Jehovah’s Witnesses & Masturbation

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The geniuses at the Watchtower Bible And Tract Society Headquarters have really gone and done it this time! They’ve made me laugh out loud uncontrollably with this wonderfully descriptive video for deaf Jehovahs Witnesses regarding the evils of masturbation.


This is an actual Watchtower production hosted on

You know, when I was a kid, I didn’t even know what masturbation was until I read the chapter on it in the Youth Book back in the seventies. Human nature being what it is, then it was all about finding out what it was and how to do it. If ANYONE is confused as to what physical acts are required to masturbate then they won’t be after watching this video. They should rename this “How to Masturbate” instead!

Regardless of how you feel about this issue one has to admit this is pretty funny stuff right here. I guess if religious oppression and intolerance ever go out of style the governing body at Brooklyn headquarters could always try standup comedy!

The facial expressions on this young Jehovahs Witness signer are HYSTERICAL!

See! I’m not serious ALL the time.

You can’t make this stuff up. It is just too funny for words! (Excuse the pun!)

  1. Producing a professional video on the evils of masturbation for deaf people? $10,000.00.
  2. Posting it on the internet for everyone to see? $200.00
  3. Giving “apostates” a Watchtower Bible And Tract Society produced and sanctioned “gag reel” to duplicate all over the internet? Priceless!
Doug Shields is an activist against religious oppression, control and manipulation. He has many years of experience dealing with this issue because he was an active Jehovah’s Witness himself for over twenty-three years. Doug has been privileged to help elders, ministerial servants, full time pioneers and even a circuit overseer to find the strength and determination to finally face the real truth and leave the organization.


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  1. Alicia

    Is this really a real video? When I click the link, it says no files found. I’m not a baptized Jehovah’s witness, but I’ve been studying for a few years now. I have some questions that I’m honestly trying to find the answers to. I was at a meeting once and the watchtower article was about marriage and sex was even touched upon. Well, one of the older guys in the congregation made a comment about how oral sex is disgusting & married couples should avoid this “perverted” practice to honor Jehovah. I was shocked, as I certainly don’t share that viewpoint and I feel that it’s a married couples business what they do in the privacy of their own bedroom! I had the guts to speak to a few people on this matter. One younger sister told me it is a conscience thing & the older

  2. Alicia

    Continued – generation may feel differently than young people on this topic. Another sister in her 30’s said I should go on the Watchtower library & research the subject & said it’s also a matter of conscience. At the same time, she said to think of Jehovah as my loving father warning me against something that could cause a disease. I replied that there’s no way to get a disease from oral sex unless the married partners are unfaithful. Surprisingly, she said even then you could still get a disease, and I told her I don’t see

  3. Alicia

    Continued Part 3 – how that is possible. She told me to pray about it & that it comes down to whatever my conscience decides is acceptable. I feel a bit confused about this. I’ve done the research, and in the past it seems Jehovah’s witnesses & the watchtower have deemed oral sex within a marriage as an “unnatural” sex act. I found out in the 70’s that it was even a cause for disfellowshiping. They changed their stance a bit in the February 15, 1978 Watchtower saying it was a choice for married couples to decide, but then in 1983 they published another article that portrayed marital oral sex in a very unfavorable light. I haven’t gotten a straight answer on this, and I just need some insight. Is there an official stance on this? Clearly, there is nothing in the Bible that condemns oral sex and I don’t think men should “go beyond the things written.” Please get back to me on this.


  4. That specific video, put to music, must have been yanked from Youtube.

    It appears that the link I used for the official JW site has also been broken. Apparently this caused them no shortage of complaints from the prudes they have in their ranks.

    Here it is again and I replaced the main video with a duplicate from another site.

    Watchtower: How To Masturbate Part 1

    I still laugh when I see it.


  5. I believe what the Watchtower has done is to legislate without legislating.

    What I mean by this is that if you make it a “conscience matter” then you have nobody to call on the carpet about it. It becomes, for them, a non issue. However if you are married, and wish to engage in that specific act and your husband or wife thinks it is a sin then guess what? The seven old men win!

    They don’t stop there though. The seven old men encourage this sort of thing to be discussed in the worst possible light at the local congregation level so that anyone who might be engaging in that will assume that it is a sin. Anyone listening to these discussions (including small children which I think is unconscionable!) will automatically fall in line. Officially this may be a gray area but with the “faithful” it is all black and white.

    The Watchtower has made it painfully obvious that the seven old men think oral sex is wrong. However, there is not a single shred of evidence to prove it from a Biblical perspective and they KNOW IT.

    Thus the former ban on oral sex as a disfellowshipping offense has morphed into an “unwritten law” among all Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Now, let’s take a look at organ transplants. That is also supposedly a “conscience matter” now although you would have been disfellowshipped just a few short decades ago for the same offense. So it’s okay to have a liver translplant right? WRONG!

