Another Letter From A Jehovah’s Witness

Oct 14, 2017 by

I received the following note recently, regarding a post I made several years ago. It was on reading into the scriptures. I thought the reasoning of this Jehovah’s Witness was quite telling. I’m including his response in its entirety.

“Excuse me, but Doug, the bible speaks of false godly people, and in 2 Timothy 3 : 5 that men would be having “an appearance of godliness but proving false to it’s power.” I think you bring an example of this. Also we Jehovah Witnesses believe that we are the only true religion because in John 13 : 35 it said, “By this all will know that you are my disciples – if you have love among yourselves.” Have you ever seen a more unified loving organization? Plus we don’t always do things because we aren’t sure of it, which means we don’t want to take our chances such as oral sex. What happens if it is a sin? Also in Matthew it mentions how his disciples would preach the word through out the whole word, and what have we done? Just that! Showing we have the true religion, no matter what anybody says.”

This was my response:

Okay so let’s just take your line of reasoning out a little further.

The Bible says that God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth right? (Rev 11:18) So since automobiles belch greenhouse gases as well as pollution, anyone driving a car out in field service would be destroyed at Armageddon.

Let’s make a new rule: Anyone caught driving an automobile is to be disfellowshipped.

Since Styrofoam products aren’t biodegradable then let’s disfellowship anyone using those products.

But let’s not stop there…since cattle are a large part of the greenhouse emissions, and since the beef industry is largely responsible, let’s make a rule that anyone eating a hamburger be disfellowshipped.

Do you see how messed up your line of reasoning is? Reading things into the scriptures because you want to be “absolutely sure” (when all you’re really doing is misusing scripture as a license to legislate behavior), leaves a LOT of room for interpretation and is, in my view, going way “beyond the things written” (1 Cor 4:6). I also find it quite laughable that anything “new” that the Governing Body comes up with is called “New Light” as if it emanated from Jehovah Himself.

I remember one of our District Overseers had a real problem with men wearing any sort of jewelry like necklaces or bracelets. This was his line of reasoning:

“Homosexuality is condemned in the scriptures. Homosexuals are known to wear jewelry, therefore jewelry worn by men is tantamount to a homosexual act and alerts other gay men that you’re open to experimentation.”

You simply can’t make this stuff up! We had an elder who wore a medical alert bracelet that was gold and attractive and this District Overseer had the unmitigated gall to criticize him for it.

How pompous would one have to be to reason: “Well this is what Jehovah really meant when He said this and He forgot to include this and that and the other thing…”

To assume the role of “God” in the lives of your followers is one of the hallmarks of cult leaders. I can’t think of anything more presumptuous than to read into scripture, as if you know better than God.

With regard to your assertion that your organization is filled with love:

I’ve been in your organization. I spent half my life in it. “Love” isn’t a word that I would use to characterize the way most JW’s treat each other and I’ve got a long list of former JW’s (30,000 plus on this blog alone) who would strongly agree with that last statement. I would add that most of those in positions of responsibility that I’ve come into contact with, have a terrible record of abusing their privilege. The elders and overseers that are the most loving and kind, usually encounter the most difficulty in this organization and I’ve seen that from the District level on down to the local congregations.

I’ve seen the “love” that this organization metes out to those it deems “weak and mentally diseased”. I’ve seen the families torn apart because of their Machiavellian methods and I’ve seen plenty of JW and ex JW suicides in my lifetime.

With regard to your assertion that your religion is the only “truth” because you knock on doors:

The fact that you proselytize doesn’t confirm your organization as teaching “the truth” anymore than standing in a parking space makes you a car.

I’m reminded of Christ’s admonition to the Pharisees in Matthew 23:15:

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are.”

No, I think I’ll get along just fine without the “Faithful and Discreet Slave” telling me what to think, what to do, and what I can and can’t say and to whom.

Doug Shields

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  1. Anonymous

    Well said Doug! “…anymore than standing in a parking space makes you a car…” Brilliant!

  2. An “at the keyboard” bit of inspiration.

    Thanks Anonymous!

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for this! I struggle daily with my exes decision to remarry, and to a JW. The negative impact it has on my children is irreparable. The fact that they beat their 2.5 year old with a belt behind closed doors, while my girls sit outside and listen, breaks my heart. His new wife did something to make the elders mad (probably the soft porn modeling), and she was kicked out, but now back in, in her new city. The fact that my ex has been SO brainwashed just leaves me scratching my head daily. He is a play date Dad now, seeing them for 48 hours every 2 weeks, and most of that time is spent at the windowless church or door knocking in a bad neighborhood, and I cannot legally do anything about it. I and my children are counting down the years until they can choose not to go.

    I spend 12 days straight working on positive reinforcement with my special needs 8 year old, to which they have nicknamed her “Doy!” As in Duh, and tell her and others that she is “dumb”. Having to rebuild after a 48 hour trauma visit, makes me wish daily that “their Armageddon” would come early, and leave the rest of us alone.

  4. John

    As usual Doug spot on. Like to hear more from you, but for some reason I’m glad I haven’t seen much this year. Hasn’t been a need to I’m guessing. As a non- JW or former JW you have helped me have compassion on these people because of the deep deception and the fact if one wants to leave they have to consider losing everything dear to them ( family, friends etc.) you have brought to light. Thank you.

  5. Gerry hunsinger

    Learned some good “reasoned” responses to this very common declaration of the average JW.

  6. LOL!

    Want to know how to talk to a JW? Think like one!

    Good to hear from you brother!

  7. Edward

    Bravo Douglas! Well said. Hope Annon carefully considered your reply. Annons reasoning regarding “true religion” is typical of a JW and extremely shallow. Loving, unified, preaching.. blah.. blah.. blah. “oral sex” huh?
    I have witnessed more love and unity among members of church I’ve been attending in past 2 years than i witnessed in 30+/- yrs at KH. Re preaching work: We don’t pile 5 into a car, drive around, leave mags under mats, make RV’s on same people for months and report time. I have witnessed awesome examples of lost souls turning to Christ in new church. Many not only teach but “treat the whole” person, meet all needs as able. Regarding “oral”. I don’t know, none of my or church business. Much more to write.. yet must run.. speak later.

  8. Grace

    Wow! Light brighter allows reading man’s beliefs into GOD’s word! Many examples of that I see through the years (GENERATION EXAMPLE)
    Even songbook changed!

  9. Anonymous

    I am embarrassed that i ever called myself a JW. I almost traded my soul but sometbing told me to run from that organization !

  10. Bill Stoughton

    First, the name of the Creator is not Jehovah. God has many names and I prefer to say Father, heavenly Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit.
    JW’s don’t have Bible study, it is to show you what they believe and later after you become one it is to enforce what we want you to believe. These self appointed “chosen” think that they are God’s communication to us sinners.
    The Holy Spirit gives you the desire to know God, to love God, to convict you of sin, to lead you to Christ, but does not indwell you unless you have given your life to Jesus. If Jesus isn’t the main theme of what you believe concerning God then you are just playing games, dangerous games, because you on the day of judgement are going to hell.
    Why do you need someone to write books and explain what to believe. God’s word is very understandable. Read it, and let God talk to you, not as a text book, but God’s word, it will fill your heart with joy.

  11. Edward Acuna

    JW Bible Study = WTBTS Literature Study. WTBTS = JW Savior. Baptized in name of.. “Father, Son, Holy Spirit.. in association with Gods organization” (WTBTS)

  12. Bill Stoughton

    Doesn’t matter what you were baptised in, until Jesus becomes your Savior you are going somewhere that I don’t want to go.
    Read the Bible by yourself and let God speak to you.
    Jesus is fully God and He invites you. Do not sell your soul to these people.

  13. Sandy

    Love it! Wish I could share this with my JW husband. He’s very intelligent and reasonable except for when it comes to his “religion”. So sad to be shackled by those chains when Jesus came to set us free! Thank you

  14. iAN

    I got out 18 years ago after finding that the WTS told multiple, provable lies. And when this was politely brought to the notice of the WTS, they blamed me of “drawing away from Jehovah”!!

  15. Bill Stoughton

    In that day of judgement he will understand because they are going were none of us wants to go.
    Why wouldn’t anyone read God’s word for themselves rather than let someone else tell you what it says, falsely I might add. God will talk to you in His word if you will let Him. Be still.

