Jehovah’s Witnesses: Getting A Taste of Their Own Medicine?

Apr 22, 2017 by

Those of us who have left the Jehovah’s Witnesses for matters of conscience have one key complaint:

Their despicable and harmful practice of shunning and damaging the reputation of any dissenting Jehovah’s Witness.

Anyone who disagrees with the Watchtower on any point is considered, and labeled, an “apostate” by their leadership and they are summarily and publicly disfellowshipped from the organization.

This goes far beyond merely revoking their membership. The Watchtower requires and demands that families and friends affiliated with the organization completely cut that person off from their lives.

This has resulted in broken families, separation from parents, separation from children, divorce, suicide, and untold psychological damage to all involved.

This Machiavellian practice of labeling and cutting off all contact with dissenting members, and requiring the same from their family and friends in the organization, is a clear violation of the right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion as guaranteed to all citizens by the United States Constitution.

So when Russia’s Supreme Court, earlier this week, banned the activity of Jehovah’s Witnesses from their country and labeled them an “extremist group”, well, I had to smile just a little.

Do I believe that Russia is justified in their characterization of Jehovah’s Witnesses as an “extremist group”?

No I don’t.

Do I find it wonderfully ironic that Russia is giving the Jehovah’s Witnesses and their parent organization, the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society, a full dose of the treatment they’ve been dishing out for years to those who openly disagree with them on any point?


I welcome your comments and observations as this unfolds.

I’m still smiling.

Doug Shields




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  1. Aline

    Jw are a cult. I was blinded for over thirty years and I am thankful that I have been enlightened in escaping there erroneous teachings

  2. My grandma was one.

  3. Grace Beals

    I read the Russian branding of the J.W. as extreme, understood as I to have struggled with their extremes, I also do not agree with it . I appreciate your angle & I am strengthened by it,
    When religious freedom & serious questions are labeled apostate & shunning occur it is hurtful & fear keeps one from daring to research beyond their literature, I did & experience the above. Research & history of JW organization leaves me now alone for I do not partake in, after many years, the meetings. Bible study is huge in my life but I have no sharing any longer in meetings, seems sad.

  4. I can see the humor in this. It is certainly ironic. However, don’t forget JW’s feed their membership on martyrization. This persecution action by the Russian government validates their mindset and is used as proof that they are the only true religion.

  5. You are quite right PF!

    Such is the case with the JW’s. Any adverse action against them is considered a fulfillment of prophecy.


  6. Edward Acuna

    Absolutely, Oh and how they “milk it” for all it’s worth! My Wife (a JW), “who is hated by the world?” Blah.. blah blah..

  7. Darryl Brandon

    I too like the fact they are getting a dose of their own medicine. But what I like more the JW organization is finally getting some much overdue attention. When the world talks about cult religions they only talk about Mormons, now its time to pull back the dark curtains and add the JW organization to that conversation.

  8. I agree Darryl!


  9. Mike

    It’s good to see your comment pop up in my email, Doug. I miss your comments. Russia – of course, just another reason for the JWs to feel victimized by the world. This is something they will use to validate themselves as the only religion of the true God; they are persecuted just as Christ was persecuted. Because of this, I am not smiling. I hate it when this organization feels validated by what’s going on in this world. I’m glad you’re smiling, however! 🙂

  10. Lawrence H Narayan

    Thank you Brother Doug, I pray thousands of people including many members of JW’s will come to the true knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and many lives will find freedom and blessings with the effort you are making to reveal the truth about the Bible and its proper doctrine of salvation and the Christian practice.
    May God richly bless you as you in this difficult and sensitive work for the Lord..

  11. zeb

    I raised the Russian situation with my wife who is ‘in’. I suggested the gb repatriate the jw out of Russia as there is aprox 175,000 and the wt has stacks of money. Her reply was telling; “No they cant do that”. This tells me repatriation has been suggested to the high levels and it has been denied. The wt wants martyrs!

  12. TK

    I love this but it makes me sick to think that they’ll use this as “persecution” furthering their belief that they are the one true religion.

    My husband and I dedicatedly watching Leah Remini’s A&E segment on Scientology. So many similarities and I prayed and am still praying that someone will dig into the JW and Watchtower Organization like Leah Remini did. My stepsons and their mother are entrapped in their lies and I pray continually that the real TRUTH will be revealed and they will break free from the lies!

  13. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing this Doug. Yes, the Russian government ‘disfellowshipped’ the watchtower society. Now they now how that feels.

  14. Carole

    Thanks Doug for your updates on matters of Jehovah’s Witnesses! I for ten wasted years was one of them! This news about Russia banning them just puffs them up with pride as they are being persecuted for what they believe is the truth!! They feed their followers this poison in large repetitive doses every meeting so that they are brainwashed into believing every word !!