    If certain ones (elders or elders wives) become aware that you accepted a transplant, they might judge you (read WILL judge you) and talk about you to everybody in the congregation.

    Again, has the Watchtower legislated anything? No they haven’t. But rest assured that anyone found to have done such a thing will be treated as an outsider by the “faithful”.

    Just another way that the organization polices itself without having to resort to the outrageous human rights violations of the 70’s. There were actually cases of elders spying on husbands and wives in their homes and subsequently disfellowshipping both when they were found to have engaged in oral sex.

    The Watchtower leaders have learned to simply use the local brothers and sisters to do their “dirty work” so there are far less lawsuits to show for it and that is the prime motivation in their recent “softening” on such “conscience matters”.

    Yes, “Don’t ask don’t tell.” isn’t just for the military anymore!


  6. Alicia


    Thanks for your reply on this. You’re absolutely right about the fact that there is nothing in the scriptures that states oral sex within marriage is wrong. I come from a Catholic background, so oral sex was also viewed as repulsive or taboo, especially amongst the older crowd. My husband introduced me to the religion of Jehovah’s witnesses. He grew up in it as a kid but was never baptized, so he largely experienced life outside of the “Truth” as they call it.

    From what you have told me, life as a married Witness in the 1970’s sounds like an utter nightmare! It is horrible how the privacy & rights of people have been grossly violated!

    What you’re saying sounds accurate to me because the majority of the witnesses I’ve talked to about this topic seem to think it’s somehow improper or unclean in Jehovah’s eyes. I will never feel the same way as there is nothing in the scriptures that can back up this argument. My Mother in law views oral sex as nasty, but that’s her personal opinion on it. Then again, those old enough to remember the Watchtower articles of the 70’s may have this idea that it’s a “detestable” practice deeply ingrained in their mind. Although there was a younger woman I discussed this with, and she claimed oral sex could result in diseases even when practiced in a monogamous marriage. She said cold sores could produce genital herpes or something of that effect.

    The most embarrassing moment came when an older brother expressed at congregation meeting how vile and perverted oral sex and good Christian couples who want to please Jehovah should not partake in it, which again I think is his perspective. (or the Watchtower’s view) It immediately made me feel uncomfortable & also infuriated. I thought to myself, how is a man in his 70’s going to set the standard as to what’s acceptable

  7. Alicia

    Continued – activity in a couples’ bedroom! No elder or other witness at that meeting endorsed this person’s views, so I’m not sure if everyone in attendance agreed. There were plenty of children present that day who heard the comment on oral sex, and I thought that’s disgusting! They are too young to even comprehend what that act is and shouldn’t be exposed to such warped views on sexuality at that tender age! I was really upset about this, and I didn’t hesitate to express this to my husband. He’s talked to his brother about this. He’s a married, baptized witness & he actually said he didn’t see anything wrong with it either. So I guess there are a few that don’t have such an overly strict & prudish attitude toward it. I’m 28 and certainly not going to be told what’s proper between my husband & I. I approached the sister who conducts my studies about it, and she admitted that certain older ones hold a viewpoint that reflects the era they grew up in, which may differ from those of a younger generation, so essentially she wasn’t condemning it or condoning it. It’s basically up to what my conscience permits is the way she put it. It’s seems to be a very touchy subject, and with some witnesses an unwritten law as you mentioned. It does seem very similar to the military policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Some have maintained that it’s a health risk to justify why it’s “unclean,” but again there’s nothing to back that up either. Thanks again for shedding some light on this. This topic is just one of many questions I have regarding Jehovah’s witnesses. I definitely don’t like the idea of being controlled, as I consider myself a free thinking person. The whole thing about the year 1975 is a bit questionable to me too. Did witnesses really believe the world would end then?


  8. JW’s are told not to view “adult” movies because they will learn worldly practices and thoughts and yet these same people will openly talk about oral sex in the Kingdom Hall in front of small children!

    I also think it is telling that whenever a JW is faced with the harsh truth that what they are attempting to legislate isn’t Biblical they immediately fall back on “its selfish”, a health risk, or unwise practice as if that justifies their sticking their abnormally large theocratic noses into your business!

    1975? Oh man! What a time it was! I was in during the years leading up to and beyond that date. JW’s were absolutely GIDDY with excitement over the pending DOOM of the worldly system of things. People were selling their homes, quitting their jobs, taking their kids out of school so they could pioneer during the remaining months before Armageddon. I was there and I saw it all. Then when it didn’t come the leadership accused the JW’s of “jumping to conclusions” and claimed that they never SAID that 1975 was the year Armageddon would come.