  16. Carole Brown

    Thanks Doug for your response to the JW that said their org. has love among themselves(John 13-35) which they said proves they are the True Religion!! I look forward to your emails that keep me updated on your comments to JW’s!! Perhaps even just one JW will see clearly enough & be saved from that horrible org.!!

    I myself have experienced situations as a former JW of 10 yrs. that certainly didn’t happen out of “LOVE”!!
    My most recent experience was a knock on my door & there was a JW who knew me when I attended their congregation! I guess he didn’t know what to say seeing I dis-associated myself from the JW org & now he’s not allowed to talk to me! He stood there with a shocked expression when he recognized me & asked “Is your husband home”? My reply was—“No, he’s not right now”. His response was ” OK” & just about flew down my steps!! Just one example of the stiff rules & regulations that is such a burden on their followers!! Yet— they still consider themselves the “TRUE” religion!!
    Such a shame!!

  17. There are several of these key “touchstones” of the JW faith that their followers have been conditioned to “cycle through” when they are faced with anything that directly contradicts their organization or doctrine. This is part and parcel of cult conditioning. All mind control cults have the same key structure as the Jehovah’s Witnesses and so once you’ve studied the teachings of one, and then look at others, you understand all of them and how they work.

    Here are the key Jehovah’s Witness “touchstones” in no particular order:

    1. We are the only religion that goes “door to door”.

    2. We are the only religion that refuses to take part in war.

    3. We are the only religion that refuses to salute the flag.

    4. We are the only religion that refuses to accept blood transfusions.

    5. We are the only religion that uses the “true” name of God, and that is “Jehovah”.

    There are more but these are usually sufficient to help “center” the JW when challenged by someone who knows more about the scriptures than merely quoting John 3:16.

    When directly challenged and put into a corner, the Jehovah’s Witness becomes visibly agitated. They may lash out and become abusive. They may get short of breath. They have even been known to become physically ill. These, again, are all symptoms of extreme mind control conditioning and abuse.

    Interestingly enough, those who suffer abuse at the hands of a parent or someone in authority, early on in life, tend to gravitate toward these very cults because, as many of us know, a “victim” needs an “oppressor”.

    Mind control cults provide a comfortable “prison cell” that these victims willingly enter and lock themselves into. Once firmly inside, it is next to impossible to free them. The only way to get them out is to sufficiently motivate them to want to free themselves. You see, cult imprisonment is a choice of the victim. They build their own prison and they alone hold the keys to their own freedom.

    I knew, at an early age, that what the Jehovah’s Witnesses taught was a lie. I knew it, because I read the Bible for itself. You see the meetings were terribly boring for me and so I would sit and read the actual scriptures in the NWT as well as the Kingdom Interlinear. I realized something wasn’t right. Later, when I was in my early twenties, I came to terms with the actual hypocrisy of the organization itself. Yet I did nothing about it because I was afraid of what my family and friends would do if I left or challenged them. This is another, very powerful “hook” that keeps their adherents on the “theocratic treadmill”, many for the rest of their lives. The fear of losing family and friends is probably the most traumatic thing any JW faces.

    The fact that you were able to break free, Carole, speaks volumes about you.

    Thank you for your heartfelt comment!


  18. Thank you for your heartfelt comment Bill. While I do not use this blog to “preach” to people about my beliefs, your words echo my exact sentiments. If you want to know God’s thoughts, read His words. It’s just that simple.


  19. I’m reminded of the words of the Jewish leaders in the synagogue when the formerly blind man gave his testimony about Christ.

    John 9:

    “So the Jews again called the man who had been born blind, and said to him, “Give God the praise; we know that this man Jesus is a sinner.” He answered and said, “I do not know whether he is a sinner; one thing I do know, that, although I was blind, I now see.” So they said to him, “What did he do to you? How did he give you your sight?” He replied, “I have told you already, but you would not listen to me. Why do you want to hear it again? Do you also wish to become his disciples?” Then they reviled him and said, “You are his disciple, but we are disciples of Moses. We know that God spoke to Moses, but we do not know where this man came from.” The man answered, “This is strange! You do not know where he comes from, and yet he gave me my sight! We know that God does not listen to sinners but that he does listen to him who worships him and does his will. Since the world began no one has ever heard of sight being given to a man born blind. If this man were not from God, he could do nothing.” They answered, “You were born wholly bad, and yet you would teach us?” Then they put him out of the synagogue.”

    Thanks for your comment!


  20. Read my comment to Carole in this same post. That should let some light on why your husband becomes totally unreasonable when his faith is challenged.


  21. You must have been a math major Edward! LOL!

    As always thank you for your highly logical and spot on accurate equation / portrayal of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.


  22. There is no shame here. Some very smart people have swallowed the JW lie “hook, line and sinker”.

    The Watchtower leaders prey on those among us who have been damaged in some way. That much I know.

    You should be proud that you escaped the fate of many and have been able to break free from the bonds of cult mind control.


  23. You are correct Grace!

    I remember telling myself that I wanted to live long enough so that I could see the Watchtower leaders recant their stance on 1914 and the generation lie. I got my wish, at least partially, several years ago. I don’t think they will ever totally abandon 1914 as an important date but their lie about the generation that saw that date not dying out most definitely has been exposed and they have as much as admitted it in their “new light”.

    Thanks for the comment!


  24. Thanks Ed.

    I used their flawed teaching about oral sex to make a point and to wake people up as to the intrusive nature of a mind control cult. How much more personal can you get than mandating what someone does in their own marriage bed with their lawful wife or husband?

    Can you imagine having open discussion in church regarding oral sex when children are present? Yet that is exactly what happens in a Kingdom Hall. I didn’t know what masturbation or oral sex or homosexuality was until I learned all about it at the Kingdom Hall at the early age of six.

    Many outsiders will find this to be absolutely shocking, yet these are the facts. Any honest JW will admit these subjects are talked about openly in their Kingdom Halls.

    Is it any wonder that pedophilia and other abuses run rampant in the Watchtower organization?


  25. Thanks John!

    You are right. I haven’t had a lot to write about but when I get a comment from a JW like this one, I like to put it out there for others to benefit from.


  26. Anonymous

    Amazing how the Watchtower Adherents go on about how they are the only ‘Christians’ who show love. I was an Elder for many years and was in the cult for 49 years. This religion shows so much hate, that they actually curse every other person on the planet who is not controlled by their Apostate leaders. James said we cannot curse with our mouths and sing praises to the Lord. Matthew 7 comes to mind with this cult. They judge, judge and judge all the time.

    Blessings especially to the captives of the WT.


  27. Pastor Hall

    This numb brained Guy who replied; actually had the Gaul to talk about a ‘sin’ that is not even mentioned in Gods word. They also worship a god who is followed and adored by Freemasons, The name Jehovah is a Roman Catholic Monk amalgamation from the 1200’s. The nearer name is Yahweh which they actually admitted is more correct, so why not use that name?

    Blessings especially to the captives of the WT.


  28. Pastor David Hall

    I also wanted to say that I was in that cult for 49 years and was an Elder for many. All I saw was hate for everyone who was not a cult member….love they do not know the meaning of it. Jesus said that we are to love our enemies, yet they teach to hate the world and all those in it. They Judge, Judge and Judge, yet ALL judging is given to Jesus Christ not them. They totally ignore Matthew 7…..that was a main reason I left and studied the Bible with a Bible College to find the real truth…..Yeshua/Jesus Christ.

  29. Thanks David.

    Yes, when you become a JW, the judging begins on all fronts. They judge anyone who disagrees with them. They judge each other. The most toxic part? They learn to judge themselves.

    Christ said: “Judge not lest ye be judged.”


  30. Bill Stoughton

    The name Jehovah was the one of the first things that caught my attention. They like to talk about the Creator and actually His name is Elohim. Almighty God is El Shaddai.

    Of course they have distorted so many things in God’s Word that you wouldn’t recognize it.
    People label them a cult, I would call them Satanic. Who is the father of lies? Satan
    They are sending these poor folks to hell on judgement day.

  31. Anonymous

    Yo quick question why did ya’ll support hitler back in ’33 and 20 years after that embarrassment you still teached White Racial Superiority? You guys must wish we all forgot about those. Russel’s and Rutheford were card carrying commies and you all know it.

