I’m Not Condescending. I’m A Jehovah’s Witness!

Jun 1, 2013 by

condescendingIf you look up the definition of condescension you’ll see the following:

“The trait of displaying arrogance by patronizing those considered inferior.”

Jehovah’s Witnesses are the pure embodiment of this trait. They wrote the book on it.

If you’ve ever had a scriptural discussion with a JW you’ll notice that they will roll their eyes, give a condescending smile, and talk to you like you’re in Kindergarten.

I recall being approached by a JW sister while pumping my gas. (She apparently doesn’t know that I go to the gas station to pump gas not talk religion.)

She started in on me with her well rehearsed line about living forever in paradise.

I politely stopped her mid sentence and asked her why the Watchtower taught that Christ was only the mediator for the 144,000 and not the great crowd. Taken aback, she told me that I was wrong and that Christ was the mediator for the great crowd as well. I told her that isn’t what her own publications teach. She asked me where I got that information.

I wanted to see her reaction and so I said: “The internet.”

She rolled her eyes (a signature Jehovah’s Witness reaction) and shook her head and clicked her tongue at me and walked away.

She had no idea that I have the Watchtowers to prove what I said was true and that anyone with a Watchtower issued disc can look that up on their own and see that the Watchtower organization blatantly teaches that Christ is only the mediator for the 144,000 and not the great crowd.

Apparently this poor, misguided, and hopelessly deceived woman didn’t get that memo from the not so “faithful and discreet slave.”

Doug Shields is an activist against religious oppression, control and abuse. He has a lot of experience dealing with these issues because he was an active Jehovah’s Witness himself for over twenty-three years. Doug has been privileged to help elders, ministerial servants, full time pioneers and even a circuit overseer to find the strength and determination to face the painful truth about the Watchtower Bible And Tract Society.

If you would like to have Doug speak at your church, meetup or other event you can contact him here.


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  1. Iown Mylife

    Hi Doug,

    What a good idea to change that heading to “most popular post” instead of commenters’ names showing there – I was feeling hesitant to comment because it was looking like I just wanted to see my name up there! LOL —so thanks!

  2. Yeah I saw it and it kept having the same names so I just pulled that. I think it was good idea too!

  3. T John

    Hmmm, the eye roll. I know it well.

  4. Yes it is a telltale JW trait!

  5. sonny

    Yes the eye roll ive seen that many times before with sisters while out in the field service.

  6. Pastor J

    The rolled eyes and then the contentious stare- the kind that they wish they could melt you away.

  7. I agree with what you do to inform Jehovah’s Witnesses and the general public about WatchTower Tract Society’s inconsistencies and changing teachings as not being “The Truth”.

    As in the case above in this article, for us researchers and any JW who reads this blog, may I suggest you reference the WTS publication in the blog?

  8. I have referenced quite a number of WT articles in my blog. However I don’t have the obsessive need to quote “chapter and verse” to prove that they teach a specific concept or idea. Most of the people who read this blog are very well aware of the teachings of the Watchtower. For those that aren’t aware and want proof of teaching they can consult the vast array of blogs and websites that post photocopies and direct quotes from their publications.


  9. Regarding the question of Christ as mediator I’ll offer this article that I wrote some time back. It has a Watchtower article quoted to back up my contention:


  10. While I agree with you about the condescending manner, I actually feel you are equally patronizing and speak from a position of assumed and unquestionable truth as if your understanding of WT theology is absolute and beyond scrutiny. Your understanding of the WT’s take on mediatorship is only partially true I’m afraid and leads your readership to a faulty impression of what they actually believe.

  11. Care to elaborate John?

    I’m certainly not infallible. I merely speak from my own experience in and out of the organization.

    Care to point out specifics or are you merely throwing rocks at what you don’t like?


  12. Don

    Doug, I do not think the rolling of a person’s eyes is an indication of a person being condescending. It is actually an indication of a person thinking about what was said and their will look either to the right or left depending if they are a right brained or left brained individual. So their movement of the eyes is actually showing thoughtfully consideration of what was said and comparing it with information they remember. We all tend to look away or roll our eyes when we are thinking about answering a question. Some more than others. So I think they should be given due respect. However, I do agree if their eye rolling is accompanied with body language like rolling of the head, hand jester, or a noise like blowing out air, I think that would show disrespect and a condescending attitude.

  13. You weren’t there so you didn’t see the body language or the facial expressions.

    This is typical of JW’s. They find one thing in an argument that they can contest and focus all their attention on it to take your attention away from the central argument completely. They call that a “straw man” argument. Seen it done more times than I care to relate.

    My eyes are rolling. Can you tell if I’m being condescending or just thinking deeply upon your comment?


  14. Jim Turner

    Greetings, Are you saying that when JWs are praying, they think they are actually talking to their governing body in New York? Or to Jesus? When you pray, who do you think you’re talking to?jimturnerusa@yahoo.com

  15. Jim,

    No I am not saying, or implying that they pray to the Governing Body. However, the way they live their lives worrying about what the GB thinks and how every decision is made with their opinions in mind, is indicative of a “godlike” control that they have over the lives of their adherents. This is part and parcel of a cult.


  16. Jolon Stone

    I “grew up” in this worthless cult. With a father who didn’t get further than a 4th grade education. But he’s beyond a shadow of a doubt the most arrogant bastard I’ve ever met. Thanks to Jehovah, he believes that he is superior to women, gays, and all non-believers. A female doctor, lawyer, engineer or astronaut? All inferior to my daddy. George Michael? He was inferior! Any atheist with any college degree? Stupid, foolish and inferior! When you’re Jehovah’s best friend all you need is an elementary school education and an attitude.

  17. Jolon, you said it!

    You know ignorance and arrogance are a terrible combination.

    They are some of the most ignorant and arrogant people on the planet. I call it “JW Smug!”


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