  15. Anonymous

    They may not be demonstrating extremism in that they aren’t blowing themselves up or mowing people down in cars and wagons BUT Witnesses do die from refusing blood and it’s not only adults but children too, shunning anyone who no longer wants to be your religion including the children of that person? Extreme. Thinking back to when I was a witness and believed it all and trying to put myself in their shoes (their being the regular members of the Cong not leadership) I would be devestated and so I do feel pity for them as at the end of the day they are victims of a cult and it’s their whole life and they are now facing punishment if they continue in worship. It’s sad that they as brainwashed individuals will be the ones to bear the brunt because if anything all this ban is going to do is perpetuate their ‘persecution mindset’. They didn’t get the result they wanted but still believe that Jehovah has everything in hand etc I’m glad it will no doubt cause some serious problems for the leadership but I do feel sorry for the regular members as much as I hate the religion as an ex-witness I don’t know how the rank and file in Russia are going to cope with the repercussions of continuing to practice their religion which they will most likely do- I suppose it’s a case of watch this space…

  16. One has to wonder if they will come up with a “Russian Defense Fund” box like they did with the Kingdom Hall Building Fund boxes in the 80’s.


  17. Garrett

    Great to hear you are still around and publishing . Thank you for your website. Minneapolis isn’t really that far from ‘Sconie…. you’ll have to visit one day…. beers in me…..
    The ban on the witnesses? Where is Stalin when you need him?


  18. Once a “publisher” always a “publisher”. LOL!


  19. LOLA

    Not happy with the “Russian Defense Fund”, box as so many of them are struggling financially already. The WT Society have heaps of money with all the real estate they own and from the people that live in the bethel headquarters and get given a pittance to live off. Once again though, if they ask for it people give like good little sheep. You can’t make a (blind) man see, if he isn’t willing to open his eyes and try.

  20. Jamie

    The scripture that came to my mind was Galatians 6:7-“Do not be misled: God is not one to be mocked. For whatever a person is sowing, this he will also reap.” (NWT) For some months I kept hearing the comments about the brothers and sisters in Russia. The WT, Inc. has used and abused the law to take advantage of constitutional rights in order to flood our neighborhoods with their magazines full of extremist propaganda. Yes, you read extremist. The true religion, God’s only channel of communication, the saved from the tribulation, the heavenly priests or the 144,000 and the list goes on. Extreme doctrines, it is. Now, did I forget to mention these doctrines are accepted in the USA? Of course, we have rights! What about in Russia? “Well, ahh, we are not part of the world.” But, you are living in this planet, and you observe and obey each country’s laws. “Pay back Caesar’s things to Caesar.” Did the JW’s bypass this (Mark 12:17) scripture? You have to follow their rules. The JW’s are the persecuted ones, like Jesus and his apostles. What sacrilege. Russia does not want you or need you in their country. Pack your magazines, books and electronic devices in your Kingdom Uhauls and move out. Stop the crying, you reap what you sow. So they lost properties? How much they got selling Brooklyn Heights? The Russia situation should be the beginning of all nations to get them out of the streets and neighborhoods. Peace and security: The time when you can sleep until late on Saturday mornings without the dreaded knock on the door. Do not be misled by this cult.

  21. Michael..

    Thanks Doug for the info, The J.W,s got to my granny in the 1930,s and then it spread through the generations of my family, I never became one but I grew up scared if I didn’t ..I studied the J.W,s in library’s in the 80s before people
    had easy access to computers. I found out the real truth about them, it eased my mind, but I lost a lot of family members through the years, arguing with them, what really bothers me the most is I think a lot of them know that the organization is wrong, but they stay with them anyway………..Michael

  22. That’s the other side of knowing, on a deeply personal level, that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are a fraudulent and deceptive group. First comes relief that the inward feeling that they were wrong all along was correct. Then comes deep sadness, disappointment and anger knowing that you can’t help your family members to see what you see.

    I think you’re right. Many JW’s know it isn’t really “the truth” but they slog on anyway because they have so much time invested. They are also usually stuck in relationships that would “blow up” if they ever left the organization.

    That’s exactly how I came to the same conclusions. I studied the Greek, read various versions of the Bible, tried with all my might to prove the Witnesses right when it came to their translation of the New Testament, and then, after many years, realized that the entire thing was a sham, a scam and a total perversion of what Christ taught His disciples.

    I’m glad you made it out Michael. I’m wishing you peace and joy in your new life after the Jehovah’s Witnesses.


  23. Agreed Lola.


  24. Doug, I’m smiling simply because you’re back. You’ve been greatly missed. I love your thought process and have missed your WISDOM. Please don’t stay away so long, again. I believe God appreciates your words. I know that I do. I can’t even think of a single time that I disagreed with anything that you said. You help people think, which is the diametrical opposite of what’s encouraged by the JW’s.
    Karyne. Jacobs

  25. Thank you for your kind words Karyne!

    It has been too long and I’ve missed writing here!