  32. Anonymous

    Hi Doug,
    They certainly are not inspired by any God, rather inspiration comes from another source, my guess that source is paper based, used to complete daily transactions and is carried around in wallets and purses.
    I remember watching governing body member Geoffrey Jackson, on you tube, giving evidence at the Australian Commission, say that it would be presumptive to say that Jehovah Witnesses are Gods true religion on earth. No, the watchtower is not full of love, they are hateful and judgemental. The letter also said that they don’t want to take chances in case something is a sin? Uh hum, paedophiles protected by the WTBTS, flip flops on the blood issue, new light, verse changes in their bible, ……………… the list goes on.

  33. They hardly mention Jesus Christ in there meetings only in their opening and closing prayer, I’m not sure but I think I’ve never heard a song of praise to Jesus, most songs they sing is about Jehovah, the faithful slave and about them going door to door. Their Watchtower Study is all about them having love among them selves and they say that their brotherhood is truly unique, and that they are the only true religion because of the bitter persecution they endured in the Nazi concentration camps in WW2 and in resent times.

  34. Pastor David Hall

    Yes Bill, they seem to dismiss all the other 900 or so names for our Creator, the great I AM and as you say Elohim which is a plural….that is why Genesis is about Yahweh stating to the Logos/Word ‘Let us make MAN in our image’ Father God is all about family and Adam was created by the Word of God who became Yeshua on earth. They cannot get around John 1:1 so they distort it. If Yeshua/Jesus was just A god, then he would be a false god, as one of the first commandments to the Israelite’s was that they have no other god before HIS face. Many places in the Hebrew Torah states that the True God is one. Yeshua was God as the Word become flesh as John goes onto say in chapter 1. I would also agree Bill that the Watchtower religion is inspired by Satan and is yet another crafty way he keeps all the followers away from the name above ALL other 900 or more names of God. Our Lord Yeshua is above all and yet those pathetic satanists of the WT religion try to relegate our Lord to a low place, just as Satan tried when Yeshua was being tempted by that evil creature, Lets continue to pray for relatives, friends and all the others caught up in this trap of satanic rituals and name calling. Bless you Bill, Doug and all others on this forum, it does do a lot of good towards those searching for truth.

  35. Mike Verrecchia

    Love your blog.Im recently divorced.My ex and I reunited after 35 years .We split up basically cuz we were to young.She told me she was JW in a conversation soon after reuniting.I told her I didn’t agree with their teachings and didn’t want any part of it.She said ok .So she didn’t practice it for the first 31/2 years.Then there was a group of JW’z hanging out at the base of the pier handing out material and she got sucked back into it.From that point onward she became very abusive.Id like to say also she drank every day of our marriage also which to me was very hypocritical.To make a long story short our divorce was final 2 weeks ago.The hypocritical bs like in the passage is so true.Her daughter knocks on the doors trying to convert people then goes out at night and gets drunk.Its a joke

  36. Robin McEwen

    Well said Doug, as ever your pen wields strong words of truth and encouragement. I hope he read it and I hope it causes change in his thinking.

  37. Pastor David Hall

    The reason the Watchtower Captives are two-faced and live a so called ‘sanctimonious’ lives at meetings and when they do the door plodding, but when they are not under those constraints they get drunk, go nightclubbing and most other things.

    The reason is, they are not saved and definitely do not have the Holy Spirit living within them. They try to ‘obey’ the rules in the flesh, but as we know that is not possible for the majority….I knew a few Elders that loved their beer and often had too much. They are full of telling everyone one else how to live, just like the Pharisee’s did and yet they are full of hypocritical sin themselves. I could relate so many things about ‘Private’ Elders meetings where Elders admitted past serious sins and were slapped on the back and told, well it was in the past, so just forget it. Whereas an ordinary publisher would be dragged over the coals.

  38. Paul

    Good points, well made. There is no cage more secure than the one that a JW places himself in and refuses to take the key that is handed to him. I finally got out at age 62 after a lifetime of refusing to take the key. The peace, calm and freedom is truly liberating in a sense that I never thought could happen.

  39. Gerry Hunsinger

    The bondage of the WT society should serve as a warning to all who neglect the provided gift of salvation of the righteousness of Christ and therefore go about to establish their own [ROM10:].Can you imagine then all pulling out their service cards .and presenting them to Christ at the Judgement seat [MATT 25:31-46}
    may none of us ever forget what Jehovah requires of us [MIC 6:8]

  40. Susie Bolduc

    I use to be a JW. I still have friends that are JW. When you talk about the guy here talks about the biggest group that show love to one another. If that were the case, I encounter many JW who sometimes share their feelings about their other brother or sister in the so called truth. Hypocrites. Back stabbers. They talk about and against other followers of the JW group. Yah, that is loving! As for their sex and rightousness, they harbour and hide and defend and also have as leaders and elders pedophiles. There is a yet nother big case that is once again taking place in regards of their so called love for one another in which many, many children are being destroyed at the hands of pedophiles amongst them. If they were actually following God’s word, they would not even have such people amongst them. When I was in the JW’s, my own daughter was molested by her father. He never got disfellowshipped, and because I chose to protect my children, I was treated like a criminal because they wanted everything to stay hush, hush, I got a lawyer and did everything to protect my children in which I won my case. Doug, I understand everything you say about that group. I know all who have come out of that group understood that thet were in no way Godly. Godly does not mean to be a JW. They need to do their research.

  41. Thanks so much for sharing your heartbreaking story Susie.

    It sounds like you’ve become a much stronger person as a result of having gone through this. That’s really the only silver lining I can see for my experience as well.


  42. Thank you for your comment Gerry! Spot on!


  43. I’ve told people it’s like finally being able to take your hand off of a hot stove. Yes we are permanently scarred from the burns but the pain and misery of that existence no longer inflicting itself on us makes it so very much worth it!

    I’m glad you got out Paul!


  44. It’s a cult version of the “old boys club”.

    Seen it so many times for myself. There’s simply no way the Holy Spirit appoints these guys to their positions as the Watchtower leaders would have you believe.

    Thanks David!


  45. Thanks Robin!


  46. It is very very easy for a former JW to get sucked back in. Triggers can be anything from a life change, a prolonged illness, losing a job or a national or international event. Sometimes all it takes is someone knocking on the door and BAM! They’re back in.

    That’s why I always counsel those who are considering a relationship with a current or former JW to strongly consider the ramifications of such a thing. You simply can’t get away from it and there’s always a “theocratic elephant” in the room.


  47. Thank you David!


  48. You’re right. Jesus is merely an “oh and by the way” afterthought for JW’s. They teach that He was merely a man and nothing more.

    There were a lot of other religions represented in the concentration camps. If that were the acid test for truth, then the Jews would win by sheer numbers.


  49. Sadly, I must agree with you Bill on all points.


  50. Thanks Alena.

    Yes the more things change, the more they stay the same. Especially for these people.

    It’s one big shell game and even if you pick the one with the “pea” under it, you soon find out that it’s rotten to the core.

    As always, thank you for your comments.


  51. Jodoggie

    I went to church five times a week as a kid. Three of those times were with my JW mother and the other two times were with my World Wide Church of God father. Our parents were very strict in how my sister and I dressed. We could only wear dresses and they had to go well past the knee. The other JW children made fun of my sister and I both at the Kingdom Hall and at school. My mother believed I would not go back to being a JW because of these bad experiences I had with other JW children. I could never convince her it was the scandals and the doctrines that kept me away.

    If there is so much love among these JW church members why did the leaders decree that their brothers in Malawi could not buy a 25 cent party card in a one party country, thereby causing thousands to be persecuted, imprisoned and even tortured?

    On the other hand the leaders of the organization gave permission for their brothers and sisters in Mexico to bribe officials for documents that would untruthfully state he or she had done their required service in the military.

    For many years the organization was registered in Mexico as an “Educational Organization” rather than a religious organization. Religious organizations could not own property in Mexico. The greedy Watchtower Bible and Tract Society came up with a way to keep a hold on their “Earthly Riches.” So much for that ole song, “We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses We Speak Out In Fearlessness.” This decision by the leaders of the organization prevented their brothers from carry God’s Holy Scripture’s while they were going door to door. It prevented them from saying prayers at their “Educational Centers” (or whatever they were called because they were not called Kingdom Halls).

    The Bible states that “Money is the root of all evil.”

    The organization promoted more than a few false prophesies. Was this out of love for it’s members or out of love for selling books and magazines and all the lovely money they made.

    JW Literature constantly focuses on members obeying the organization. I once read an article that stated that members who did not agree with the organization must still follow the organization and “Wait Upon Jehovah” to turn them around. Now this is truly a teaching of Satan!


