jehovah’s Witnesses they stop doing that and did it the right way or according to the scriptures.

  82. Anonymous

    SO as a JW you highlight that JW.ORG uses their bible to be upstanding “Christian, clean living Jovies just because you all think you are somehow morally superior to other “worldly” others? So your twisted organisation condemns consenting same sex adult relationships but hides PAEDOPHILES?????? So how much has your God’s “chosen”, clean living, holy and righteous organisation had to pay out in compensation after being found GUILTY of child sex abuse across continents?

  83. A sin is a sin is a sin.

    There’s no such think as a “little sin” just as there’s no such thing as a “little cancer”. It’s fatal if left untreated, whether it’s big or small. “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” So who are YOU to judge someone else’s sin as being worse than yours? That’s exactly what the Pharisees did and they were judged by Christ as hypocrites. Why were they judged so harshly? I believe it was because they busied themselves with judging others while putting themselves up on a pedestal.

    I’m not saying that alternative lifestyles are good or bad or right or wrong from a biblical perspective. It isn’t my place to judge. I do know that some humans are born with both sets of genitalia and that homosexual behavior is present not just in humans but in the animal kingdom.

    Judging other humans is reserved for God, not for me or you. My job, as a Christian, is to read my Bible and do what it tells me to do. Depending on who is reading it, you’ll get a thousand different interpretations as can be seen from the plethora of flavors in Christianity. Could they all be attempts at seeing God for who He is? Could they all be right to some extent? Maybe. Again, it’s not for me to judge.

    What I am saying is that eventually, the ability of religious hate groups to infringe upon the rights of members of the LGBT community is going to be taken away (or at least begin to cost them dearly). I believe that our government will, at some point, suspend the Watchtower’s tax exempt status (one of the few pieces of leverage the government has against religious hate groups). Then you’re going to see the Watchtower produce some truly miraculous “new light” regarding the LGBT community.

    They’re considered a dangerous cult in France, and are banned in Russia as a result of their views.

    Australia is giving them a lot of problems because of a history of pedophilia in their ranks and their leadership’s unwillingness to notify the proper authorities when it is found out.

    These aren’t “jerkwater” countries with no significance. These are major league players in the world economy. That should, at the very least, give the “seven old men” a reason to pause and reflect on their horrible record of human rights abuses.

    Their days of ignoring, denying, and accusing their accusers are coming to a swift and well deserved end.


  84. Their hypocrisy knows no limits or shame.


  85. Anonymous

    The Jehovah’s Witnesses will never accept homosexuality or have it forced upon them. That is why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. It was because of their gross sexual conduct. Persecution because of this stand is proof that we are living in the last days of this wicked system.

  86. I have found that when the Watchtower leaders perceive a threat to their money, they suddenly see “New Light” that tells them to do somethings differently.


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