  26. Thank you for your kind words Karyne!

    It has been too long and I’ve missed writing here!


  27. Matilda

    I just discovered your, whatever this is. Are Russians justified in convicting WT as extreme ? You just explained that they are extreme in their behaviour and then you don’t agree with the Russian verdict ?? The courts were right to ban them as extreme because they are extreme. You explain that yourself. So done deal. Why say it’s not justified ? Remember, they say the beast will come down on religion. Well, it’s happened to them. They use to say that they would be the last ones standing. hahaha How about the first ones to go ? However, I now don’t know whether they are a religion or a business since they will not respect the Bible as authority above themselves. Keep smiling. I smiled a lot when Russia finally did the slam dunk. The eastern block, they don’t beat around the bush as much. For the WT, it was very very very well deserved. With a cherry on top.

  28. My understanding of the word “extreme” may be a little different from yours.

    I look at “extreme” or “extremists” as a threat to the government and / or the safety of the citizenry.

    In that I don’t find JW’s or their parent corporation to fit the term “extreme” one iota.

    Was the ban deserved? Oh yes. Was the label “extreme” accurate? Not in my view.

    Thanks for weighing in Matilda. We’re on the same page. I think we’re just interpreting the word differently.



  29. Jamie

    From the times of judge Rutherford, the word hate has come out in many ways, in publications and public talks, including “loathsome”. If you look for all the synonyms, a horrible list will appear. Love and hate are two opposite sensations, feelings and meanings. There are extreme in nature. Which one of the two words would a Christian use in a conversation? Search Watchtower and insert the word hate in it. Is this a Christian organization? Are these the chosen or the way they claim: “God’s children”? Extremist? I am not the one to judge, let God take care of them.

  30. Doug the jw is a blasphemous god-forsaken cult.They go directly to the Father and they just bypass the Son.They claim they love the Father so much they worship and praise him and they reject Jesus the Son.Because of this many Christians tend to despise the Father because of them-the way they worship him alone and reject the Son.I’ve seen that in my experiences and it is all because of this disgusting cult.You cannot love God and reject His Son.This cult makes non-jws despise the Father and they make their own members hate the Son.This cult this organisation has to be brought down.

  31. MizFantasy1

    Just a thought from newly fading jw. They are not being shunned. All the “world” has come to their defense, those they preach will be destroyed . All the R&F prayers for them. GB visits to their country. It’s the opposite of shunned.. mislabeled perhaps. Although their teachings and stands, shunning and blood,are two extremes that cost many lives.

  32. Ruthlee

    Hi Doug just found your blog again just wanted to say hello to all. Things moving on in jw lalaland all crazy by the looks of youtube and the like. Any way hope you remember me from a while ago. You really helped in my exiting from the jworg. Now free and happy

  33. Thanks Ruthlee!

    I’m glad you got free of this and moved on with your life!


  34. Mark

    Doug, thank you so much for you story. I have two JW’s coming to my door about every other Saturday who just as you said, leave you with some information and some homework (reading the material to discuss later), most likely so they have a reason to come back. They continue to build me up telling me I am different in a good way and that they are just delivering Jehovah’s wishes. It’s to the point if I’m not home or don’t answer the door, they come back several hours later. It’s getting annoying and although I enjoy talking to them when I have time, they still continue to talk even when it appears I’m busy. I do cut them off but they are back the next Saturday. I don’t want to be ignorant to anybody but I am going to need to find a way to tell them I’m not interested. It’s to the point I park my truck in the garage and keep the tv volume down so they don’t think I’m home. Thanks again for enlightening me on their tactics.

  35. Mark,

    At the risk of appearing rude, the only way to handle these people is to “rip off the band-aid”.

    They won’t take a hint.


  36. Jamie

    Mark: JW’s are trained in their service meetings just to what they do to you. A short “drama” is made, usually by two sisters, and they the one sister knocking in the door and “you”, the household person receiving the information. The trick is to make you feel interested in the news they are bringing, by reading a little piece of scripture. Finally they hand you a magazine. “Tag, you’re it!” From that moment you are considered a second visit. Your name and address goes to a little book they carry. The performance will be announced on their meeting. Basically, I got one! They are very polite. Respond using that same tool. In a very polite way just say:”No thank you, I am not interested.”

  37. Accurate and excellent advice Jamie.

    Thank you.


  38. Suz Lattle

    Hatred abounds here, there, and everywhere, but how does that help? Isn’t there too much of that to go around in this scary world? What would Jehovah and Jesus say?

  39. Probably what they’ve been saying…about how the Watchtower mistreats their flock.

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