  52. All of this is established fact for anyone who was in during the time of the Malawi persecution. Ask anyone who was in the JW’s in Mexico during that time and they will verify it as the truth.

    Total hypocrisy, plain and simple.

    Here’s a version of the song that I wrote years ago. I think you’ll like it.

    Sung to the tune of: “We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses”
    For our sins we could atone, but the true God we’ve not known. He is Christ Almighty, on His lofty throne.
    Our leaders just cannot see what in future days will be. False prophecies they speak all in vain, since their chronology’s insane,
    We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses, we speak out in thoughtlessness. Ours is the god of false prophecy. Nothing we say comes to be.
    “You’re our witnesses,” they said, “preach or you will wind up dead! We’re the “anointed remnant”, your new lords and head!”
    “We found and recruited you, for our profits to accrue, keep selling magazines near and far, prove that our mindless slaves you are.”
    We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses, we speak out in witlessness. Ours is the god of hypocrisy. Nothing we say comes to be.
    Marketing exalts our name, boosts our membership and fame! Go recruit more people, who will do the same.
    Pardon we’ll hold out to men, if they’ll turn their time slips in, thus earning tickets to “paradise”, although our teaching’s filled with lies.
    We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses, we speak out in senselessness. Ours is the god of false prophecy. Nothing we say comes to be.

  53. Pastor David Hall

    Very good points Doug, Just one thing though…it is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil, not the money itself, as the Bible also tells us it can be a defense. Blessings

  54. Bill Stoughton

    After encountering all the names for God, I became so confused that I just revert back to Father, Heavenly Father, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. To me it seemed disrespectful calling God by a name when I would call my earthly father, Father, Daddy, because if I had called him by his name, I would still be picking my teeth out of the back of my throat.
    If Jesus was just a man as the JW’s claim, then he didn’t die for anyone’s sins, then we might as well throw our Bible in the trash and go home.
    This religion or whatever you want to call it, is definitely Satan’s House. Sadly, I’m sure most of these good folks really want to know God.
    We need to pray and ask for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on this Satanic organization.

  55. Pastor David Hall

    Totally agree Bill, Jesus is the only Truth…no religion, just love and obey his 2 commands and that is what Grace is all about. We always have our Lord as our Sustain’er and as you say our Heavenly Father. Bless all you that are on this blog.

  56. Edward Acuna

    Doug, Dougie, Douglas, I’d like to make you an offer ya can’t refuse. A contract for your lyrics written above. With me as your agent.. we’ll go places.. buddy. Split profits 50/50! OK??

  57. Haha! You are too kind (and funny Ed!).

  58. Bill Stoughton

    Not long ago I agreed to do a Bible study with JW and what bothered me was there was no prayer before and as we proceeded I just asked to stop, because something inside of me felt like this was not a Bible study at all, but them showing me what they believed. Yesterday this JW stopped by with another guy and ask me if I looked at their stuff and I said that I had and that I was very comfortable where I was believing in my salvation through Jesus and the other guy said that in John 3:16 you should be thanking the giver, not like everyone else does and thanking the gift. These people whip out scriptures faster than Wyatt Earp can draw his sixshooter. I am not going to get into a game of one upmanship with them or anyone else, for one thing they know their lies better than most know the truth.

    How can anyone read the Bible and not see who Jesus is. They are so adamant about ramming the name Jehovah down your throat and I think that is not even a Hebrew name, but an Italian name.

    The Watchtower society has done a first class job of indoctrinating these poor souls into their lies and sending them to the slaughter. They are one polished organization. It’s too bad that they are not for God rather than against Him.

  59. Carole Brown

    Hi Doug—–Just wanted to make clear to you that my husband was never a Jehovah’s Witness— he stood by me for all the 10 yrs but never joined the Organization! Within the 10 yrs he was drilled by any one of the JW’s that stopped by! He would go to an occasional meeting with me ! More so to please me !! We’ve been married 40 years now & our love has grown through our communication to one another. When I opened that door to further research ( which as a JW this is forbidden) I was overwhelmed by the revealing of clear light of information that I was praying for!! It seemed as if even though I read the Bible daily there was a cloud that would prevent me to see the real meaning!! The JW org. with their classes of Watchtower Magazines make you want to concentrate on what they feed you !! And they stress the study of their magazines & pamphlets!! Thanks again for your blog !! Sorry about the lengthy feedback but I felt the need to fill you in !!

  60. 2 Cor 11:14 says it all:

    “And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”

    He’s one slick operator and the Watchtower is slicker than most.

    Thanks for the post Bill.

  61. Thanks for that clarification Carole.

    I’m glad you saw the light of real truth instead of being deceived by the lie.


  62. Gerry Hunsinger

    The Wt continues to reverse John the Baptist words to “He must decrease and WE must increase” in the minds of the “dogmatized”. Proving the very definition of ANTICHRIST; the primary meaning of “anti” being “instead of”. To the GB Jesus is only “the incredible shrinking man”.

  63. I have to agree 100% with your astute observation Gerry.

    Sad but true.


  64. Gerry Hunsinger

    The next time a Jw informs you of the GB appointment to speak for Jehovah ,take them to Isa 44:25-26 to show them that HE has refused to confirm but rather to expose them by NOT fulfilling their false statements concerning 1914,1925,1975,”end of the century” etc.,revealing to all their OWN self appointment as such.They will be quick to point out that “they” are the only ones going “door to door”: .Just like the ones Jesus warns us about in Mt 24 who will come teaching a secret or invisible RETURN of Christ . Jesus himself taught that his verifiable “presence” will not be in the INNER ROOMS, or OUT IN THE DESERT .Everyone who has experienced a flash of lightening at midnight knows that every detail within view is illuminated.MT 24:26-27.OH and if you should mention those other guys who go “door to door”, you know the “Mormons” you will get a laugh out of them with the response “they don’t believe what the bible teaches”.

  65. Grace

    So true

  66. Bill Stoughton

    Trying to follow the comments from Gerry. Please excuse my ignorance, but what is GB.

  67. Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. This is the controlling “legislative”, “judicial”, and “executive” arm of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. Their word is law to a Jehovah’s Witness and they hold their words in higher esteem than even God’s word.


  68. Bill Stoughton

    Thanks for the info Doug on what the GB is.

  69. My pleasure Bill!


  70. Gerry Hunsinger

    Doug, ,I think you will find this recent encounter with some jws at my local walmart interesting. They have had free access to set up carts at both entrances every 4 to 6 weeks now. This time they were targeting the hearing impaired with the pretense of offering “service”.The store manager saw this for what it was ::nothing but pure advantaged prosyeltazing on Walmart property and asked them to leave. You should have seen the fight these people put up. claiming all manner of discrimination,but as you know the wt teaches you ONLY have TELL THE TRUTH TO THOSE WHO DESERVE TO HEAR IT.I wonder if they have ever read that verse in the last chapter in the book of revelation 22:14. I guess they left it out of the THEOCRATIC WAR STRATGEY PLAYBOOK.

  71. Their approach is so deceptive it is scary Gerry!

    I remember being taught to use the line: “I’m not here to change your religion.” and asking for a specific amount to “defray the cost of publishing”.

    The Watchtower and Awake magazines were a PROFIT item that made the Watchtower millions every single month.

    With the laws passed in the 80’s that required JW’s not to ask for specific amounts and the advent of online media, their cash cow has finally dried up.

    Now, more than ever, recruitment is the key focus of this cult.


  72. Gerry Hunsinger

    Doug ,You may already have knowledge of how the WT invests all those offerings,but it was a real eye opener for me!!! It seems their tax records show them invested in more than a few of the top arms manufacturers and they even have listed some investment in Phillip Morris ;a cigarette producer. I have a JW Elder friend that actually gave up his job at NASA because he had to handle military payloads for the space shuttle, He had to take a low paying job and go “where the need was greater”. Threy sent the poor guy to New Orleans a few days before Hurrican Katrina hit and he lost all his worldly possesions.

  73. Anonymous


    Hi Doug

    Good wishes to you, as usual very interesting discussions in this blog.

    I’ve just finished watching “Hidden from Jehovahs witnesses video 9d another secret book” on Youtube, I am still astounded by the lies and deception that the WTBTS goes to !!!!!!

