Of Jehovah’s Witnesses And Elephants

The thing that fascinates me the most about Jehovah’s Witnesses, especially those raised in “the truth”, is that most of them never learn to think critically.

The best example I can make of this is that of an elephant trained in working for humans.

It is impossible to take a wild elephant that is grown and teach it to work for humans. Instead what happens is that a baby elephant is stolen from its mother at a very early age. The trainer takes a huge spike and nails it deeply into the ground and takes a huge chain and manacle and chains the poor baby elephant to it.

The baby fights and pulls with all its might to release itself from its bonds but to no avail. The chain and the spike are simply too strong.

As the baby elephant grows, oddly enough, the spike and chain don’t increase in size. To the contrary they decrease in size. Eventually, upon being fully grown the elephant is held to a simple “tack and tether” that could be easily pulled up by a human child.


The elephant has accepted this limitation in its mind!

I liken this to the adult Jehovah’s Witness who has been raised in the organization from an early age.

They have all the tools to liberate themselves from their captors. Unfortunately they have learned to accept everything that they are told by the “faithful and discreet slave” as gospel. They never bother to question anything because all of their “critical thinking” is done by the Watchtower.

Much like the poor elephant who must engage in all sorts of “tricks” in order to “earn its keep” the adult Jehovah’s Witness must perform a vast laundry list of “shalts and shalt nots” to maintain their status in the organization.

Every once in a very long while, an elephant discovers that it can free itself from its ridiculous bonds. It frees itself and then rails against its captors and charges off only to be shot and killed because it is no longer of any use to the keeper.

Much like that elephant, when an adult Jehovah’s Witness realizes what has been done to them they become angry, enraged and they charge their captors with the lies and counterfeit truths that they’ve been force fed all of their lives.

Just like the elephant trainer, the Watchtower then has to do the only thing it can to prevent the Jehovah’s Witness from liberating his friends and family. They “shoot” him by accusing him of apostasy and separate him from the group for the rest of his life.

Yours in Christ,

Doug Shields