Jehovah’s Witnesses: 1914-2014 RIP

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Well folks we’re very close to turning another “tick” on the yearly calendar.

We’re almost to the end of 100 years of expectation of the coming of Armageddon and the ushering in of a “New System of Things” as prophesied repeatedly by the Watchtower leadership.

“It’s just around the corner.”

“The Time Is At Hand.”

“The World Has Ended.”

“Millions Now Living Will Never Die.”

“Oh dear, you’ll never graduate high school.”

“You won’t have time to get married until the New System.”

“You don’t need to have children. Wouldn’t you rather raise them in the New System?”

“The generation that saw these things occurring is rapidly dying out.”

Did any of these sound familiar to you?

Do you think we’ve given Jehovah’s Witnesses and their leaders enough time to show us something or should we give them another hundred years?

I believe that in the next twenty to thirty years the Watchtower will be just another interesting historic footnote of the Adventist movement started in the 1800’s.

You see time has always been supremely important to the members and leaders of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Time has always been the key to their “faith” in God. The promise of having more time, an eternity even, to live without dying has been the theocratic “hook” that draws in the gullible, the disenfranchised, the uneducated and the lost.

Unfortunately for the Watchtower leadership, the time they have left to prove their point to the world and to their rapidly shrinking group of followers is pretty much gone.

With the advent (excuse the pun) of the Internet, the amount of public information about the Watchtower’s history and failed prophecies has exploded. Anyone with an Internet connection and a little curiosity can read enough in an afternoon to equip themselves with sufficient information to make the wise decision not to pursue a “Bible Study” with Jehovah’s Witnesses or to read their propaganda or attend their meetings.

This hasn’t always been the case. Prior to the 1990’s one had to go to libraries or seminary book stores to get the real story on Jehovah’s Witnesses. Not many had the resources, determination, or time to do so. This gave the Jehovah’s Witness recruiters an edge and they fully exploited it as shown by their growth prior to the Internet Age.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses report a maximum of 7.96 million in followers as of the writing of this article.

So let me ask you something: How do you KNOW that is the number?

How do you KNOW that they aren’t just puffing their numbers to keep the rank and file from becoming disillusioned?

You don’t.

If they haven’t come clean on their deception in the past 100+ years then they aren’t coming clean about their own shrinking membership.

When you get to report the numbers, and nothing you say is ever questioned, you can make up pretty much anything you want to now can’t you?

Let me ask you this: “When was the last time a JW knocked on your door?”

I haven’t had one knock on my door in several years and I’ve moved around a bit so it isn’t like they have me on some “Theocratic Do Not Call” list.

The last time I saw JW’s was in front of a WalMart standing by a Watchtower kiosk and nobody was there but two old ladies who looked like they were in when Rutherford was alive.

The movement is dying folks. Their money supply has dried up. Their membership is rapidly deteriorating. Their recruiting efforts are losing momentum. The leaders are in “damage control” mode and are sucking in all of their resources back to the “mother ship”.

So where does that leave you?

Are you still waiting for their promises to come true? I sure hope not. Life is tragically short.

I implore you to take steps to really learn what the Bible teaches. Stop wasting your precious time, life and resources standing around waiting for the empty promises of a burned out cult to come true. They didn’t in 1914 and they won’t now. The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society is done! However, you still have a chance to make a change in your own life. You have the opportunity to learn what Christ really wanted you to know.

Do you have the guts to take a hard objective look at what the Bible really teaches? If you do then read Romans in any other version of the Bible than the New World Translation and think long and hard about what God is trying to say to you.

It will change your life!


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  1. I love the picture, but am looking for the article, I’m not seeing it!

  2. Technical difficulties. The article is now published!

    Thanks Sally!

  3. Jerry

    Thank you for sharing this Doug! I’m so glad to see a fellow ex-JW who did not loose his faith in Jesus! I’m reading your articles often, and find them so comforting and true. Thank you for all you research and positive attitude!

  4. robin

    I Really hope you are right Doug, that this is the end of the WT. The JWs I have encountered lately seem to be completely gung ho and unbending no matter what I share with them. I will look for further signs of demise, and pray for those still trapped. Thank you for bringing us what you bring us, it makes my heart glad that having been delivered you still love those still ‘in’. Robin

  5. It’s not me but Him who works through me. Christ is truly the Way the Truth and the Life!


  6. Robin,

    I agree 100% with your assessment. The JW’s remaining are truly hardcore believers in the cause because they are the only ones willing to “go down with the ship.”

    The demise is a financial one. They’ll sputter on for a few more decades with their website and collecting estates as their true believers die off. However the real money train has left the station and won’t be returning.


  7. John

    I’m curious. What to expect if I just showed up at a JW meeting or church meeting (not sure what they are called). What do they do with curious strangers?

  8. Thanks SO Much!! I’ve been having a devil of a time trying to find your blog today, spent 2 hours searching for it! LOL, I remembered your NAME but NOT the name of the website! And am new to wordpress, couldn’t find my list of blogs I follow! Still working out the kinks!