    Even though I have been free from them for over 10 years I am still shocked by how their worldly policies are devised, the strategies they use to maintain their power. For an organisation which prides itself so much on being truthful (!) , even referring to their twisted versions of their bible and doctrines as “the truth “, I was still shocked to see that they advised jw’s that not everyone deserves the truth, even in a court of law.!!!!!!! No, the more I find out, the sorrier I feel towards the vulnerable jw believers who have no idea they are being exploited emotionally, financially, on the basis of their gender and in a myriad of other ways

    The Hidden from jehovahs witnesses videos are so well researched, really good viewing if anyone is interested.

  74. Thanks Alena!

    I’ll definitely give that a watch.


  75. Edward

    Where can I find “hidden” videos? Youtube?

  76. Gerry Hunsinger

    Doug, I’m wondering if you know anything about a data base of photos of “apostates” and “opposing ones” .that the WT is said to be compiling at each local level ? I have seen several UTUBE recording where JW working out of their “KoolAid” stands have fled very quickly.: ,even stating that they ” have seen a picture ” of the person attempting to approach and engage them through leading questions. They seem to have forget “be ready to give an answer to EVERYONE about the hope without .”

  77. If you’re that fragile in your own faith that you have to flee when someone disagrees with you…that’s pretty sad.

    You and I definitely went “toe to toe” on more than a few occasions eh Gerry?

    Love you brother!


  78. Edward

    Re. “Give answer to anyone” They will not give answer to anyone they feel threatened by. That is anyone who has a question they cannot answer. They gnash their teeth then run like the wind! Sometimes it only takes one very simple question. If you have attempted to help a JW, you know exactly what I mean. One poor JW accused me of trying to argue with him. Absolutely no argument occurred. I just asked question he couldn’t answer logically or biblically. He wanted nothing to do with me after that. I pleaded with him to talk with me.

  79. To a JW, an apostate or someone that reads or learns from apostates is the “boogie man”.


  80. Gerry Hunsinger

    In the little brown “REASONING FROM THE SCRIPTURES” book, the Jw is instructed to really play up the authority of the bible in the ear of the targeted prey—” I’m calling you a free home Bible course” p.12,this after on p.10 ” Do you believe that the Bible is God’s Word or do you feel that it is just a good book WRITTEN BY MEN”? “We’re encouraging folks to READ their Bible” (At least the half that proves our point and to ignore the ones that show the “tower twisting”) .After the Biblical Hook is set :The authority in all matters now is shifted to muli headed Hydra of the Governing body. A classic Bait And switch, still echoing the ancient serpent’s “Hath God REALLY said….” Maybe this is where they found the idea for the title of the current tool of cloning “What does the Bible REALLY teach” But I encourage everyone to keep repeating the scripture in their ears like children sounding out the words of their father. An old preacher once declared that “I defend the bible the same way I defend a lion– I open the gate and let it out !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work Doug.


  81. Anonymous

    all the videos “hidden from jehovahs witnesses ” are on youtube, the ones I have watched are thoroughly researched, backed up with documents for viewers to see. I haven’t seen them all as some are over 2 hours long

  82. Edward

    I second that Gerry! Me hats off to ya’ Douglas.. oh wait I’m not wearing a hat! If I was i’d Take it right off to ya’ Douglas!

  83. Bill Stoughton

    For a JW, who forgives their sins.

    I’ve noticed one thing that if you are discussing something with them, they aren’t really listening to you, because they are searching for the scripture in their mind to up you. The saddest thing is while you read the Bible and let God speak to you, they don’t comprehend that while they were reading the Bible, man was telling them what it said. They don’t understand that had they just read the Bible, most likely they would have never become involved in this Satanic organization.

  84. You’re so right Bill.

    That’s why they always come in twos. One carries the conversation while the other flips pages in the New World Translation or looks up the scriptures in their mini concordance in the back.

    This is by design and highly effective in a “sales” situation.


  85. Micah

    Hello Doug i wanted to thank you for your response to the post “another letter from a Jehovah’s Witness” most of these fools who post such nonsense are clearly under the WT mind control mechanism they boldly claim how loving the Org is however if that were true why would people like me say it isn’t loving i don’t say there is no love when there is love, i call a spade a spade in other words i’m a straight talker i don’t make stuff up unlike what the WT and FDS [Faithful & Discreet Slave] say about us calling us liars and all sorts of malicious accusations this organization brags all the time about how wonderful they are even though Jesus said quite clearly to not blow your trumpet ahead of you. They go to a lot of trouble to print books and mags spending large amounts of money of huge printing presses when King Solomon clearly stated the making of many books would be burdensome. They treat the lonely and depressed in a despicable manner they do not allow a proper appeal process to take place if one feels they have been harshly judged, they basically employ slave labor at bethel a volunteer would be someone perhaps that does a few hours a week or month not 35 hours per week with out a proper wage. I could go on and on about the hypocrisy that seeps out of this org.

  86. I couldn’t agree more Micah!


  87. Gerry Hunsinger

    I think the main reason for “marking”,”disfellowshipping” and “shunning” is to keep the illusion o “love among themselves” in the mind of the average witness where these are proclaimed as “acts of love”.

  88. Actually I believe these practices are “baked in” to the Watchtower’s code to enforce their authority among the faithful. If there were no consequences then dissidents, like me, could say whatever we wanted to say with impunity. They certainly can’t have that!

    Losing one’s friends and family is a pretty big motivator to “walk the party line”.


  89. Janet

    This is for Edward. Look up Jason Zelda on YouTube and you’ll find Hidden from Jehovah’s witnesses.

  90. Sandy

    Just got introduced to the JW. Watching from afar! Is it normal to have closet alcoholics in this cult? I’ve noticed there are quite a few, and they haven’t been kicked out but they shun people who have been kicked out. Hipocrit?

  91. Bill Stoughton

    Sandy, the acoholic person that you are referring to is even worse than the usual judgmental people that you might encounter. Stay away from these people. Read your Bible and love Jesus.

  92. bbb

    Well written this cult needs to be exposed to the world to see so thousands people can live in reality and stop them from destroying children and families all people that are in awareness.

  93. Pastor David Hall

    We do not want to argue, all we want them to do, is accept that they are sinners and need to repent and then ask them if they accept that Yeshua (The Lord Jesus Christ) died for them and was raised to life on the 3rd day and resides in Heaven as King of Kings and Lord of Lords….if they agree t all of this and speak it out or answer yes, then just tell them according to Romans 10: 9 they are now saved. Also try and show them John 3: 3-5 where Jesus himself stated to a religious JW type that if he is not Born Again he will not inherit the Kingdom of God, wherever they believe that is. Then it is up to the Holy Spirit to do the rest. My wife had not spoken with her older sister since 1919 and she has been captive to that cult. We spke on Skype about a month ago and she spoke out the above and now Chris my wife talks to her all the time now about the Lord. Blessings David

  94. Gerry Hunsinger

    A saving confession is one that embraces the biblical fact that Jesus is Jehovah the Son and that the Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit raised the very same physical sinless body from the dead.Even if a witness repeats the words of Rom 10:9 in your hearing there is at the same time a redefining and denying of the truth proclaimed therin.

  95. Bill Stoughton

    Yes Gerry a saving confession after acknowledging that you are a sinner by confessing your sins and asking Jesus into your heart and confessing Him as your Lord and Savior is what according to the Bible is the path to salvation.

  96. Gerry Hunsinger

    I am curious to know if you mention “asking Jesus into your heart” to the JWs you encounter. If no heart belief is involved salvation is not complete according to ROM 10:10,and the verbalization becomes an incantation not a confession.A JW will understand ROM 10:9 as “If you confess Michael the archangel as second in command and believe that Jehovah recreated him you will survive armagedden”.

  97. Pastor David Hall

    Hi Gerry, Yes I know what you are talking about. However Yahweh knows our heart. My wife accpted Yeshua as her Saviour before she understood the triunity, but it did not stop the Lord working powerfully in her life. She turned her back on the false teachings of that cult which se was born into and remained in it for 52 years. The Lord saw that and then the Holy Spirit (Ha Kadesh) started to teach her who Yeshua really was.

    I met a Born Again Christian back in the 1980’s whilst doing secular work door to door. The brother asked me if I knew Jesus Christ, to which I answered yes as I was a JW and an Elder in the congregation. He was very kind and displayed real love and so did other members of his House Church. He asked me the same questions I posted last time and I agreed to what he asked and spoke it out. The Holy Spirit then worked on me and I was never happy in the Cult after that.