    Once a false prophet always a false prophet!


  9. Here’s the other angle:

    Nobody and I mean NOBODY is willing to stand up publicly to these idiots who want to legislate sexual behavior between husband and wife. If one person with the nerve stood up and challenged these morons as legislating without Biblical authority, they wouldn’t ever use the Kingdom Hall as a public forum for their prudish views and fascination with “unspeakable sexual depravity”.

    Unfortunately, anyone who stood up would be branded a “pervert” by the “faithful” and would be shunned by default.


  10. Anonymous

    I’m a witness in name only and sh*t like this made me stop going. I never agreed with their stance on masturbation, that’s why I never stopped. As the years went on, I realized this organization makes laws out principles and runs the organizational like we’re under the law.

  11. You’re absolutely right Anonymous. The Watchtower leaders make up laws that they say are “scriptural” but actually constitute a wholesale departure from the freedom that Christians are supposed to have. Instead of embracing their freedom in Christ, they seek to force their mindless followers back under the old Judaic law and just like their predecessors, the Pharisees, they seek to enslave those who follow them and then they proceed to weigh them down with a litany of laws, not from scripture, but from seven old unmarried men.

    You see this a lot as a JW. They will quote old testament scripture seeking to bolster their take on such things as hair, dress and other personal choices.


  12. Diana

    Hilarious! And not funny! You know what this is? It’s The Emporer’s New Clothes. It’s confirmation bias run amok because their members can’t speak up and tell them they’re being stupid.

  13. I thought I would lose it when I saw this video for the first time.

    “Truth” is stranger than fiction! LOL!


  14. Diana

    Alicia, as a woman, I felt very violated by JWs interference with the marital bed. When I was in bed with my husband it felt like I had the whole body of elders in bed with me. My husband, instead of telling me how he felt and what he wanted, would instead tell me we couldn’t do this and that because the organization said it was perverted. It was horrible! I’ve since left, after learning so many things including the fact that they’re a cult that brainwashes people. Investigate cults and brainwashing. When they tell you it’s a conscience matter, be careful. That’s their way of trying to appear liberal and open minded to suck you in. Once you’re in you’ll find out they’re very controlling. And once you’re in, there’s no getting out. They will ruin your life through shunning if you try to leave.

  15. Amen Diana!

    A conscience matter is an unwritten law that they can’t come out and say is enforceable, so they choose to enforce it internally via the “group think” of the cult and the “gossip channel” that everybody in the Kingdom Hall knows exists. I even remember a “newsletter” that certain ones would get from anointed brothers at Bethel. It was like their own private governing body channel where they could get away with saying crap that the outer circle wouldn’t understand.

    That did two things:

    It put out propaganda that couldn’t be called out for the BS it was because only the “elite” JW’s had access to it.

    It created another means for legislating without legislating.


  16. what Doug Shields teaches is his idea about jehovah’s witnesses.i am not disagreeing because i am a witness,but because of Bible facts regarding the truth.No one served the real God,Jehovah full heartely for over 23 years but felt a thirst for knowing the truth.John 17:17 states that you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.This brings me to a conclusion that Doug Shield did not know the truth even the time he was on a service minitry.My advise is that a person should keep on digging the tressures found in the Bible rather than becoming an opponent.which Bible teaching that is taught by jehovah’s witnesses is wrong?Can that thing stop you from serving a true God?

  17. You cite “Bible facts”. Yet you bring nothing but blanket accusations with no substance. You state that I don’t know the truth about the Bible and yet you say nothing about the articles I have written or the arguments I put forth on this blog.

    You state that I’m an opponent of the Bible and yet you bring no proof to the table. You advise me and my readers to “dig into the treasures of the Bible” without realizing that my reading the Bible led me OUT of the Watchtower’s web of lies and deceit.

    When you want to bring anything concrete to the table or debate anything written on this blog, come back and we’ll talk. Otherwise, you’re just wasting my time.


  18. Bud Winna

    Hurting so bad from what this cult took from me….

  19. Been there man.

    I’m so sorry and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


  20. april thurgar

    Doug you have done a good thing for yourself it is a good thing to point out what you think is wrong and to question things that make people think. However I don’t think Simon means what he says as a personal attack. And I believe that the Bible teaches to look for the truth like hidden treasures and that it doesn’t say anywhere that the bibles knowledge will be plainly given and instructed as is done with the WTS. Spirituality is important in setting personal mortals to the people we want to become no matter where that comes from I believe that if you are looking for the truth you will find it. I am only studying the Bible and it is unlikely I will get baptized but the bible in every culture states to use your judgement and do what is right and to hold close to a higher power or force that is bigger than you. It will shape you to keep things in perspective and always look for the truth.


  21. april thurgar

    Morals not mortals


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