  9. Re-shared this with Jw and Biblical Discussion group on facebook. I am SO hoping you are right about their numbers dwindling! I know for example the latest convention, there were NONE in N.M., those poor folks had to travel to Tucson Az, many Jw had to travel 6-8 hours + to make it, fewer conventions to Look Full. I was able to share the United Nations letter (on my computer) with 2 Jw who came to my door recently, and 1 asked me how to do research on Jw, so that was interesting! Next Time I will have the letter all printed out for them to see, including the one from the watchtower org. admitting it as they denied it was true, but “Deer in the headlights” when they Saw the letter! Keep up the good work! Great job! Makes me ever hopeful!!

  10. Hi John! Great question for a Sunday response.

    If you were to just “show up” unannounced and without a member there as your “sponsor”, then the elders would probably take the lead in sorting you out. That’s not to say that one of the rank and file wouldn’t just walk up and shake your hand and welcome you. That is entirely possible. However there are those who are disfellowshipped who show up unannounced and so there might be some distancing going on until they know who and what you are in their social class system.

    If they figure out that you’re a newly interested person then they’ll overwhelm you with “love bombing” the entire time you’re there. You might even get invited to lunch or dinner if you play your cards right!

    It is quite an honor for a member to be perceived as the reason you decided to become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses so there’s also something of a competitive element involved in this.


  11. Sally, if you join the blog (no cost) then you’ll get every single post as it comes out delivered to your email.


  12. Sally they just don’t know any better. That’s why I loved the words of Christ when He said: “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

    With someone like you who is willing to “go there” there is always hope to help those who are truly honest and willing to look at reality.

    Follow the money! When the WT started scaling back the size of its publications it was a huge signal to me that something was amiss. Now they’re having to scale back their convention locations because there just aren’t enough active members to fill them.

    All my best!


  13. Victoria

    Interesting blog. I am reading Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz. I was brought up as a witness but left in 1980. I’ve moved on and feel that I am a more loving and generous person now than I ever was as a witness. I don’t really think it’s very productive to talk with JW’s. The only ones that may be open to change are those that were brought as witness children without a choice in the matter. I know a few that actually went back after leaving but I think that they miss some of the friendships. Also, some people need rigid structure to stay grounded. I think the religion will last like any other religion. Religion of all kinds are the opium of people.

  14. CAROLE

    Hi Doug: It’s been a few months since I’ve been in touch. My computer decided to give up & buying a new one was a saving issue for me. Aside from that, I received a fantastic phone call from a friend I knew from the kingdom hall I was once associated with! He informed me that he & his wife & family have dis-associated themselves as of this past August ! He and his wife attended an EX-WITNESSES CONVENTION in Pennsylvania (never thought there was such a thing) and as he put it “Our eyes were opened”! “We’re so thankful to be free!” I didn’t expect this as he was a ministerial servant in this congregation and gave talks with the impression that he & his family were very “FIRM IN THE FAITH”! Also, he told me that he started questioning things this past year & also approached the elders on certain subjects & their response was that “We don’t know at this time, but Jehovah will reveal this through the organization.” All I can say is, “UNBELIEVABLE”!!
    There is also another young man & his wife that have questions & want to meet with him. I just want to say “PRAISE JESUS” for opening the eyes of the blind ones & those that cannot hear! I pray for them all to be set free!!!!

  15. Thanks for your post Victoria. It is quite common for former JW’s to throw out the “baby with the bathwater”. They give up completely on faith in God. I believe that’s a mistake but it is theirs to make. I try not to judge people or faiths unless they prove by their actions that they have departed from the teachings of the Bible.

    You’re right. A lot of people feel that they need a rigid set of rules to keep themselves straight. I have seen many go back to the org after leaving because they were scared or had family / friends that they desperately needed to reconnect with. Again I can’t judge them and it is fortunately not my job to do so.

    I hope you find peace on your road V.


  16. Yes that assembly has been held for many years.

    I’ve never attended that but I’ve heard about it many times.

    Thanks for sharing!


  17. Great article. Thousands of these excellent pages and videos are flooding the internet with TTATT and I love it.

  18. Thanks Eric!


  19. FYI: TTATT is an anagram for: The Truth About The Truth.


  20. jerry moore

    Doug, you truly are an inspiration to me and all i can say is please keep up the good work for as long as you can. Jerry moore

  21. Thanks Jerry!

    It’s been a long and interesting ride. I’m in my fifties now. I will continue to write for as long as God keeps me here.

    I very much appreciate your kind words!


  22. Mike Garcia

    Doug, do you have a way to show scriptures in NWT that can be used against them? I stumbled on website years ago ( cannot find it now) that directed a witness against the WatchTower using their own publications. This is how I left the organization because I could go to the current publication,page and then go to other publications where they are caught in lies. Since we were taught not to read publications outside the organization this was the only way that got my attention. God Bless your hard work!

  23. is a good site to check out for that Mike.