    It took me around 16 years to finally break free and then be led to go to a loving Church with a loving Pastor. It was then I started studying with a Bible College and that has led me to understand God’s will.for us. Actually not that many JWs know what the Bible really teaches, so your point about ‘incantation’ or ‘confession’ is not relevant as you or I do not know what is anyones heart. We are told by Yeshua himself not to Judge and that is one of the reasons I got out of the Cult.

    I have known others who glibly say the ‘Sinners Prayer’ and then carry on living in Sin and think they are saved. I do not believe in Once Saved always saved. I believe we have to remain in Christ and do as he askes us to do in his 2 great commandments. The Lord will never leave us or forsake us, but those who want to continue in the filth of this World will gradully wriggle out of his hands and throw the Gift of Eternal life back into his face.

    My own x Son In Law did exactly that..and he was never a JW. I even baptised him in water, but he never gave up drinking a womanising and has had 2 other kids by different women after he left the Lord, he even swears at the name of Jesus Christ……we still pray that he will return, but is he ‘saved’ Hebrews 6:4-6 is quite clear about this.

    Blessings David

  98. Bill Stoughton

    Gerry, first, you keep saying Jehovah, which is not a name addressing God until centuries after Jesus. I prefer God, Heavenly Father, Yahweh.

    When you acknowledge that you are a sinner and confess your sins and ask Jesus to come into your heart and take control of your life, these are not just words. This is from your heart as the Holy Spirit convicts you and guides you as you turn away from your sinful life and embrace Jesus and follow Him.


  99. Amanda Galaviz-Herman

    Praise Jesus I found this site. Oh goodness how it’s captivated my heart in so many ways. There are so many lost souls in this “loving religion”. One to add is my mom almost allowed my twin sister to die when she had stage 4 cancer because she needed a blood transfusion. Thankfully the Lord knows the end from the beginning and my dad got a court order for a blood transfusion. There are so many other stories I wish I could write about but it’s all my past and I’m truly grateful Jesus creates a new in us. My mom’s whole family is very active in JW org. My cousin lives in Bethel with his wife and uncle is an elder. My mom (who have been estranged for almost 6 years) is a full time pioneer. I just pray daily that God change their hearts. My whole life until I was saved, I felt constantly judge, condemned and unloved until I was saved 7 years ago. Thank you Jesus.

  100. Pastor David Hall

    Our dear daughter died on Thursday 21/12/17 with aggresive cancer and she had only recently been appointed in the Church we now attend as Administrator in October after 17 years teaching. Thankfully both her children are now adults. However the evening before she died, we went to see our lovely Naomi in the Hospice and her ‘JW in-laws’ were there to see her. When we walked in, we were totally ignored, no form of greeting or sympathy. We used to have a reasonable relationship befor we left the evil Cult in 2001. Their Son, our Son In Law was disjusted. They are so brainwashed that they ignore all common decency. The odd thing is, they hypocritically visited Naomi even though she was once a JW and her Husband was, but had been BA Christians. for many years. So 1 rule for immediate family and another for those like us. They really do not know the meaning of Love.

    Our Grandaughter Naomi’s daughter was there also with her boyfreind who has said in the past that he did not believe in God, but he saw the difference……he said that he felt heat going up his body that night before she died and he heard a voice to tell him to go and be with Naomi in the Hospice at 3.00 am.

    He told us that he felt that our daughter Naomi had an audience with the Lord, just before she died. I said to him, do you now accept the Lord as your Saviour and he said yes. He has been amazing towards our dear Naomi and did everything he could for her over the past few weeks. We only moved back to England in April after nearly 10 years in Cyprus as Missionaries for our dear Lord and we mainly moved back to be near our family. So very pleased to hear about your healing Amanda. Bless you

  101. I’m so sorry for your loss David.

    I can’t even begin to imagine how that must feel. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this saddest of times.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses are programmed to do things out of sheer duty and for appearances. They are always cognizant of “how it will look to others” both inside and outside the cult. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are the most co-dependent group on the planet in my opinion. Because of the programming, I have to constantly fight that tendency toward obsessing about how others view me, even now, decades after leaving.

    The word I believe you might be looking for with regard to your in-laws is “cold”. They’re emotionally stilted in so many ways. Emotion, real, raw, unfettered emotion is considered as weakness by most JW’s. Instead they live in a tightly controlled shell that makes them appear to be normal but inside they are anything but. The Watchtower calls this robotic means of relating to others as the “new personality” and refers to their former self image as the “old personality”. If there was ever a direct reference to brainwashing in this cult, stated in their own words, this is it.

    God bless you and your family David.


  102. Bill Stoughton

    David, I am very sorry for your loss. As for the relatives from the Satanic organization, I used to think that they were stupid, but in reality the cult is so slick, that they are brain washed.
    May there be happier days ahead.
    Again, my condolences.

  103. Pastor David Hall

    Thank you Bill and Doug for your kind words. Bless you all who and thank you for ‘comforting those who mourn
    Have a good Holiday time and teasure what you have in Christ. God Bless David

  104. Anonymous

    So sorry to hear of your loss, David. Yes, that was truly cold, unfeeling behaviour.

    God be with you


  105. Gerry Hunsinger

    Pastor Hall, When in Jerusalem in 1983, I went to the grave of Horatio Spafford who wrote the hymn “It is well with my soul”. I trust that you will draw strength from the lyrics of that composition at this time of grief and sadness .What occasioned the writing of this hymn was the loss of four daughters within the span of twelve minutes and the near loss of their mother. God grant you comfote at this time. Gerry H

  106. Carole Brown

    Pastor Hall—-My condolences go out to you & family!! It is such a difficult time to lose our loved ones!! May you find strength in Jesus & his peace will carry you through !!

  107. Pastor David Hall

    Thank you Gerry and Alena…The Father in Law at least phoned me last night and apoligised for his families thoughtlessness and I thanked him and said Bless you. We must never curse as that is what Satan wants. Send blessings and maybe they will be rescued from the fire of evil teachings and sending them to the place Satan will welcome them too.

    Yes Gerry I know that hymn and it has excellent words. May the dear Lord Yeshua be with you this day and whatever we each believe about the 25th December, it is the Love of our Lord and Saviour that is paramount. Bless you in Yeshua Ha Mashiach’s name David

  108. John

    Let’s begin that Christ is NOT a created being. How can someone anyone hit the target if they are not even facing it?

  109. Pastor David Hall

    JWs choose to ignore what Hebrews 1: 5-7 tells us, The Son Is Superior to Angels 5 For to which of the angels did God ever say, “You are my Son; today I have begotten you”?
    Or again, “I will be his Father, and he will be my Son”? 6 And again, when he brings the firstborn into the world, he says, “Let all God’s angels worship him.” 7 Of the angels he says, “He makes his angels winds, and his servants flames of fire.”

    If Yeshua were an Angel would he be Worshipping himself? Yeshua was the first to be begotten by means of the Holy Spirit through a Virgin Girl.. Then ALL the angels WORSHIPPED him and the WT tried to change the meaning in their fake Bible and substituted the word obescience, which in Greek means the same thing.

  110. John

    Pastor Hall. Excellent and my thoughts exactly. Christ allowed others to worship Him and He was sinless, so, if allowing worship was wrong He no longer would be sinless. Thanks for the comment reply. John

  111. Pastor David Hall

    Some of the most awful things this Satanic Cult teaches actually prevent real ‘truth seekers’ from the Truth of Jesus Christ and one of those very important things is that they prevent the so called ‘Other Sheep’ from partaking of the New Covenant as TRUE followers of Yeshua our redeemer. True Christianity bserves 2 ordanancies. 1, Baptism in Water and 2. Partaking of the emblems of bread and wine that allows us to become part of the body of Christ.

    The other satanic thing, is that they claim Yeshua was referring to a ‘seperate class’ when he said “Other Sheep I have, which are not of this fold…..” This is where they cherry pick verses and they do not connect with Paul’s words in Romans 11

  112. Pastor David Hall

    Those verses are so important as Yeshua was talking about future disciples and followers of him being grafted into the Hebrew rootstock….first the Samaritans and then the Gentiles…

    “For if the firstfruit is holy, the lump is also holy; and if the root is holy, so are the branches. 17 And if some of the branches were broken off, and you, being a wild olive tree, were grafted in among them, and with them became a partaker of the root and fatness of the olive tree, 18 do not boast against the branches. But if you do boast, remember that you do not support the root, but the root supports you”

    As Christians we are grafted into the Root of the true Israel thus fullfilling the Covenant given to Abraham that all nations will be blessed by accepting the Grace of our dear Lord.

  113. Pastor David Hall

    John 3: 3-5 records the amazing words that Yeshua spoke to Nicodemus a Pharisee that he needed to be Born Again. A Jewish man of that time would be thought of as being Born Again in a Spiritual sence, but Yeshua was talking about being Born of Water & Spirit. This is another satanic teaching of the WT Cult as they say it only applies to the so called Anointed of the WT adherents. Revelation 7 & 14 talks about 12000 from each of the Jewish tribes who are special to the Lord, totalling 144.000 who were chosen way back in early Jewish Christian times.

  114. Pastor David Hall

    Whilst talking to JWs that called on us in Cyprus where we lived until this year, I would take them to this verses where it says that if we are not Born Again we will not see the Kingdom…now this is the point they have not noticed. Yeshua NEVER said it was Kingdom on Earth or Kingdom in Heaven…..Gods Kingdom is with Mankind and they will be his people, where ever we are. So to gain life in God’s Kingdom we need to be Born Again and the only way to do that, is Confess with our mouth, that Yeshua?Jesus Christ is Lord and came to Earth to redeem Humankind and that he dies for our Sins and rose on the 3rd day and is living in heavenly Glory waiting for his Bride.

    Romans 10: “if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 11 For the Scripture says, “Whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame.” 12 For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, for the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him. 13 For “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

  115. Pastor David Hall

    As most of us know, the name they put in these verses is Je…vah (in the NWT) which is abhorant to me. These verses are all about Yeshua and accepting HIM into our entire being and then the Lord implants into us New Life by means of the Holy Spirit.

    This brings me to another false doctrine of the WT… the Holy Spirit is not the Wind or Electricity, but he is the Living Being of Yahweh himself and can go anywhere and reside anywhere he so desires. This was the Amazing revelation to us many years ago after getting rid of the BOULDERS of concrete off our shoulders. The Holy Spirit is Living In US….alleluya

  116. Bill Stoughton

    I’m glad that you talked about the Holy Spirit, because the Bible says He, not it or electricity or anything else. He will glorify Jesus, He will convict of sin, He will comfort us, He will guide us. Yes, He is very much God. I just wish folks would learn to read the Bible and let God instruct them rather than let some Satanic organization tell them what it says.
    Keep up the good work.
    Blessings, Bill

  117. Anonymous

    Just to say thankyou Doug for another year of this blog, where you invite ex j’s to seek and give support, I certainly have felt that this forum has given me scope to vent my anger at the lies I was told, equally this platform has given many to seek comfort from other ex j’s.

    Happy New Year, peace of mind and best wishes to all

  118. Thank you Alena!

    I hope to write more in the coming new year.

    Happy New Year!


  119. Pastor David Hall

    Yes Doug, you have certainly put a lot of good work into this site and forum. Bless you for the forth coming year and let us pray that many Watchtower Captives will be set free and welcome the Holy Spirit into their lives and recognise that he is the living manifestation of our Holy God who supports us and cares for us in our troubles and concerns in this satanic world full of traps and depravity. Bless everyone who comes onto this site and reads the amazing revelations of what this and other cults do to very sincere peoples minds. David

  120. Thank you David!


  121. Lydia Lowery-Janick

    Lol , the author of the letter to you sounds like a parrot.

    I’ve known hundreds of JW’s as I was brought up in the fold. As an adult looking back , it’s obvious to me that everyone who is drawn to JW is looking for a band-aid to fix their limited scope of enjoying a beautiful and wonderful life. They need an organization to tell them what to do and how to behave and what to think. Truly in every sense, they can’t successfully handle the world.. The big bad world that JW fear.

    My wish for all is that everyone knows that God is love, you are loved by God. You are enough.

    It reminds me of the story of a Monk who is denied access to heaven… The Monk says , “God why can’t I get into Heaven? I’ve lived a life of poverty, I’ve sacrificed good food, housing, vacations, and spent my life serving you.” God then replied , ” Yes , I created delicious food for you to enjoy, beaches with white sand and Palm trees for you to enjoy, mountains for skiing and yet you shunned all the beauty I created for you.. You did not accept my gifts on earth.

  122. “So why would you accept them in heaven?”

    I’m also a fan of Milton’s famous words: “The mind is its own place and can make a hell of heaven, or heaven of hell.”

    Thank you Lydia!


  123. I studied with JW’s for 10 years and then got baptized in 1992 . I remained slightly active for a couple of years and I just couldn’t find the joy that others said they had in their service to Jehovah . I eventually just stopped attending meetings and going out in field service . About two years ago I was having a tough time with the things I was seeing happening on our planet , the extent of man’s depravity and evil and it went me running back to the kingdom hall . I need something to hold fast to . Everlasting life on a paradise earth with no one ever getting sick or dying. Who doesn’t want that ? I became a publisher again and started attending all the meetings , conventions and assemblies but again I cannot seem to find that joy . Also I have been with sisters who are pioneers who have blatantly disobeyed traffic laws and elders that got so drunk at a public event that my son and I had to drive everyone home but I can’t talk to my daughter because she disassociated herself . I just wish I had the absolute truth , and to find that out I may have to go if alone because I don’t trust the other religious organizations either .

  124. I get it. I did the same thing for a short period after leaving the first time. I tried to make it work but you know, when you know, you know. You just haven’t quite accepted it yet. It takes time.

    In the meantime, start taking care of YOU. Think about what YOU want in your life now, and not in some utopian society in a far distant future that may or may not ever happen. Figure out what you think about God and life and the Bible. Read it for yourself without all of the “helps” that the Watchtower puts there to keep you out of “trouble”.

    You’ll find that God’s word is powerful but only if you take it at face value and not try to read any hidden meaning or messages into it. The Watchtower claims they have a “lock” on the truth because they, and only they, can interpret God’s word. There is nothing further from the truth. It is a lie that cult leaders promulgate among their faithful to keep them in line.

    I’m sorry you have to go through this but many of us on this blog have. We survived. You will too. I hope you can see your way to heal yourself and to stop obsessing over this cult. Toward that end I suggest you read anything written by Steven Hassan. Combatting Cult Mind Control was the book that helped me to finally get free of this cult. I suggest it highly.

    All my best!

    Doug Shields

  125. Amanda Galaviz-Herman


    I was raised as a JW and most of my maternal family is still very active in this organized religion. Let me just say that I was saved when I was 29. It was all in God’s timing. He ultimately knew I would come to Him. I have never felt the joy I now have in my life since that saving grace. I know it’s hard, trust me. I think it may help if you get a NKJV bible and not the “watchtower society” bible. Also Charles Stanley is an amazing pastor who teaches God’s word straight from the bible and he’s very easy to listen to as well as he will not leave you confused. He has an app called “In Touch” which have daily devotions and has written many amazing books. Maybe that can be a starting point. I’m now 37 and have never seen my life transformed in such a miraculous way. I have an 11 year old daughter who loves the Lord and is not being raised the way I was. Robbed of so much joy. God bless you and will be praying for you.


  126. Edward

    Amanda, Are you from Central Coast of California?

  127. Anonymous


    Yes, I sure am. Do I know you?

  128. Edward

    Yes, you know me.. i think. Did you attend PR High? And did you hang out with Adri and Melissa Acuna in school?

  129. Anonymous

    Is this Ed Acuna? Yes I did hang out with them-all the time. 🙂

  130. Edward

    Yep! I no longer a JW. My Wife, Lisa still is. I attend North County Christian Fellowship in Paso Robles. I was baptized last week! As you can imagine, there is friction. What is your story?

  131. Anonymous

    Oh my goodness. Wow. What a small world. I know all about friction in families all too well. I met my husband in 2010 and he’s the one who told me about the Lord. I started attending Refuge Church in Atascadero and was saved in August of 2010. The difference in love and acceptance, forgiveness, mercy and grace as a Christian is nothing of how I felt being raised in a “Kingdom Hall”. I have never felt so loved and never felt less judged. I will pray that Lisa accept the Lord so she can experience the joy we all have. It doesn’t come from being trapped in a bubble. I haven’t seen my mom and sister in 6 years. I pray for their salvation daily. I’m so happy for you. All things happen in His timing. I’m just glad I found Him sooner than later. God bless you Ed.