    Happy hunting!


  24. Anonymous

    Hi, Interesting website. Just a small note, the JWs are very active in South East Queensland Australia. We get frequent visits. It is difficult to know how to best deal with them and their theology.

  25. collins

    thanks very much Doug. you are a great father is an elder and i am an ex jw.sidfellowshipped because i sinned. but nevertheless, it gave me an opportunity to discover their fake dostrines. thanks

  26. collins

    Thanks very much Mr Doug. Your research on the falsehood about WTO is great.Eventhough i am an ex-and disfellowshipped, it only gave me an opportunity to do more research(out of the WT literature) to actually discover the truth.
    Before being disf, i had a fiancee who was also a u know, our relationship had to end. she later got married to another brother ,whom she even minimised while we were together.but guess, a month after their marriage, both were disfellowshipped for pre marital sex. And guess,it was discovered they were having an affair even when we were together. Due to this my eyes got open and i used the internet(the greatest enemy to WTO) only to find shocking revelations about 5 false prophesies and other scriptural inconsistensies, i truly believe the wTO is not honest even to its fact it is a terrible cult, and i hope that more members will discover sites like yours and make wise decisions to is like thinking that you are following the right road with the aid of a map and later discover that you were on the wrong track.And what if someone tells you this, of course you have to take the right track.
    it is true that the org is experiencing a diminishing return, and even as a disf, i am still in contact with some who tell me they are still there just to secure family ties and friends. but they ought to think about their salvation in christ rather than pleasing men. Afterall, like i tell them,we must please God as ruler rather than man.

  27. My pleasure Collins.

  28. Amen Collins!

    Sadly, success in the JW’s has less to do with God and more to do with men.


  29. Swaziland

    Whatever humanity is doing under the sun is to try to eat and drink while waiting to be dead. All these issues of religion, education/ indoctrination, employment, entertainment and what may have you is all jus a way to satisfy the urge for wanting. We all jus want watever is put before us.. Truly speaking David, Moses, Eliajah, Habbakuk and many others were never under a religious sect or perhaps possessed a degree in economics they jus wanted what was there at their time of existence. We have been born into a world that has evolved into many different social activities and we all naturally want to partake from such.
    To be or not to be a JW, 7th Adventst,Catholic, Professor in Political Sciences or whatsover there is, comes wit or without a choice. From my child psychology i can conclude that children are decided for, they hardly make a choice. Apparently then we, those born in recent years, seem to lack an informed choice of what social activities to partake from. It is so true that we really dont know our earthly way to take, we consistantly need guidance that is why the act of seeking who the creator is has been given to a term called religion from which spiritual books can be written and sold…
    I believe a creator exists but i need no other creature to prove this fact bcoz his his existance, meaning the creature, am convinved a creator is alive. All this religious politics proves a point or two 1. We hav no clue what we are up to
    2. We are desperate for guidance.
    In swaziland i see serious spiritual dirt far beyond than false doctrines or money making scams,. Africans are just desparate beings with no initiatives, they accept whatever you give them…
    I would like to share a document if not more that i compiled myself so as to share what i have seen, please tell me how i can do this..
    Tank Doug for this blog

  30. Janet

    Can you provide a document or link showing that JW are declining in numbers? My young (22 years old ) nephew keeps telling me they’re growing by the day.

  31. Guess what? The WT leadership is doing the counting so the “numbers” can be anything they want to report.

    This report is fully independent and may help you in understanding where they are (or at least were).

    Pew Research Center Report

    Based on their assessment of the United States population percentage of JW’s as of 2007, .07%, and in 2014, .08%, the current count of adult Jehovah’s Witnesses should be somewhere around 2.6 million in the U.S. They only showed a .01% increase in the United States population in seven years according to that report. If that was a stock I’d sell it. If that was a company, I’d close it. They apparently need another 1975!

    The other, quite damning bit of information, was the fact that a full two thirds of those raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses, leave the organization. This is contrasted with other Protestant faiths that retain a full two thirds of those raised in their religions.

    This makes me feel a lot less “rogue” and a lot more “normal”, come to think of it. There’s a lot more of us “leavers” than there are “stayers”. That’s why they put so much emphasis on recruitment and why they are so vindictive towards those who leave. If they didn’t make their members proselytize and threaten them with alienation from family and friends if they leave, they wouldn’t have any members.

    That is apparently the Watchtower’s most guarded “dirty little secret”.

    One other major point of concern for anyone considering studying or joining the Jehovah’s Witnesses is this:

    If you love your children or grandchildren, don’t do it. There’s a 66% chance they will leave the organization at some point in the future and you will be required by the organization to disown them when they do.

    There’s also this:

    Two of the major rock icons of our time, Michael Jackson and Prince, both Jehovah’s Witnesses, both died from drug overdoses. Do you think they were happy? I don’t think they were. They were both messed up mentally and spiritually from the toll taken by their membership in this mind controlling cult.

    Think about it.

    Thanks for asking for this information.