    Three times “was” is used in John1:1 in Greek it means here “always existed.”This says the Logos or Word the Christ is uncreated He never had a beginning.
    Let’s do an expanded translation:

    “In the beginning [Gen.1:1]the Word was always in existence, and this Word was always face to face as an equal to Theos or God,And this Word was always Theos or God.” Jn.1:1

    “…And the Word became a human being.”v.14. Became is a different word than the word for “was” in Jn.1:1.
    The Word remained God but became human.

    Several times in the Hebrew of Gen.1 it literally says Elohim or God “called out.” This is His Word so Jesus is God. Elohim is plural.
    So we say Elohim the ‘Son called out or spoke thus showing He has always been God.

    God or Elohim pl. created man in His “image and LIKENESS.”Gen.1:26-7.

    Paul says man is body,soul,and spirit.l Thess.5:23










    Doug does an excellent job and God has called him this is evident.

  133. An intelligently written and well documented article Dr. Howard.

    Thank you for sharing this!


    We pass by words like this that actually show Jesus is uncreated.He is though the God Man.His body was prepared by God. But in His preexistence or before His incarnation He was always existing as Very God.

  135. Bill Stoughton

    The distortion that Satan causes with man is so mind-boggling, it never ceases to amaze me. The argument concerning the deity of Jesus and who said it or might have voted for it is almost laughable. If anyone were to read the Bible by themselves without some organization telling them what to believe, they would soon realize that Jesus is fully God.

  136. Doug you are the one who has had the intelligence and wisdom James writes about to bring all this together. Quite an undertaking l say! It’s wonderful so l hope l can share.

  137. Yes, Bill as Doug documents they fail to “rightly DIVIDE the word.”Paul to Elder Timothy

  138. And they totally admit that very fact Bill.

    Read the words of their founder:

    “A person would go into darkness after two years of reading the Bible alone; would be in the light reading the studies in the scriptures alone” WT 9/15/1910.p4685

    “Bible classes and Bible studies are all to no purpose until the Lord, in due time , sent them the ‘Bible keys’ through the society” WT 10/01/1909 p4482

    “If the six volumes of SCRIPTURE STUDIES are practically the bible topically arranged, with Bible proof texts given we might not improperly name the volumes- the Bible in an arranged form. That is to say ,they are not merely comments on the Bible , but they are practically the Bible itself….” WT 9/15/1910p4685.

  139. Please continue to do so Dr. Howard. No egos here. Just a thirst for truth!


  140. *I am sad Doug, but not as sad as I was yesterday.* After more than 40 years as a slave it still tears me apart to go against the rules and regulations of “The Organization”. Now well into 9 years as a #walkawayJW I take heart in your words. OH MY BROTHER could I ever write a book. What has kept me from loudly speaking out against the untruths of the “Truth” is …what if?

    So, here it what I told one young man in the past …”Do not be fighters against anyone, let God be the Judge! Not only do I KNOW what I am talking about.., it is most obvious to anyone asking. The scripture should be taken seriously AND used to apply to many situations, not just one narrow minded person’s viewpoint. Common sense should tell those with eyes to see and ears to hear: “…For if this scheme or this work is from men, it will be overthrown; 39 but if it is from God, you will not be able to overthrow them…Otherwise, you may even be found fighters against God himself.” – SO, *YOU GO AHEAD AND FIGHT THESE PEOPLE AND DO NOT LET GOD BE THE JUDGE TO YOUR OWN PERIL.*”

    Oh, I did get two rather colorful tattoos… er, just saying.

  141. Both Christ and His disciples fought against the religious leaders of their time, exposed their lies publicly, and criticized their hypocrisy directly.

    If you know there is deception and that teachings are incorrect, to remain silent is to give tacit approval to both.

    John 12:43

    Lots of lives are being ruined by this religion. That’s why I wrote this blog.


  142. Bill Stoughton

    Doug…… that is my sentiments exactly. When it comes to salvation, I am obligated to correct or to tell the truth, especially when you learn that what you were involved in, is nothing more than a pack of lies.
    I deal with this constantly from my wife bringing home literature and I have read some of it and told her that it actually makes me sick to my stomach it is so full of untruths. The worst part is what they believe about Jesus.

  143. Thanks Bill!

    Keep the faith brother.


  144. One of the things that I see in you Don is an overwhelming desire to demonstrate your value to others. I suffer from the very same dysfunctional behavior. I believe it was programmed deeply into our subconscious by the Watchtower leadership. As a result, we’re constantly going way over the top in how we perform our work and we hold ourselves to impossible standards.

    Everyone around us is amazed at how great we are and all the while we’re dying inside because it is NEVER ENOUGH!

    Sound familiar Don?

    This is one of the hallmarks of a destructive mind control cult. Jesus stated flatly that His “yoke is kindly and light”. Yet there was nothing kindly or light about the workload placed upon us by these self proclaimed “representatives” of Jehovah. You and I have both observed people who have pioneered, putting in sixty, eighty and even one hundred or more hours a month in door to door field service for decades. They wind up broke and then dead. The Watchtower says a few words over them, uses their example in a public relations article in the Awake magazine, and then they’re off to find another lucky “worker bee” to take their place. These are the “true believers” that cults attract in great numbers. I was one of them at one time.

    I hope we both can learn to be happier and to let go of that drive to succeed a little bit. It makes us quite productive from a material standpoint but it exacts a heavy price on us and our family life.

    So let go and smell the roses. The world will continue to spin and God is still in charge. It’s time for both of us to start taking care of ourselves rather than working our guts out every single day.

    All my best brother!


  145. Edward

    Douglas, I must say your description of the “malady” or obsession to perform better, “going way over the top” describes me perfectly. My wife and others accuse me of obsessive behavior in relation to certain things. I never associated my condition to subconscious programming by WTBTS. It makes perfect sense. The workload, the “never enough” mentality and heavy yoke placed upon JW’s.
    The simple remedy: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matt 11:28-30

    What is your fee for diagnosis:

    Psychiatrist Fees:
    120 min: $900. ADD.
    120 min and up to 3 visits: $2000. ADD.
    45 min: $450. Add.
    60 min: $500. ADD.
    45 min: $350. ADD.
    30 min: $350. ADD

    Have your people contact my people to arrange payment.

    Edward Acuna

  146. Edward

    Anonymous, Amanda G, I have not logged into WT Files website for a while. A lot has happened in the past few months.. We buried Butch, my son last week (Melissa in ’96). You would not believe how local JW’s treated me.. refused to acknowledge or shake my hand during time of grief, walked out of Butch’s funeral.

  147. Amanda G.

    I heard about Butch. I’m so sorry. I posted on Adris Facebook sending hugs to all of you. I can’t begin to imagine your pain. And of course the JWs treated you like that. Do you expect anything less? They are blind. Just continue to pray for them as they are living in pure deceit. I’ll be praying for healing over your family. God bless.

  148. The idea didn’t dawn on me until today when I checked Don’s online bio. He’s got a laundry list of achievements longer than my arm and he’s still going. It made me realize that he and I and a lot of other former JW’s have the same disease: We judge our own self-worth by the quantity and quality of our work instead of giving ourselves unconditional love as God does. We also tend to judge others just as harshly. Again, this has been programmed into us from a very early age.

    This makes perfect sense but is obviously difficult to see from our own flawed perspectives, especially those of us raised in the organization. When you’re inside the “fishbowl” you have a very different view of the real world and your true self than when you’re outside of it looking in.

    Love the fee schedule! LOL! I’m just happy to be of help to you and all of the others on this blog my friend.

    God bless!


  149. Edward

    Bwana, Sounds bizarre.. following you out, scolding you and “..let him go” comment? Perhaps the plan was to “detain” you and “talk sense into your head”. After 25 years they may feel you should be full fledged, baptized member. Regarding public talk, i’ve heard great “sermons” by young chaps, taught via Theo Ministry School who proved to be great speakers. As Theo Min School student I am comfortable and confident public speaker.

    Only thing i can suggest, research very specific issues. Ask simple questions, do not get into deep, complicated subjects. Demand legit answers supported by scriptures, not only NWT (JW bible). “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves” Matt 10:16. If they cannot answer they may “gnash their teeth” and leave you alone. If their heart pure, they will be moved accept Jesus. I wish you well.

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